Why Wealth Frequency Repels Poverty

As a woman who has seen both sides of this coin, this is a post I could have never written if I hadn’t understood what it’s like to flat out completely have no money once in my life. I feel sad for people who have never seen hungry and broke, because if you can escape that–trust me, you can escape anything. After doing a lot of introspection on myself, I looked at very many different thoughts that come into your mind when you are wealthy and when you are not and I really wanted to touch base on them. Sometimes, we often do not know where we are going wrong in life until someone kindly points it out for us, and sets us straight.

I will begin with Wealth and what it truly feels like. See, Wealth–hmm, it is arbitrary. It is this elusive thing that only people in fine dining restaurants and upscale hotels get to experience. NOT TRUE. Look, unless you are born into Wealth, you have had to use a lot of strategic skill set and hustle to get yourself there. And in the process, learn to give yourself a total overhaul of how you think, act, behave and speak. Many people are uncomfortable changing themselves, so hence they stay stuck to where they are. Wealth in a nutshell, is a combination of EASE, EXPANSION and ECSTASY. The core root of these feelings is one thing. And that is STABILITY. If jobs provided you with true stability, you would never need to worry about being fired.

So what does wealth actually feel like?

Well, like I said Expansive. No longer do you have to put your creative endeavours on hold. No longer do you have to fight with your spouse over unpaid bills (as my mentor once famously said..!). No longer do you have to order the same thing on the menu because you know you don’t have the money to go through with anything. You feel free, confident and liberated. Wealth opens doors for you that were previously closed. It feels empowering and you can do whatever you feel like, because you finally don’t have life’s binding Financial constraints. With that said, you may be thinking why Wealth repels Poverty (and of course)…vice versa.


Not having money means you are forced to play a much smaller game in life. It limits down your options and often times, you will find people can either speak themselves into wealth or out of it. I touch on this heavily in my audio program, Wealth Spelling that speaks about how people relate to money or distance themselves from him. True wealth is Freedom and the freedom to create and change life as you see it. Poverty is a lack mentality, the problem of never having enough which is often an inter generational problem and passed down from one family generation to another. Wealth repels anything that cannot move fast and free flowing enough. And the thing with not having money or a concrete plan for it, is something that one of my Spirits actually talked to me about. It is the Wealth Frequency.

Each person emits an energy. Commonly known as an Aura, when you are stuck in poverty mode, you vibrate at a very low frequency and those with a higher frequency tend to avoid these people. These people commonly repel those with healthy self esteem and attract predatory individuals that are excited to take advantage of them. This is the very reason that you will find people often avoid homeless people and those who are poverty stricken, especially when you are Financially successful. It is NOT because they are looking down on the person (okay I get some do, and shame on them). It is because poverty feels uncomfortable and restricting because you cannot DO much with it. With that said, people often hang out with people in the same income bracket as them. Money can often be a very tricky topic and if you are making $500K and your friend is making $50K, that’s a huge lifestyle jump. Eventually, either the friend levels up or has to level out.

Nature is discriminating like that. You can shift your frequency by doing many things in life starting with having aura and chakra cleanses, especially the root chakra which grounds and balances your money and sexual flow.