Why Are People So Triggered By Money?

People’s triggers when it comes to money are so fascinating, that in all the time that I have thought about limiting money beliefs, someone who responded to a tweet of mine, took the cake!

I had tweeted about money giving people power (and it does, there is no two ways about this) and someone rudely popped up and snapped at me asking me what will happen when the Petrodollar crashes in 5 years and people give money power. It was a really interesting response where someone decided to go further and bash me and say “We know money is your god, but what about when money becomes obsolete?”.

I instantly knew this was someone who thought they knew about money, but didn’t. And even as over all the history(ies) of money I have taken the liberty to study, currency is the one that has gone out of circulation, and not MONEY itself. I find most people in society struggle so bad, because they genuinely have no idea of the difference between currency and money and take blind stabs at someone whose life work is to teach Spirituality based in the form of Money.

So, that brings us to this original point?

Why are people so triggered by Money?

Well, in a lot of not so wealthy circles, money is typically seen as something you need to feel shame for. Just like sex. It’s cheap, dirty and dishonest and there is never enough of it, because really, who wants something that is “dirty”. Is there any wonder that a lot of poverty we see is generational, not because of learned habits, but because of a learned MINDSET? I have seen many kids being yelled and screamed at, on a normal daily shop of mine because their parents are not conscious and they are passing down all their learned beliefs. This is how you know you live in a culture of zombies “oh my mother believes it’s right”.


Most people cannot accept the fact that what they have been taught, is a falsehood and that it indeed, does not exist. So what a lot of people do from, a Financial standpoint, is demonize money because it is too painful to admit “I don’t know anything about it and I am terrified to be an adult and look like an idiot”. I didn’t know how to drive a car for years and didn’t have my licence, so I swallowed humble pie, went back to basics and got my licence. I am glad I did it! Today, I cannot imagine my life without a car because it has made life so simpler for me. The same analogy I can say with money. Once you know a life with money, you will fight to keep it. Life with money is simple. You can allow your life to slide, instead of feeling stuck on the slide.

My spirit guide Belvia always remarks that “money is the lube of life”.. She’s got her point because with money, you slide instead of scrape. And when you are scraping, anyone who speaks about the fatality and the pain of money, is BOUND to scratch the pain underneath the surface. I know this, because I have personally experienced it, so it’s not like it’s textbook theory. So the point of being triggered by money is simply activations in the poverty mindset going off. I have never known one wealthy person who gets triggered by money, because in order to amass large sums of wealth legitimately, you HAVE TO do the emotional work on yourself and your mind, in order to let the money flow in properly.

The best thing that as a Spartanite I can suggest, is really look at the things that piss you off about money. And then write them down, and try and find out WHY and WHERE the origin of it comes from.