Generating Healthy Money After Unhealthy Trauma

I saved the title of this article months back and it surprised me as I pulled it out of my drafts to complete. I am going to keep this short and sweet. I find most women truly struggle after we have been through various trauma(s), because the natural landscape of Trauma, is violence, coercion and abuse. After experiencing such blows to your esteem, often times it becomes borderline impossible to get yourself back up to scratch again. Trauma often leaves you feeling alone, ashamed, vulnerable, useless and hopeless.

As a Complex PTSD survivor myself, I stumbled into it after a complex set of issues was resolved in my life. So, with that said, I had no idea to go into something millions of people, normally do—which is a job, and feel normal. I managed to work a few and settled in one part time to bring money in, but other than that, I felt like a lost sheep. So one day, I sat down with myself and I thought about what I could offer to the world that people would pay me for. Someone once told me that I should charge for advice and I went ahead and did just that. Combining business skills with psychic ability, I set myself up properly and had money flow towards me. I know there are so many women who think “Well, what can I do to have the cashINflow to me?” and really the answer is very simple.

You learn to get creative with the resources you have.

I, obviously cannot tell you WHAT you are good at. I don’t know you personally (or maybe I do..who knows!) however the point is, that you learn to build a life after trauma, because not only is it necessary, it is important. It is important to support yourself and prove to yourself, that you indeed can have a rich, normal and healthy life after experiencing such harrowing pain. If you haven’t experienced trauma and you are not an abuse survivor, you are fortunate and I pray you stay that way. If you however have, learning to generate healthy money after unhealthy trauma has it’s stages.

Firstly, you need to acknowledge your trauma. What happened, why it happened, where, how, who? The whole shebang.

Secondly, you give yourself space and time to settle in with the new way you see life.

Third, you find ways to thrive.

You can definitely generate healthy money after unhealthy trauma and you can do it in style. Once you actually learn about how and where your intergenerational patterns need to be changed, you are not destined or doomed to ever repeat them again. Discover your money story properly and learn how to reprogramme yourself. Do not let your trauma stop you from living the life you are supposed to live, just because someone who was traumatized themselves, who turned abusive; hurt you. As a trauma survivor myself, some days are still challenging but they are better than what they used to be.

And hey, if you have any suggestions for the Spartanite community on dealing with this, please drop them in the comment box below! It would be great to hear of them ­čÖé