What Is It Costing You Not To Financially Transform Yourself?

Through many of my financial workings, dispensing unconventional, NON-BORING and RAPID FIRE RESULT financial guidance, has now become a past-time hobby favourite of mine. So much so, teaching OTHERS how to generate money, made ME money. I consider that a win-win situation, I help and am helped!


This is an old question that Belvia asked me when she was pushing me to transform my life? Any TIME, I came up with excuses (the odd few that my brain could pull up), Belvia was there with her Spirit Sledgehammer, smashing them all away. Then she looked at me and said “Yes anything more…?” with the most non-chalant bored face I have ever seen her make.

I realised the cost of not financially transforming myself, was too much to ignore. I feel like a fish out of water without money, a combination coming from a wealthy bloodline through my Father as well as so much Capricorn energy, something had to be done. Problem was, I didn’t know where the fuck to start..

So I made a little list a few years back, and I would encourage you to do this as well..

1. I feel humiliated when people look at me without money. Money is the lube of life, I have no interest to scrape away, when I can simply cruise through life with sufficient money.
2. People are fed up of my excuses of having no money and money allows people to take me seriously.
3. If I have no money to help myself, how in the hell am I going to help other women become Spartanites (this hurt me badly)
4. It is harder to stay broke and miserable, than let go of my fears, self-doubts and nervousness — to become wealthy.

With all that written down, Belvia said “Okay, Clauneck says you need roughly around ¬£6-8K GBP — approximately $10-12K), to start your base. AND WE REFUSE TO HEAR, “I DON’T HAVE IT”. For the Love of God, FIND IT”. So with that out of the way, I started making calculations and found “Oooh, well actually this is do-able, I can afford this easily over a few months. Here are the first 3 steps I will take to secure this income for me and I will set myself a goal”

The next part is what I will encourage you to do :


My list included coaching, mentoring, consulting, threading eyebrows, full body waxing, massages, nails, facials, psychic readings, aura cleanses, teaching English, public speaking and many more that I won’t bore you by listing here. I formulated a plan for EACH, entitling it “Beauty, Spiritual and Business”, and off I went. In 2.5 months, I had raised up $10K and was ready to start.

Clauneck reminded me that when we TRULY want something, money WILL COME FOR IT.

The cost of a person not transforming themselves, is COMFORT. Comfort comes from LAZINESS. Laziness, comes from a lack of ambition. When a person decides to win at life, LAZINESS AND EXCUSE MAKING, IS NOT AN OPTION.

I discuss this more in my new title WINNING, right here

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below <3