Why Do Men Suddenly Leave A Relationship?

This is a question that MOST women (including myself), have asked at one point or another.

Everything is going fine, and then suddenly, one day—the man leaves the relationship. You panic, feel confused and act out. You wonder if you did (or didn’t!) do something. You frantically run past all the times you feel you fucked up, and wonder if you’re just destined to be a failure or a loser at love.

The VERY simple answer that took me personal years of hell, to figure out — is FEMININE SELF ESTEEM.

The above situation has happened to me in my past, numerous times. My personal reasons were the sludge demons that possessed me, didn’t allow a) the right men around me b) ANY ONE of them to even stay. It left me broken, ashamed and humiliated. So much so, that one breakup took me YEARS to heal at a cellular level. I, till this day–cringe how I responded to the man in question when he told me he was ending it and it is something I still am not proud of. Fortunately for me, I will never see him again and even if I did, I know I cannot go back into the past and change it.

Perhaps you feel the same way as well?

I had to really sit with my own Self and realise that Spartanite didn’t come from a broken heart from a man who didn’t love me romantically, it came from the man who was SUPPOSED to Love me and didn’t.

My Father.

There was no way to go back and repair the damaged relationship, as he passed away many years back—but thankfully in Spirit, I did my best to make amends and make him aware of what he did and didn’t do right. If you are a woman reading this, please know that some relationships with your Father, may NOT be able to be forgiven. I know that from experience. The best you can do, is keep healing the masculine wounding inside and press forward 🙂


Short answer? Pressure.

(Disclaimer : I am talking about healthy men here. If you were involved with an abuser/cluster B personality disordered man like a Narcissist/Sociopath etc — he is just mentally deranged and he left because he got bored and wanted a new toy to play with –preferably one that didn’t question him.)

With that out of the way…

Women, innnately—as I started to do my Mercury/Neptune grand life spread work and came to realise deeply, come from a place of pressure, neediness and a vortex of wanting to hold on to something because feminine energy NEEDS REASSURANCE IT IS LOVED. Men do not need a relationship as badly as a woman, which is why a single, emotionally stable woman—fucks most men’s heads up. She isn’t needy. It’s REASSURING TO THE MAN, that his life energy will not be drained out. I do a lot of relationship work with women, and a lot of women inspired SPARTANITE LOVE GODDESS — my ground breaking Relationship Spartanite programme, that heals your heart, heals your childhood wounds AND prepares you for a GRAND LOVE. It was a task to do all the above because I knew the very pain that today I help women, heal from.

I want you to think of this pressure like someone hounding you to BUY from them. Most people who think they are “great” at sales, have extreme pressure attached to them. A sale is a VALUE EXCHANGE. Most people have a goal they need to reach financially, and just make it a numbers game until someone’s bites. This is what needy women do with men, and this is what I PERSONALLY WAS FORCED TO DO, by the sludge demons with men. I understand it is devastating when a man leaves. When a man leaves, we receive the same message we received years back…


Now, imagine internalizing that shame.

This is the very reason I designed Spartanite Feminine Radiance Bracelet and Spartanite Love Goddess, to assist women with their deep cerebral healing as well as uplift their Esteem at a cellular level, so they feel “enough” in themselves.

The bracelet has been designed with special bio-vibrational scalar energy to lift all the pain and replace it with healthy Love for one’s self — making you shine with Confidence. It works by changing the vibrational broadcast of what you put out at a core level. Spartanite Love Goddess, is a 3 step Love programme that includes a Done For You indepth audio programme series, with one to one mentorship that follows up with it.

You owe it to yourself to shine radiantly and have energy a man NEVER wants to leave <3

I would love to hear your comments in the section below 🙂