Why Do You Attract Emotionally Unavailable Men?

As a diviner, psychic and part relationship counsellor (and I do this practically for most of the week), the TOP TEN questions women often ask me is a smorgasbord of the following :

1. Does he love me?
2. Does he miss me?
3. When will he call me?
4. Does he want a committed relationship with me?
5. Why won’t he call/text me?
6. How does he feel about me?
7. Is he cheating on me?
8. Will he cheat on me AGAIN?
9. Is he seeing someone else?
10. When will he contact me again?

I can go on and on, but one thing I will say, is that NO WOMAN in a HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP, asks these questions. Seeing as most people think dysfunction, abuse and toxicity IS Love, is there any wonder why women ask these questions ALL THE TIME. Women who ask these questions are EMOTIONALLY UNAVAILABLE THEMSELVES.

There is no other option or answer. I can so confidently state that, because years back—I was super emotionally unavailable myself. In fact, I didn’t even know what it meant to be emotionally available. All I knew was men would come on strong, then run away and the cycle became more and MORE painful and WORSE. So BAD, that at 23, after my last abusive relationship — I vowed NEVER to date another man, until I was healed in my heart again. Part of this mess, was because of the sludge demons that were on me, bringing me all the wrong men, part of it was never knowing real, true love from my parents. I had to parent and love myself, in order to even have healthy friendships, never mind a relationship.

Society has told women to look outside themselves. We are never good enough for a man, and we constantly wait for his approval. I remember feeling elated when someone who couldn’t even be fucking bothered to attend my Father’s funeral when I was 18, would text me. This is how hollow, empty, damaged and broken I was on the inside. The sludge demons made me leak so much energy, it was hard not to feel ashamed when I became clean again 🙂

After many nights of thinking and introspection, I decided to create SPARTANITE LOVE GODDESS. A 3 part series that includes a done for you audio programme with in-depth working exercises named SPARTANITE LOVE HEALING. A 6 month intensive mentoring process to explore the balance between the light and dark masculine & feminine realms named IGNITE YOUR LOVE GODDESS as well as an exclusive 3 month cellular realignment dealing with the Dark Feminine realms, hungry and wanting MORE from their relationship/marriage named RE-HARMONIZE YOUR LOVE GODDESS . I created this series because I was so tired and exhausted of seeing women suffer and go through so much pain, because they were giving their power AWAY to someone else. It was time to empower women to take back FULL CONTROL OVER THEIR OWN BEING AND SELF, ONCE AND FOR ALL.

Ask yourself if you can relate to the following:

Do you have a pattern of attracting the wrong guys, cheaters, flakey guys, and liars, emotionally unavailable or abusive?

Do you wonder why the guys you end up with are alcoholics, gamblers, addicts, narcissists, workaholics, or men who are just mean and selfish?

Do you wear your heart on your sleeve and feel like you fall in love quickly?

Does it make you feel frustrated, worthless, desperate but too ashamed to admit it?

Are you the “other woman” or with a guy you think could be cheating?

Do you find yourself feeling constantly heart broken that people or men are always “leaving you” and never stay?

Are you constantly wondering how he feels about you, what he’s thinking, where he is and what he’s doing when you’re not around?

Do you wonder if “good guys” actually even exist?

Do you feel like you’re constantly doing everything to make him happy, but no matter how much you do or how hard you work he’s not satisfied?

Are you in a relationship where there’s another woman in the picture?

Do you feel incredibly lonely?

Do you feel your relationship is toxic, dysfunctional abusive but are unable to leave?

Did you come from an upbringing where there was abuse, neglect, divorce or abandonment?

When you do meet a nice guy do you find him either “boring” or “too good to be true”

Do you have trouble trusting men?

Do you feel like there’s something wrong with you?

Are your relationships always intense, dramatic or chaotic? Does this sound familiar fighting, he leaves or you leave, only to return and have make up sex then repeat the pattern again?

Or are you already in a relationship that lacks luster but feel bored, trapped and or are cheating?


I will help you heal… so you can tap into the frequency of real authentic healthy love, in the very same way I made an EMPOWERED DECISION to heal my own victimhood and the traumatic abuse I was put through, on a permanent basis. You will break the bonds of a victim mentality, no longer be at the mercy of a man or a destructive, abusive relationship and possess awareness of deeply rooted psychological patterns that sabotage you from RELATIONSHIP SUCCESS.


Spartanite Love Goddess — COMING SPRING 2018! STAY TUNED

If you would love to know more about the program and you feel READY IN YOUR HEART RIGHT NOW, please drop a comment in the section below or e-mail me, right here.

It is not a co-incidence you are reading this.