Your Self Worth Is Your Net Worth

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_video link=””][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]CONFIDENCE IS EXTERNAL, ESTEEM IS THE INTERNAL FOUNDATION. 

Many people come to me about issues with their self-esteem and issues where they struggle when it comes to asking for their worth, when it comes to trusting their intuition, when it comes to listening to themselves, as opposed to listening to anybody else. 

This is a common challenge that each human being in the modern condition faces…[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]But really, where is this coming from? 

What’s the premise of it? 

In life, you’re only going to accept what you feel you’re worthy of deserving, which is why I say there’s an exceptional difference between confidence and esteem. One thing is really talking about how you just feel inside, which is your self-esteem. And the other thing is talking about your self worth.

WORTHINESS is about being DESERVING and feeling deserving of all things good without second-guessing, self-sabotaging, and talking yourself out of receiving. 

With that said, a lot of low self-esteem or low self-worth actually does come from abusive relationships. Abuse is ANYTHING where you are not comfortable to be YOURSELF. Sadly, people only seem to recognise the extremes of it. It erodes your vital esteem and fundamental outlook + viewpoint of life. 

Upon reflection of this, I decided to design enchanted jewellery which is found in our store in our activated accessories section. I saw so many people struggle with the same issues and yet possess different branches of the maladies that plague us at the soul level. 

“I am not good enough”

“I will never be enough”

“No one loves me”

“I feel useless/worthless”

“I am an impostor. I mean all this anxiety inside me is proof, right?”

“I’m afraid to go ahead and do it”

“I am too concerned about people and what they think of me”

“I constantly seek validation and approval”

“Good things happen to others and yet never for me”





If you constantly feel like you’re not worthy, you’re deserving of good things, or if you feel like you’re greedy (and possess the fear of it)…

If you desire more from a place of insecurity and lack, rather than abundance and expansion, you slowly come to realise that men and women possess a very different outlook to life. Many women FULLY see themselves as victims of life, the victims of men, constantly waiting for a man to get their life together and yet BOTH GENDERS struggle. Having compassion for yourself and others goes a LONG WAY in building a solid foundation of esteem. 

Interestingly enough, the common denominator of life is ESTEEM. With all of my students and clients, the thread that binds everyone is ESTEEM BUILDING. 


Remember, you will always attract in your life, what you feel your worth is. 

Recently I came across a very interesting ad that was running in the UK. There was the same job advertised twice, but worded differently on each advertisement. One was advertised at 100K and the other was at 32K. Most women, even if they were overqualified, went for 32k. Most men who were not even qualified went for 100k, because in our society women, for the most part, are always told that we’re not smart enough or not good enough. The comical part is most women BELIEVE the bullshit because women are TRAINED to think big money is only a man’s domain. Ironically enough, they also come to discover that in order to reach healthy levels of money, one must “do it like a man”. 

Esteem is a bucket.

That bucket has to be FILLED and the holes have to be sealed with inner child love, compassion, validation, worthiness, praise, and attention. You have to praise yourself all the time, no matter how low you may feel. 



A person’s posturing speaks of their station in life and what thoughts run through their auric field at the most point. 

So what do I mean by that? 

Being confident in how you feel inside, certainly reflects on the outside. 

If your parents haven’t really taken the time to be conscious and clean themselves up by keeping a clean flow of energy in their aura and chakra balancing, what’s going to end up happening is that when they have sex, that energy merges. When they birth you into the world, you come into the world with all their unhealed and unaddressed issues. This is why it’s very important before you have kids or if you have kids at the moment, you have to be working on your stuff all the time. 

Otherwise, whatever you don’t heal, you just end up passing down into further generations. 

So what I find interesting about self worth is that it’s very much a prelude to the type of money you make. People who can make high amounts of money usually have healthier self worth in terms of boundaries. THIS, however, is tied into making money in an honourable way. 

Money is AMORAL. Not IMMORAL. 

It doesn’t have emotions and feelings attached to it. So, it is remarkably easy to bring in when you do not have any form of morality or ethics attached to it. However, you wish to bring in money from a clean conscience and a healthy manner. 

And this is why you’re here! 🙂

Self-worth, we are taught that you need to love yourself. But what does it really mean? Traditionally, it just means one thing. It’s creating strong boundaries.

Remember how much self worth that you have inside is directly tied into the type of money you can bring in. It is sort of like a very funny cycle. Lots of people are abused (whether they realise it or not), they don’t feel like they’re worth anything so they can’t command the money, and then it’s like a dog chasing its own tail. So just remember, with self worth, it is all about boundaries. If people are not adding to your life, they need to go. I always say that. It doesn’t matter what’s happening, whether people are saying you’re mean, you’re bitchy or whatever is, you haven’t left anybody behind.

It’s just if you’re evolving and somebody chooses not to evolve, that’s not being mean. It means you’re putting your mental health first and the crucial choices of your life, FIRST.



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