Why The Mediocre Are Consistently Insecure + SOLUTIONS

Mediocrity is a disease that the predominance of the population suffers from. 


Among many others, of course. 


I have had this conversation between 2 good friends of mine and all 3 of us came to agree on the same thing.


Friendships are a tough run when you’re a growth orientated person for the simple fact that most people don’t want to change or grow. Change and growth is painful, it is confrontational, and, it makes you look at many things inside of you that are exceptionally disquieting to face. When you begin doing it, average people RUN.  It’s a mere fact of life.


In the journey of life, when you possess ambition, you will run into most people who do NOT have it. It comes in the form of being mediocre, and being COMFORTABLE in being average. Growth threatens an average person, so they have to say all types of nasty things to you (I can rattle a list of what people have said to me over the years) because it HIGHLIGHTS them feeling small, and hence triggering the insecurity. When you’re fully dialed into your life, each day with it’s perks and pitfalls, is still worth living because you have engineered it to be SUCH.