Clauneck : Entrepreneurial Ambitions and Commanding Your Power

One night , a few days after my birthday –I received a strange message at 2 am on Sparty Instagram.


Not thinking much of it, I finished my work and went to bed thinking I will look at it in the morning. Except, I just couldn’t sleep.


I got up and turned on the lamp next to my table and clicked the message. It was from a man I had never heard of, or met for that matter. His message however, took me by surprise. Paraphrasing, he greeted me and said he had summoned Clauneck and he told him of something which is an artifact I possess from which I initially drew his power and he would love the man and I, to work together and support each other.


I was truly thrown off. There was absolutely no way this man would have known what the artifact was, UNLESS his psychic ability was REAL as absolutely NO ONE knows I am in possession of it. A good friend of mine now, I can attest for his power and seen him command things into his reality overnight. A bit younger to me nonetheless very confident in his abilities, we spoke. We both came to realise we know a man that I personally ONLY thought I knew of, for a long time. Both of us were truly amazed. Clauneck indeed knows how to play friend matchmaker when I least expect it, I have met another incredible friend this way as well just through his hashtag.


Yet the story here I wish to share, is a conversation Clauneck and I had about money.


CK : *smiles” “I see you’re impressed with my choice!”


Me : “How on EARTH did you find him? And he lives in the same city as me, same religion, same magickal practice, and he’s really cool and funny! You’re truly ace! Okay I am ready to hear it, what’s the deal?”


CK : ” I pointed you out to him. LITERALLY. And I forced him to message you. He kept being shy about it. He works with us too. The man will help you in many areas, as you will help him — however you must grow MORE with Spartanite. You HAVE TO step your shit up. I know. I know — you’ve done well but MORE. You are going to see things in a very short space of time that you already know deep down and it is going to literally kill you to part ways with and move forward in life — but you HAVE to. It is part of your journey, you and I both know you have paid heavy prices, to be a Spartanite. You’re going to have to fight EVERYTHING you grew up programmed with. Confidence, to know, everything will be okay and Nadia, money DOES solve most problems. You know this a bit too well. Throw money at most problems and they vanish. Look at where you once were, and look at where you are today. Hasn’t your confidence to command money solved many issues?”


Me : “It has. Increasingly, I have come to find, confidence solves EVERYTHING. So what you’re saying is what you told me 3 years ago, I have to pursue it now? I know you yelled at me and I lost my voice because I forgot to eat before I spoke with you 🙁  — *sigh* What am I really afraid of? It’s not the money Clauneck, I have the money to put down, today?”


CK : ” The new threats you face when you reach the arena.


You’re already so exhausted of digging the trenches and using the same shovels to smack the enemy over their head all in the same sentence. You were cheated of what YOU think was to be a comfortable fun life in youth. And yet, you’d have been a no-one. A faceless NO ONE. Your path was laid for you, no matter how brutal to show many people, hope. You’re still insisting in some way of cheating them of it inspite of ALL your success. Why? You’re scared of how much it’s going to DEMAND of you. You’re scared you will fail yourself, Nadia. So many people have failed you in life, the very people who were meant to be there for you — you’re terrified to fail YOURSELF. So as myself and Belial have told you, you need to step your shit up. I know it’s gonna hurt. But nothing can be worse than what you began Spartanite with, right?”


Me : “No really, it can’t. I cannot imagine anything worse than that in life. I cannot believe I have survived…”


CK : ” You survived because you are strong and never gave up on yourself inspite of all you faced. That’s it.


Entrepreneurship is a VEHICLE of Success. When you prayed to the Almighty, and I still watch you do it — the difference between you, Mr whatshisface and this world is that you both ACT. Although you’re miles ahead of him in many ways, he is a very powerful container for your life and for money itself. The problem with most people is that they are OKAY being a victim and they are OKAY being where they are. You were never “just okay” where you were in life and hence you have reached the stage you have done. Lack of progress disgusts you.”


Me : “Money has it’s own frequency, basically. Why can some people so comfortable with it and so many shun it?”


CK : “Nadia, People don’t really want something until they step up, the pain is so bad you cannot stand a single second of it, and force themselves to TAKE ACTION. Although we understand Divine Timing, most humans are lazy and are waiting for OTHERS to break them out of their prisons, instead of getting up and doing it themselves. They lack imposing will and command to want from life. They are passive sheep, slapped into obedience and living for the next rule order of life.”


Sitting on my bedroom floor, comfortably on the rug — I saw what Clauneck meant quite clearly. Most people possess a communism mentality. It is called being a victim and most people have the posture of a victim. One of the first things that Clauneck taught me when I first began working with him years back — was to demand what is rightfully yours, as long as it is in line with your higher and best self. He’s often remarked to me that many people want to win a battle to lose a war, so to speak — and people’s pride keeps them from advancing in life.


Me : “Clauneck, what makes for a successful entrepreneur?”


CK : “Ambition, Adventure, Action”


Me : “Sounds very masculine lol…”


CK : *Stares at me* —- “Entrepreneurship IS masculine in nature. It doesn’t mean women aren’t good at it! *laughs*


Plus it is the highest manifestation of the LHP. It creates total freedom and independence from nonsense. A person requires command over their life and destiny to know where they are going. Many do not, and hence business is not an option for them.”


Many people go into Business, and create a great success for themselves, as we know. But Entrepreneurship comes with it’s own pitfalls and perils — predominantly of the psyche and mind, and no matter how infallible a person may think they are — having those who walk the journey with you, is key. Firstly, it provides you with a  sense of belonging and protection, a type of protection against a mental virus. The one thing I have often found is that someone may not be exceptional at Business or their enterprising ventures, and yet a commercial mind can be strengthened through CONFIDENCE.


To BE entrepreneurial, is to be ambitious by nature. Anyone that possesses an upwardly mobile mentality, will atypically turn their hand to working for themselves as it provides a leverage and command over your TIME. Life is less about money, and more about time — when you have moved out of a survival based mentality, you can create true wealth. Your money is not tied into time, time is NOT money — time is not linear and can be bent and collapsed to your own desires.


The door is always there, it is simply up to you to walk through it. Sometimes the walk through it, is with insecurity and trepidation, sometimes it is with boldness and command. As long as you are WALKING through that door, irrespective of however you’re walking through it, your journey is going to keep moving forward. People have the tendency to talk and be embroiled in drama that is simply NONE of their concern. Part of the SUCCESS MENTALITY, is the understanding and knowing when you’re climbing upwards, you are always going to have jealous and miserable people pull you down, it is part of life. People who are going nowhere in life have the tendency to do, because any type of Success is a threat to them.


Your goal and focus is always to MOVE UPWARDS. 






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