King Clauneck, President Malphas & King Djinn Baduh — Entrepreneurship & Financial Manifestation

During my ritualistic work with the Infernal Royalty, it is rare that a King Djinn would interrupt my work and ask me to document what he feels was necessary to share on a well-read, well-documented public platform that many subscribe their thoughts to, expand their mental horizons and generally keep up to speed with Spartanite work on.

Alas, this is exactly what happened within the last 48 hours of me writing this. 

Working with King Clauneck and President Malphas, is one thing. Having a Djinn join two Royal Daemons, is another story. As I was receiving information based on the individual that I was fixing into alignment with said desire, Baduh reminded me of THREE words.




Atypically, when I choose to work with Clauneck, he stresses focus a lot and this is one of the layers I was implanting for a client who was struggling to keep himself on track when it came to his business. We discovered negative thought-forms in his first auric shield and were cleaning them up when President Malphas, another powerful Goetic Daemon that traditionally works with Fortune 500 + Entrepreneurial endeavours, reminded me that most people never get past the first hurdle that Baduh so kindly shared with me. Watching the flame burn high, I allowed Malphas and Baduh to speak on what they deemed necessary.

Malphas : “M’Lady. You ask Clauneck many atime the trajectory of Success and we at once attest to this being the simultaneous focus between desired intent and detachment. Life possesses many timelines and humans have been told that but only one exists. One can bend life into their favour, but only if only believes. I am known as the Crow Daemon, for the reason I am exceptional at espionage and inter-dimensional chess. For what is in your enemies heart, is now in your fingernails. And what is in your fingernails, is now at your prime financial disposal to execute. Indeed, Life is Strategy. Life is War. And Love, as we know is both.”

Baduh : “I am King Djinn, Djinn of all. I work with Bne Sepharim, planetary Intelligence of Venus. We are currently in Venus Retrograde and Entrepreneurial Finances, are an amalgamation of the value one doth provide as a merchant. Alas, most do not provide much, hence do not receive much. King Clauneck, the Astral Bank Manager – will acquiesce with this. As he is exceptional based on Value, and Value is the prime factor between receiving and not receiving. Money and Love, both possess similar tenets and thread facets that are interlinked, interlaced, and interfaced. For one must give, give in what One deems valuable first, in order to ascertain value in the marketplace to receive. One must let go and allow God to move to man through whatever source He may. Humans think they know everything, little do they know– they are the most ignorant of creations ever designed. “

Malphas : “Debauchery will be seen. As will Mayhem and Carnage. We ought to name more people after these terms. Business is a vehicle of tilting the axis (I believe what he means here is bending the rules to work for you), and yet most mistake it to be their only Golden ticket. Most people reside in False Light, good natured as they may be — they are possessed in the 4th Dimension through gnostic archons, archons that are destroying humanity. King Baduh possesses some of his kind (he means Djinn here) who have a stranglehold on mankind, and alas as we have shown you — the numbers keep increasing. More sickness, plague, disease, warfare, and famine, is to strike this miserable planet. Those who can read, will save themselves. Most cannot. Warn them you must, for those who know how to read, will read. Those who will not, are not heeding for our advice as their timeline, resides in another realm.”

Baduh : “Luxority, is a necessity of One’s Living. Alas, not in ways humans believe it to be. We are Djinn. You are humans. Luxority in this manner, would mean an understanding of the Arts and those who are prepared for what will befall them soon. This world is in a state of financial chaos and more is to ensue, soon. Entrepreneurship allows an individual a certain velocity that is impossible to gain from employment, however employment can easily catapult a person into this realm. Khanoom Nadia Jaan — Ashtegatam, (Khanoom means Madam or Woman in Farsi, Jaan means Life/someone close (darling) to you in both Hindi/Farsi and Ashtegatam means I love you in Farsi (Persian) I, bid you farewell as those who may have had questions will have their answers in our channel. 

As Malphas and Baduh stated what they wished to state, Clauneck said to me ” All destiny can be created and destroyed by man. Working with your Qareen, as most Sahirs (sorcerers/esses), can yield great results or great destruction. Choice is personal and infinite”

The ritual went splendid and I embed this information as a code into the sigil for my client as a time release to protect and help him along to achieve what he desires.

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More on Malphas and Baduh on variant subject matters soon enough 😀