Summoning Clauneck : Satisfaction Strategy — Walking With Hellfire & Steel

As One opens the grand Furnace of life, coals glowing, embers flinting and the magickal presence of Fire — the adept is taught many things simply by observation.

I have attended many events over the years, spoken at quite a few and deeply within me, a pang of curiosity always remained about Business. I used to wonder where people got their business intel from, as none of it quite made sense to me in my body. It felt boring, mundane, mediocre, and regurgitated. As time proceeded on, and I, intentionally transformed by original timeline designed to take me to only destination that was murder, as an ACE of Spade survivor, I began the descent of the Satisfaction Strategy.

In 2004, one very bitterly cold morning as a young woman, I awakened from a dream that made little sense to me. I was young, naive, wide-eyed and hadn’t put the dots together that my life mission had been shown to me at a very young age.

I remember walking into a gym in this dream, all wooden polished desk and knew there was something more to this gym in the Astral, than met the eye. I somehow distracted the receptionist with a flirtatious smile and he showed me a flight of stairs. When I opened the classified door as “NO ENTRY” was written beyond that point, I struggled to take in what I was seeing.

A mass pile of half clothed, half naked bodies — all strung out over the floor inbetween lockers used to store goods (the same ones you find in schools and workplaces). Drug infused needles, women bleeding from all private orifices and a tiny shred of a beam of light snaking past the boarded and sealed shut windows. The overwhelming stench of morphine, heroin, and PAIN — deep pain. Only ONE of the bodies awakened in a stupor and asked me who he was and who I am. Wearing a white sweater, I stated my name ascribed to be at my live human birth as Nadia, and told him I didn’t have enough to help him and these other people leave. Terrified, he held my arm and said “what guarantee do I have you will ever come back to help us? No one can even get to this place. How did they even let you up here?”. I removed a sparkly bracelet–very similar to what we now sell in our Store–and said “this is my promise, I will be back”. He clasped the bracelet with his hand, delicate jewels dimmed by the lack of sufficient sunlight and collapsed back into his haze. 

Years have gone by, and I desperately took up everything to have a stable life, a life where on the inside I could feel NORMAL. But alas, of course — A SPARTANITE never has a “normal” life. We leave that to those who have predictable lives who are all neatly tied up and arranged. Bits and pieces of imagery started to flood into my waking consciousness of what this dream meant and what the bracelet I gave, represented. Who are these people? What do they mean to me? How come I found them and no one else could? What am I meant to be doing with them?

Summoning King Clauneck — Daemon King and Spirit Accountant & Bank Manager of the Spirit Treasury, I needed to know what this dream meant. I received a very interesting and frighteningly sober response.

Me : “CK, what do I make of this dream?”

CK : “My good child, the Ace of Spades Woman. I believe you already know what this means.”

Me : “Would I be asking you otherwise?..”

CK : “Very well. If you insist. You have a mission here to complete. You have been shown the injustice and suffering of mortal humans in this realm and you have been granted access to a place most are never allowed to see. Mind control labs globally, where individuals are tortured beyond human comprehension, raped, drugged, and murdered. The modern individual is in denial of this fact and they too, are suffering in this world because of everything happening as a trickle effect. My dear, the gym is people’s obsession to look good to present an image to other fools who roam this globe, as it is only fools who seek to impress others of their sort. The gym, does not speak of physical desires to keep healthy. It speaks of vanity. The man at the reception desk, represents the evil abusive men who came and went from your life, a brief hiatus, and yet each of them created a shard to pour into SPARTANITE. The Soujourn was short. You are up against this energy a million fold. It was giving you a taster of what to prepare for”

Me : “How does this impact me?”

CK : “The room is filled with drugged, unconscious individuals. That is the second representation of the modern human. Loaded with food, drink, and air, all toxic. All poisonous. All damaging their DNA and deeper into their RNA. Your bracelet represented your ability to SHINE for humanity, a shine that your abusers were sent by the evil djinn who had possessed you–to take away from you. With your own Lioness power and ability, you broke the cords permanently and correct me, if I am wrong—do you not sell those very bracelets to change people’s lives today? The bracelet also represented your FEMININE ability to create change, a power granted to few women who are not Spartanite by DNA. You gifted this man your bracelet, a gift to ALL honourable men, that you indeed will come back to change people’s lives when you are ready. You saw this dream many years before Spartanite was revealed to you. You must complete this mission and anything that gets in the way of it, is simply removed from your life on a permanent basis. You are connected to opening many doors for people.”

Me : “Is there any danger to this procedure?”

CK : “As we both know, the answer will always remain a yes. This is why empowerment for Self, was necessary. Your mission cannot be undertaken by an individual who does not possess Power, in diluted form. Stand On Truth, Faith, and Love. We are with you to create this change. It can only be done through the vehicle of Spartanite”

Me : “Thank you Clauneck. Sometimes I am terrified because I know what all of this means but I must continue to live my life normally and pollinate the power wherever I show up.”

CK : “Mortal humans have been told to be afraid of their own power. Power is terrifying, intimidating, and frightening. I will save the inter-galatic Occult lesson on why humans days, for the most part–are nothing but empty shells. I bid you farewell, my daughter. You are loved.”

2 days go — I saw this same dream. In the dream, I managed to go back and de-board ONE window and the light started to pour in! 4 more people had waken up! One was dusting his pants and saying he wanted to help me, deboard other windows–as I needed a man to help me do the heavy lifting. The mission is on track. We found the bunch of keys to open a few lockers and we found boxes. Archives. Papers.



The Satisfaction Strategy, is underway! More updates to come.