Appreciating Natural Masculine/Feminine Polarity + Body Intelligence

Our bodies, always know best. As a man and as a woman. 

We unfortunately live in a world where men have been engineered for more feminine traits, and women for more masculine — during the Age of Aquarius, as we currently are in.

There has been an extreme trade of traits that both genders are now contending with, which stems from the attack on the FAMILY. I, as a Lady, of course cannot speak for men in this post — but it must be very challenging for a man to feel stripped of his natural ability to protect and provide for a woman because as a woman, sometimes working and doing “life”, has increasingly become very hard. Most women are very exhausted and tired trying to live a life whilst being a good wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter— an everything basically. There are days even as a traditional woman myself, sitting in my house, doing all I can for Spartanite plus doing my cooking, cleaning, and other household maintenance chores, can take a toll on me. Most women of today are very afraid to admit that they do NOT want to work a job, but they are FORCED TO, because of economic conditions.

Back in the day, good or bad (as one’s personal perspective can be), a woman atypically got married and relied on her husband for financial sustenance. An understandable, but very dangerous gamble — as personally I have watched many men divorce, leave, or die — only for the woman not to know anything. It is a very interesting balance to walk for financial independence for a woman and to be a traditional woman. In this “modern” age, having a balance between finances and emotions–for both men and women, is very crucial and necessary.

Initially, I set up Spartanite for women. I wished to provide true solid feminine empowerment for women (not Feminism), to be balanced as individuals. As time went on, and Spartanite (not me, but the brand itself) evolved, I came to find that an increasing amount and number of men, started displaying interest in Spartanite workings. They loved the power, the strength, the courage, and they GOT the concept faster than women did. I started thinking on how to help men, and what empowerment men in today’s age, are seeking. Many men have only dickhead, bastard, and abusive role models to learn from, and a lot of men in alignment with their Soul, are fed up of this and want something where they are VALUED. Surely, I wasn’t going to be providing peer to peer advice, from one man to another — but as I came to find, I provided men with something that I found FEW women ever can — and that is a place to be loved, valued, and respected, as a man, a human being and an individual with his own concerns of life. Serving men, assisted me deeply with my Femininity as well and allowed me to encourage and inspire a lot more women.

I still keep very strong masculine traits as part of my Femininity, interpersonal strength, boundary setting, and very low BS tolerance. These are traits the majority of women struggle with due to a blocked throat chakra, and low self worth. For the majority of my life, I didn’t feel safe around men, as the men I saw in the majority, were abusers. They abused and took advantage of my heart — and I, as many women, had to re-discover the healthy positive aspects of men and masculinity.

Embracing my own Femininity, and teaching the Spartanite brand of the true DIVINE FEMININE CORE, essentially meant cultivating stillness and peace within my receptive body and knowing that I am loved, protected, honoured, and taken care of. King Clauneck assisted me as a male spirit with this — and showed me very strong healthy and positive traits like provision and protection that I had rarely seen as a young woman. My spirit guide Belvia and Spirits A&E, showed me true powerful femininity — a place to be strong, empowered, and feminine. I am grateful for my Spartanite team, that possesses many wonderful men with whom I have the honour of collaborating with, to have created a powerfully, functioning — life changing brand.

Do not accept what they are pushing on you, on what it means to be a man or a woman. This is a falsehood, and designed to damage your core and Spirit. Ladies, Gents — both of you know what I am referring to. Spend time in nature, spend time alone, and deeply connect with your Spirit. Gents, connect with your warrior nature. Ladies, connect with your receptive nature.


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