Why Many Business Owners Lose Out On Business + Solutions

When polled, every single business owner wants to bring in more business, and when you look at their business habits — it says anything but. Business is a treacherous minefield even for the best of us—and one thing that WILL keep your client relations smooth, is DETAILS.

Being a Virgo Moon, myself—I am a stickler for everything looking perfect. I have always been mindful with some challenging positions in my 7th house, to consciously do my best not to slice someone’s jugular when they misbehave. Pluto in Scorpio in 7th, makes me raw in many ways that I learned to temper.

So what does this mean for me, Nadia?

I want to share 2 instances with you, where LACK OF DETAIL, cost the business owners I was going to give business, to. They probably don’t care—because maybe they have enough money, who knows? The first one—I wanted something built on my site, and this is a man I already did business with. I e-mailed him during normal business hours. Not one day, one week—but one full calendar month passed by, and he e-mailed back to “catch up”. The caveat was I e-mailed his assistant, who reassured me that he had passed on his message and he would come back to me.

Loss ? £20,000 GBP.

That is what the man lost from me.

Next situation, was another man who has done work for me. He is exceptionally great at his work. I sent him 6 e-mails, and no response. I dialled the number on his site. A lady picked up and when I asked why I had no response, she snapped saying “Oh well, he is in Holland, he is away and I CAN’T tell you about your healing?”. I told her, that it was okay, but why couldn’t the man use an autoresponder—just like most business owners do? She then yelled some more stating I was being annoying. For the life of me, I wonder how it has come to the point that ASKING about a service provided to you, is “annoying”.

Loss : £7,000 GBP

I know you’re reading this post like “really—the person couldn’t hire an assistant?“. It amazes me too. I have worked with some extremely professionally spiritual people who KNOW THEY WILL BE BUSY and hire proper assistants. It always amazes me how business owners do not incorporate contingency plans that if they CANNOT provide a service, a prospect or client knows—and doesn’t wonder what the fuck happened. Part of the very teachings in the FEARLESS MONEY MANIFESTATION WITH DARK GODDESS, teaches organization in one of the Ruby Laws of Prosperity—for that very reason. You have to watch the trail of money like a hawk. Look, some clients are just going to be a pain, end of. It’s hard but they have to go and for whatever reason. If people are wishing to pay you and you’re not taking the proper means and protocol, to serve them—please do us all a favour and don’t be in business.

So what are the solutions to this?

Know what your strengths are. Look, if you love arranging flowers in nice pretty bouquets, it’s fine. If you hate doing admin work and e-mail work etc–please hire someone. If your numbers in your business are all over the place, hire an accountant. The point, I am making here–is delegate and do it QUICKLY. Prospects who want to do business with you, notice EVERYTHING. And there can be one tiny thing that can break you getting business, because people think you’re not “professional” enough to do business with. Communication is honestly the lifeblood, of securing business.

One of the best people I ever did business with, was the people who built my Spartanite Site. I emailed them on a Sunday night with a request, in 2 hours I had a response and the next day—we signed a contract, and work began. Please stop dragging out your prospects who are already ready to do business with you, by your own shoddy behaviour. Entrepreneurship is a massive blessing for us and I am so very grateful for it. Let us show our clients the respect they DESERVE.