February Supermoon + Eliminating False “Spiritual Light”

Happy Blissful February! 🙂

My favourite month of all (of course—it is my birthday next week!). I have been extremely crazy busy pulling strings behind the scenes on a gazillion things, having things fall apart so better things fall together. The moon yesterday was BEAUTIFUL — I waved to her, gave her thank yous for all the great things she does for us and then received information from the “moon beings” (those who live on the shadow side of the moon that is not visible to naked human eye).

The moon beings have their own name, a name they prefer me to not to share for privacy reasons.

I had a chat with one on false Spiritual light —in other words, the love and light community. This community has single handedly DESTROYED spirituality, by POISONING people with false light, making them forget their HUMAN birthright of being POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE. Humans have been blinded, deafened and dumb by the ruling elite (the cabal), in conjunction with the beings and forces that have made their trades with them, to enslave humanity as a collective.

As part of my working on Spirituality, my new launching programme — SPARTANITE SPIRITUAL GODDESS, you will receive in-depth methods and ways to remove any false light from your being, lending you true power of the gods/goddesses. No longer do you have to feel enslaved to those who wish to keep you dumb and stupid, you will wield true acausal justice and power that by design, has always been yours. It is so upsetting and painful to see how humanity has been tricked to give up their power—something for years I have been dealing with, to bring TRUE JUSTICE and EMPOWERMENT to those around me.

SPIRITUAL GODDESS is true OCCULT, FORBIDDEN AND ESOTERIC KNOWLEDGE that those at the top, FORBADE humanity to ever possess.

A trilogy course that will free you to finally live, guilt free and control any human natural fears you may have.
Perhaps you’re spiritually aware, know that you are intuitive but want more clarity on what your actual gifts are? You know people have misled you and you wish to gain access to true power? Here are some of the points, we will cover 🙂

• You may know you are gifted and don’t know how to use the gift with precision and power?
• You want to magnetize more money as a spiritual woman by using your psychic gift and yet you’re not sure where to begin?
• You want to access higher realms of consciousness and exit the invisible matrix once for all?
• You desire sacred and forbidden knowledge that few possess access, to– to help you live as a Spiritually Empowered Spartanite?
• You want to use the natural phases of Solar and Lunar energy to empower you
• You desire to learn how to read birth chart placements and understand a person, fully and in-depth
• You want to know how to use sigils to communicate and summon spirits, manifesting your desires within a short space of time
• You wish to read the Tarot fluently as well as connect with your Spiritual Court and learn the true face of others for self-protection

If this sounds like you, please stay tuned as your chance to access the FORBIDDEN REALMS — launches soon.

I am here to serve those in the humanity collective, who wish for true freedom.

I would love to hear your thoughts and comments in the section below <3