An Ode on Living Bold, Unapologetically & With Zero Fucks Given

Living Bold and Unapologetic, isn’t for the timid masses.

The masses who by CHOICE, choose to be enslaved in their mental patterns, trains of thought and subjugated behaviour that spans their entire lifetime.

Living Bold, isn’t for faint hearted people who prefer to hide behind their shadows, living a quiet life of desperation. When a lion fucks a lionness, he is BOLD, MAJESTIC and PROUD. He wants everyone to hear his conquest. A lion is attractive, dangerous and scary. You admire his prowess, envy his gait and fear his attack. When a person lives boldly—they stop countlessly apologizing for their existence. They take back their control. They do not have have random spurts of “anger” and go back to be being a permanent loser. They make a plan, stick to it and proceed forward.

Stop wasting time with fools and idiots, who cannot string a sentence together—who are always seeking permission and pink slips from others. Stop wasting your time with those who do not know how to face the truth, never mind tell it. Stop wasting your time with those who have fearful, timid and childish mindsets. Stop wasting time with those who do not know the VALUE of people, things, and places — and await people to lead them like a sheep to slaughter.

Stop appeasing people who aren’t a worth of your damn, who aren’t worth your presence or your time. Access to you is a luxury, not a granted for given—and revoke the licence from those who feel it is. A person cannot give you any more than you give yourself. Understand that when you choose to rise in your power, man or woman–many people are going to be angry. They cannot hold you back any longer. They cannot control you. Their petty, narrow minded and rigid opinions of life, are the very reason they are stuck in the pit of despair, of which they shall never be able to climb out of.

Being a Spartanite and a Spartanite Man (Conscious Spartan), isn’t for timid, weak people. It isn’t for those who cannot and do not wish to face REALITY as is, not as they wish for it to magically blossom, into. Weak people do not like strong people. It reminds them of everything they personally have chosen not to heal, clean up and deal with. Weak people like people telling them “things are going to be okay”, without a damn fucking instance of changing and re-defining their whole character.

Who are you when the doors close and the curtains are drawn?

Who are you when you fuck someone in bed (if you’re a man) or be fucked in bed (if you are a woman)? Who are you when you unleash your primal energy into this world? Who are you when you drop your boring civilized behaviours of name labelling and people pleasing? Who are you when you rise up and demand happiness, wealth, love and orgasms that leave you breathless and blissful?

Who are you—when you’re not living a lie pretending to be everything you’re not?