2020 — The Price Of Being Sovereign & Free

Buenos Dias and of course, a very HAPPY NEW YEAR and DECADE to all those who dedicate their time to read this blog.


Whether you love me what I write or check in begrudgingly on me and my alien brand — to see what I share– you’re welcome. You are expected 🙂


Take a seat.


They say there is a high price of being enslaved.


I say, there is a higher one of freedom. 


Not everyone wants freedom, and certainly not everyone is willing to do what it takes to afford it. Freedom, is an alien concept and a luxury afforded to the minority. Freedom begins in the mind, in the machinations of one’s everyday routine, a careful escape to subvert what controls you. Freedom, is not for the immature mind, and freedom, whilst partially stemming from money — comes from will, and an unbreakable one at that.


You’re only as good as your addictions. We are all addicts. Some are just honest about their vices, mi amor.


You, me, even the goody two shoes who pretend they aren’t addicted to something, anything. Such is the obsessive nature of a human being, the deep, the dark, the tempting, always lures one into addictions. The price of being Sovereign and Free, is a price that is a very hard one to carry. The price of KNOWING ONESELF, is a price, few can offer their loot, for.


Freedom and enslavement are two sides of the same coin. Sometimes freedom tastes like the sweet victory of Success, sometimes bondage and invisible chains, help one live and get through the worst of life. Lest you’re quick to judge, understand your own situation and understand what it may feel like for the person in front of you. Take the time to question yourself, so that when others question you — you are not alarmed. Like the Fortress they build in the middle of the Guerrila tactics fought in battle, ask yourself what you’re truly enslaved to, in order to break free. I came to a crossroads one night, sitting in my car. A dark road, I accepted that no matter how much someone can benefit from my help in and out of Spartanite — if they were not willing to break free, they enjoyed their enslavement and sadly enough, I had to leave them there.


My heart has silently ached many times when I have sat in front of people whose lives I could have changed, but they wanted GOLD WITHOUT THE BLOOD PRICE ONE PAYS TO ACHIEVE IT. If you’re not willing to pay a price signed in your blood, leave the room. 


Of course, by NATURE and PRESUMPTION, people will assume something else, is what I am talking about here due to my “type” of work. Magick.


If you’re not bold about your life, good luck of it ever being loyal to you. 


By this point, half the people are concerned reading this,  are thinking “what the hell??!?!?!!” — “see, I knew she’s evil — that’s why I don’t fuck with her”. “I don’t want anything to do with this…” — “all these people are bad people” DIOS MIOS, MIERDA — SHE SAID BLOOD. Woman is CRAZY. VAMOS, VAMOS!


*Panic button rings*


I really have heard all the useless stereotypes our work lends. Those who know me and Spartanite, know we don’t do any fucked up shit.  We stand for HONOUR, TRUTH, AND ALL THINGS FAIR AND JUST.


All things worthy have a price of blood. They may not demand your physical elixir of blood. I am not referring to the nonsense Netflix and your movies show you to programme you.. I leave that level of insanity to the truly seasoned.


I am talking about something most leadership/wealth/business/whatchamacallit “gurus” speak about.




That is either in your BLOOD, or it is NOT.


That is the BLOOD, I refer to.




You want the baby, but not the soul screaming labour pains that come along with it. 


Do you REALLY think one goes into a mine without running the risk of death, should this mine collapse? Of course — we cannot expect anything else from naivety, insolence, arrogance, and fuckwits.


Today’s common folk have unanimously decided that all things must come cheap, and furthermore, to appeal to their laziness, vanity, and collective stupidity — they must be free and convenient, by equal measure. The price of freedom, is something, most will never be able to afford. This price does not come with money. It comes with exhausting every fiber in your human body, before those gates open. Most never make it.


When you lick that blade of the knife you’re holding, you’re making a promise to yourself. You’re making that promise that freedom may look like that Promised Land, but you’re going to get there — even if it kills you, and my friend, kill you, it may and it can, and will. It isn’t a journey that the timid, the weak, the unfortunate, the ill-planned, the naive, the lunatics, and the childish make. It is a journey which is more of a calling. A journey, provided you do it right — will afford you something enslavement never can.




Many have money — I encourage money in to your life. May you possess money and an Identity. Don’t be like many I have met — more dinero in the bank, than common sense, let alone any form of Identity on who one might be, without it. Everyone aside yourself, addresses you by your formal identity. Your name. It is your tag from your parent’s at birth.


What is your own tag?


Do you have one?


What do you IDENTIFY AS?




Keep asking. Answers don’t come, as soon as one asks.


The price of freedom, is Courage.


But Courage, is only for the brave.


And Brevity, cannot be bought with pesos…


Let me help you begin that new empowered story of SELF MASTERY. 


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