2023 – The Year of The Money Hot Wiring Edition

“With each year comes a different energy. Learn the energetics behind it all and one always goes prepared”


Happy New Year! 🙂

It is my first post of the year where I haven’t felt half dozed off or sleepy (or crazy). I have slept so much, I have felt like a bear that doesn’t see the light of day half the time in the hibernation period. The energies after Solstice have been crazy, all through Xmas, New Year and the recent Full Moon that has gone past. The Julian calendar for this year has JUST ended and co-incides with this post I am penning which I feel is important as a disclaimer and an update for many people who choose to keep up with Sparty Blog.

23 is generally going to be a wild year. On Xmas Eve, I prayed and give The Almighty thanks for all I have walked through and the path I can show others and I decided to call upon HRH Grand Duchess Bune in the early hours of the morning when it is pitch black with cake and yummy tea, in tow. That means it was actually Xmas Day but so dead in the night – and pindrop silences makes for EXCEPTIONAL channeling, My talks with Bune are always interesting and I have learned a lot about myself, people, and, even down to Goetic daily life and know-how.

Bune made some canny relevations about this years finances to me which did not come as a surprise. She eludes to a VERY possible likelihood that the capital markets will crash due to extreme volatility in the second half of the year, a lot of plant life dying out and being replaced by “psychopathic versions” of plants, one that will be aggressive, creepy, and, predatory – as well as death and overall genocide as we are witnessing in real time. She also stressed lab grown meat as Cabal wish to only keep animal meat for the upper classes. The rest of the “peasants can simply make do with eating bugs and trash, like they already do. They are already stupid enough to believe everything we say anyway” in her signature voice, explaining the general ruling of the elite.

The kicker came when Bune got antsy about finances. In all my time talking with Bune, she has had a pleasant and lovely voice – when she began mentioning money, her voice became strained and like she was desperately trying to hint to something but in typical royal fashion, was trying to keep proper about it. I will spare many people what Bune said however there were certain rituals she told me I will perform for clients, rituals I furrowed my brow at – because they are rituals to keep the energetics of cash going in desperate times. In a peculiar but sinister chill, Bune mentions the energetic tightening of money affecting EVERYONE, unless they practice spiritual immunity. 23 is going to be a DEFINING year where most of the middle class is literally squeezed out dead. What Bune means by this is that atypically in Western countries, you could not see an economic divide so greatly. People lived somewhat respectfully and things looked stable. Generally, that is.

It was my understanding that this year is a year where people are REALLY going to struggle if they do not have help. By help ,I mean extra income streams, existing financial stability, and, of course – magick. It was long my suspicion that Cabal have performed rituals at Xmas time and shortly around new year to tighten the flow of money for average people because I have been noticing the flow (I can see the current of it) and where it is going.

I did a card shuffle and got the 8 of Swords falling out. The card confirmed my deep suspicions. The 8 of Swords is a card where a lady is tied up with swords all around her, blindfolded and unable to escape. A card of desperation, hopelessness, capture, and, despair – it showed me how MOST people are going to feel, if not already feeling. It confirmed the magick Cabal has been undertaking especially with the change of hands in the monarchy as people are openly speaking out about their desperation even more.There is a sense of feeling and being deprived AND depravity that you will see more of as the months roll on.

I got casually dressed up, put my best coat on and went to a specific area in London for lunch. As I was eating, I was scanning the place and tried to sink into the energy there and the money around it. WHY is it going there, how is it getting there, and what is happening. I have had clients write in saying things have been “randomly” slowing down, people are being laid off in more cuts and redundancies, and, people are feeling more lost, confused, and, overwhelmed. There would have been no chance all this would have taken place without the “convenience” of “C19”. People are working SO hard at business, working so many hours in their career and still something is going on.

Now that we understand what the problem is, we must understand the solution. 

Back in the 50’s and 60’s – people had the good sense to dress respectfully and with manners.

You will only ever see that with the upper classes nowadays. It is shameful and sad because over the decades – people have been trained to accept licentious, dirty, low class cheap behaviour, especially adult perversion and mental sickness as normality. You cannot believe what passes for clothes or how people relate to each other, people have become worse than an animal being one. One does not have to look too far what the common masses have come to, things such as Instagram that peddles soft pornography where the common woman looks no better than a cheap streetwalker and wonders why only filth in men will approach her to Twitter where people believe they have a PHD in arguing against others.

People have become emotionally and mentally retarded with platforms such as TikTok, incapable of critical intelligent thinking and Bune is the first to admit that most people’s standard IQ is below average due to what they have done (contamination of food, air, water, vaccines, medicines, hypnosis via media, you name it) – whereby it passes down generationally aka epigenetics.

On that note, fortifying your position is going to take asset protection as well as HOT WIRING.

Many people have asked me what exactly hot wiring, is?

Hot wiring a car means you’re bypassing the ignition as we all know in layman terms. Essentially to presume one has the correct key to start the engine, what happens when you do not have it? You lost it, misplaced it, someone stole it, it fell down the drain in a mad rummage of your pockets – you’re going to have to get that car started somehow, right?

Hot wiring in Spartanite terms, is using ritual work to move the needle. If you are someone who is ambitious and has a working brain, hot wiring will work for you because it will DRAG things into your reality without the effort. No one has time for grunt work that is going to exhaust and tire you out even more. What hot wiring does is “change the algorithm” of what is in your current reality. I explain a little more about HOW hot wiring works with Clauneck in this video right here – however essentially, hot wiring works WITHIN 48 hours. It can work as fast as TEN MINUTES (I am personal proof), if a person already is dialed in and knows what they want. This is like an Olympian gold medalist looking for an edge to get them to beat their own record. Perhaps there is a drink that allows them to do that and that drink is a form of hot wiring for them.

In Sparty case – hot wiring perks you up and “opens your eyes “. It makes you NOTICE what the ritual has been performed for, as it strengthens in your reality and no where is this imperative than with money. Money is ever flowing and there is certainly no shortage of it – the shortage is in the mind, the common people and places, as well as, strategy. When you use ritual work as a form of insurance to protect you – you move confidently in the knowing that the energetics BEHIND that ritual are going to allow you to always notice the right things at the right time.

You may not always have the keys to the car, however through hot wiring – you will always have the keys to your own life and to a life that you deserve, no matter WHAT anyone tells you or tries to convince you of, otherwise.

You owe yourself respect and to live with dignity. 

Whether you are financially flush and successful reading this or whether you feel you can use more help in that department – you are the architect of your own life, your own glory, and, charting your OWN destiny. No one decides that for you and nor should you ever let them. You have the blazing spark somewhere inside you – be it burning like a wildfire or a weak flicker that can be raised if you have the determination to go after what you want. Every day does not have to be you biting things like a shark – some days it will be tears, sadness, and, rest.

Either way – hot wiring is your friend for 23.

What WEALTH AND OPPORTUNITY DO is take everything healthy you have seen the wealthy do, and place it in your field. Soon what YOU considered “rich” living will become normal for you. I want to make clear what rich living is, is different for everyone based on the level you’re at.

This is an incredibly powerful uplevel that INTERNALLY raises your bar to see luxury places, meals, transportation, clothing, realty, and, living as your normality and not something outside your field.

It uses the leverage of your torus field, infusing it with golden light and eliminating any insecurity. It boosts wealth consciousness and receptivity to all things high vibrational.

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