3 Signs Your Success In Business Is Secretly Motivated By Trauma



We are approaching the decline of the Zenith of the half the year gone. June is that height of summer month, where everything One has set out at the start of the year, comes to a head and a crossroads. The month begins with the sign of Gemini, the sign of the twins Castor and Pollux, ruled by Speedy Gonzalez himself MERCURY — with the glyph Gemini Icon - Free Download, PNG and Vector — that is instantly recognizable, anywhere. The month, ends and kicks of with the Sign of Cancer, recognised by the glyph  Daily Horoscope | Horoscope, Glyphs, Daily horoscope — and ruled by the MOON.


I state all of this, because whatever is touched by the Moon, is often hidden. Cancer rules women, the maternal, the gorgeous feminine curvaceous shape (shout out to big boobs and thick thighs!), the family, and, the home. And the moon is significantly what I wish to touch about Business, today.


The Moon, in traditional Tarot Arcana, is ALL ABOUT ILLUSION. It is about things that are hidden, hidden in plain sight — and yet the person never bothers to register it, as such.


Many people in Business, are successful because they are hardworking. That, does not come with any surprise. The endeavour of Business is such. If you’re not willing to put your money where your mouth is, good luck anything happening for you. On the flip side, this work dominated culture where you seem first at the office and last out, is celebrated like your brother is getting married, (or something…). It is encouraged that you need to work like an animal 24/7 to get to where you are. Whilst I am a massive advocate of working hard myself, there is that ugly 20 foot tentacled beast that lives under most beds of a lot of successful Business people.


And that beast – it’s name, is TRAUMA.


Unhealed, unresolved, trauma.


The trauma of abandonment, neglect, bullying, shame, ostracization, family manipulation, deep emotional unhappiness, loneliness, and insanity.


For many years, I worked at the speed of light. I was younger of course, and my body was practically like a machine. I enjoy working generally but it had crossed into Workaholism. When I write this post, the first example I can give of, is myself.


I was exceptionally hard on myself thinking if I “haven’t made X amount in this company by THIS TIME” — LOL ….Lord talk about all the gates of Hell breaking open. I measured success like most people do today. In bank account inches and how many accolades I could amass. Because that is what I mistook Success to be.


Success is having PEACE INSIDE you through SELF CARE aka putting YOURSELF and your wellbeing, FIRST.


I am fortunate I broke free of that whirlpool, otherwise my ambition would have turned to unfettered greed. Greed of simply not knowing WHEN or HOW TO EVER STOP. I would have simply worked myself to a hospital, which I see most people, doing.


When you’re traumatized, work is a fantastic option. Your company will never tell you that it doesn’t love you, it will never break your heart, it will never hurt you, and it is there for you. In essence, there is no RISK OF REJECTION. Any wonder why people lose themselves in their work?


People celebrate material Success and it makes it even damn harder to break out of.


Here are 3 MAJOR things where you know your trauma is running your business, not you.


  1. Despite whatever you have achieved in life (money, accolades, residence, car, assets), you still never feel it is enough and constantly just about feel you’re “trying”. 


      2. No one can remember the last time you truly took REST and had fun. Your fun involves something that needs to prove your “social status” to a willing audience and is always tied in do with something to do with your Business. You’re terrified to just let GO, and take time to do nothing.  Nothing scares you because you have to feel your emotions and who the hell wants to feel, THAT?

         Right 😉



       3. You have no boundaries about saying NO to others because you feel BAD for saying it. In your household, you were never ALLOWED to say no and because you went through so much when you were younger. You CRAVE LOVE AND ATTENTION, so NO is not an option for you. No matter what nonsense someone brings to you in Business. 5th Business? Oh yes, why the fuck not! I want this, this, this, this, this, and, this because I don’t want to SIT WITH THE PAIN OF BEING BULLIED AND HUMILIATED FOR WHAT I DIDN’T HAVE AND DESPERATELY WISHED I HAD. I don’t want to face myself and face ANYONE who reminds me of this pain, don’t you dare remind me of it.


Alas, as the old saying goes — you can outrun what is outside you, never what is inside you.


Healing trauma may not look like trauma on the outside. Why? Because as a society we are accustomed to put up with people’s nonsensical shitty behaviour and pass it off as normal. It is NOT NORMAL and it damages your sense of having a healthy relationship with yourself and most importantly how to show up for your BUSINESS.


No healthy you?


No healthy Business 🙁


Being conscious of what you feel and not working every single second of your life, doesn’t make you a failure. Taking time to REST, SLEEP, EAT, and, PLAY/FUN, makes you formidable, happy, and, energetic.


You’re meant to have fun in Business, not make all the money and still be miserable at an emotional level <3


You deserve happiness! 🙂