A Humanity without Humans — Terraforming & TRANCEFORMATION

Disclaimer : I have thought LONG and hard before I posted this, but here I am…


June 2018


“Yes, please — I’d like a side of chips with that! :)”, as I said to the man taking my order at a busy cafe at a lunch time.


My Father is a Gemini, and I wanted to eat a lovely meal in his honour, as it was his birthday that day. Spirit is always around us and I always celebrate ALL birthdays, be it in this world or the passed.  I do not list and state that I am clairaudient as it does not work for those outside my immediate household and I wouldn’t be able to perform to the ability. However, I do possess the ability. As I was chowing down on the meal, I suddenly felt someone sat in the booth opposite me, I didn’t feel that I was sat there by myself…


“Oh wow! HEY! SALAM!”


I saw my Dad was sat opposite me and eating as well, (yes Spirits eat!) and he smiled. He spoke as normal and we were having a normal conversation. At that time, Brexit was happening and I wanted his thoughts on it, to which I got a “yes, they will leave, expect tonnes of drama and he will resign and be out of office after the scandals…” and some other things. I said “ah okay…” and was about to ask a question when I was stopped dead in my tracks chewing on a bite of food when I heard…


“They want to make another world, Nadia….”


It is less about the words and more about the terrifying chill I felt in my whole body. The type of chills you get in places that are extremely haunted by evil, itself. Think abandoned warehouses, huge estates etc. I rarely have ever felt this chill UNLESS something very diabolical is in the mix.


I just put my fork down by this point. Something was seriously amiss.


“Make another world? What do you mean?”


The door to the cafe swang open, a man walked in and asked for a table. I was distracted and immediately I heard my Dad say…


“What would you do if this man came right over and attacked you?”


“What type of question is this? I’d grab the knife and go for him, and smash the plate on his head and bite him and do whatever I can to defend myself…?!”


“And so now imagine a world. Imagine a world where humans don’t exist. A human that cannot ever fight back…”


“They want to make another world Nadia. A world where humans aren’t human anymore. A human that can never fight back. Not to mention the rates of insurmountable death, global economies crashing, food prices that people cannot afford and you see literal blood in the streets where men cannot even defend themselves let alone their own families.”


Those words have haunted me for so many months and years. I desperately tried to make sense of them. A human that can’t fight back? Which person would just stand there and take someone attacking them? Why would they? What type of person is this? What in the hell is happening?


I don’t have to GET INTO IT, on this blog post. I assume the readers of this blog are mentally sound individuals and know EXACTLY what this means — it is happening in REAL TIME. Mix 5G with it, when they turn it on and COMPLETE HELL, is going to unleash very soon. COMPLETE HELL. Your thoughts will NEVER be YOURS again. It’s just a collective hive to turn on and off, at will.. The TRANCE-FORMATION of society is here, a human that cannot fight back — a slow poison that will simply cook you to death. Make of that what you wish.


In March 2020, Lady Duchess Bune, Her Royal Highness, repeated my Father’s words. I remember crying during that channel because she expanded on what he said and explained in great detail what to expect. “They have herded you in, so the towers are complete for the NEXT stage…”, I guess that’s all I would want to say for now. Anyone with a working brain KNOWS where we are headed to.


There is far too much light still on this Earth, that’s why they keep people in LOWER linguistic frequencies, and stupid things like TikTok (the mind wonders indeed….), to imprison the mind, NEVER TO LOOK UP AT THE SKY AND WONDER WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON. How they are spraying us like bugs all the time — Mhm, we see you here in London, blocking the light, controlling weather and minds — not to mention contaminate all life on this planet. Terraforming is slowly creating that world.


Please yes, carry on with Netflix, TikTok and your social media addictions, and what have you and let this world all burn down into the cyborgs they are WILLING CREATING….


because, why incur karmic debt, when they can make you sign up for it, and then YOU can carry the blame for them?


One cannot help the living dead anymore….


The divide has began…. Both men and women have to learn how to physically fight, knives, guns, physical work — you’ll have only YOURSELF to thank later. 


You have to be strong in all areas, emotionally, physically, mentally, financially, and, spiritually.


It’s coming….


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