A Litany On Self Worth, Boundaries, and The Chessboard

The Chessboard of Life. 

Where all grand games are played. The game of Family, the game of Friends, the game of Lovers and of course; the game of the Enemy. The games played in silence, the games played with the eye of the hawk, the game played on those who don’t wish to play games.

The game of the Chessboard. 

My dear, having a good heart, is noble. Wise and kind. Extending your Love, is bountiful. However, all this comes at a price. The price of those who steal minds, bodies, and souls. Those who quietly wait and watch your non-existent boundaries. Those who kiss the back of your hands and plant thorns with their lips. Those who abuse you, at their will — and then present you with the flower of Poison.

Boundaries are quiet, invisible radars. They are never seen, nor talked about; simply felt. Just as the museums are laced with infrared beams, so does the valuable individual place them in order. A shining diamond, accessible to all; yet accessible to none. When boundaries are not in place, the assailant studies you and all of them, are predatory in nature. Predatory and Predator, are two different sides of the same coin. When one does not move through this Chessboard World with a mild psychopathic tendency of self-sufficiency and detachment, on not knowing how to play the chessboard; this, will cost them their life. Most people foolishly believe that their worth resides in the obnoxious morsels of stupidity they subject the rest of the world to.

Knives that pass underwater, do not leave marks.

As the pawns move, one must be trialed to keep oneself looking as that, and be able to understand The Chessboard, before you’re played on it. The world is filled with those that pull the strings on the Chessboard, moving the pawns around unbeknownst to them. Self Worth, is not spoken about, for there are no words to describe boundaries, silence, and clarity that is achieved when a singular shot is fired. When you stop bleeding, the sharks swim away. Outwitting the predator, is to study predatory behaviour and prepare the hooks of the Swiss Army Knife when you’re summoned to the Court. Creating Healthy Self Worth, begins with a sheer lack of Tolerance for nonsense, drama, and stupidity. Boundaries are beautiful. It is a shame such few actually possess them.

Drama is beautiful, theatrical, and seductive; to fools.

Fools who have empty tinned excuse of a brain. Something, anything ; to keep their IQ of a grape, occupied. In no place in the world, a cove, an alleyway, a cobbled street; does Self Worth Street meet the Drama Drive. Both of them run parallel to another, never perpendicular. Those who possess healthy self worth, do not engage in drama, dramatic situations, or people. Arguing mindlessly, is the work of an idiot. The work of someone who is immature, haughty, arrogant, and a detriment to their own Self and society at large. They talk about Compassion but having compassion for those who contribute to the plague of Society, serves absolutely no one.

Satisfaction Strategies can only reveal themselves to those satisfied with themselves.

Most aren’t. 

Opening the Glory of the Heavens and surmising it with the Steel of Restrained Hellfire ; makes for the formidable opponent.

I shall pour us some more bitter black coffee, or as you requested; mint tea. Let us enjoy our game whilst these ceiling fans do their job of parching our enflamed skin.

I moved my pawn, dear.

Your turn. 

Lady Spartanite