A Spartanite’s Thoughts on International Women’s Day

Blessings to the Women who follow Spartanite work on this day that was carved for women to celebrate our womanhood. I write to the men, on International Men’s Day equally 🙂


Thank you for your support, your investments in yourself, and your time. It means a lot to me to stand in a place where women are explicitly SHOWN that a woman can truly achieve a height of power being a woman, not trying to race against a man in attempts to prove herself.


I don’t know the impacts I have made on people, because I do not do any of my work for recognition or praise. 5 Years ago, I sat with the Almighty and asked to be used as a VESSEL to change people’s lives. It was a request in exchange of granting me a second chance at life. I took it. Every day, I get up and through Spartanite I do just that. I don’t claim to be a holy woman or something who is cut above the rest or anything. I just to take the power I was given at birth and create something monumental to show people that breaking out of their own invisible cages and prisons. I cry, laugh, and eat, just as you reading this. Sometimes I have to stop my work from being emotionally overwhelmed, some days I can race through like Hera with her scepter. I am a very normal woman who drives her car fast, misses the green light from daydream, dances to fun songs, laughs at comedy and falls of her bed 😀 — and cares passionately about those I come into contact with.


But what is a WOMAN?


Who is she?


What is it meant to be a woman? And truly articulate the challenges that a woman uniquely faces? And what are the best ways to communicate that to men who are intelligent and sentient enough to listen? On a day that is celebrating women, many, many women have fallen from grace and their true power.


Women, especially in the West, are absolutely unrecognizable and a SHAME to what a woman should be. Drinking from the Feminism punchbowl, has rendered women obsolete to have and create a family with, and many women feel that their mental afflictions should some how be attractive to man. It is a genuine rarity to see women with common sense anymore because all of them keep shouting the same silly buzz words, wanting to rob men (golddiggers are all thieves, leeches, and parasites — AVOID) rendering them invisible to the very decent men that they cry for. There is a difference between a man happily providing for you as nature intended and another trying to bleed him dry. Unbelievable.


Degenerate women are everywhere, and it was one of my main goals to help a certain TYPE of woman, find their honours, their glory, their lifepath and do it from a place from decency, intelligence, sanity, and inner strength. I do not write to “empower women” because the women with sense in the head, do not need empowerment. They came to this world with AGENCY and command of their own.


THEY DESERVE TO BE VALUED, APPRECIATED, AND SEEN through a platform of true emboldenment.


So whereas most women just blanket out statements today to each other about celebrating being a woman, I write to all women who read this — find yourself, be an independent thinker, and know you are different. Accept it.


Accept you have moral values, and by MERIT OF THAT, you do not simply accolade “all women” especially when there is so much wrong with the women of today. This message will surprise many reading it because people are used to reading coddled up bullshit. Just because I am a woman doesn’t mean that I have to support low-class and lunatic behaviour in another woman. Just as I hold myself to standards, I hold other women, and furthermore, men equally to behave like an honourable human being and not the insanity we see in today’s world.


Being a woman, is not easy. It comes with many ranks, and prestige; that women have given up, to disown their own source of power. On a day that has been designed to celebrate the fairer sex, as a woman, we should always do BETTER to uphold the endangered traits of Femininity and Lionness Strength that is moderated, to be an example of what it is to live in your WOMANITY. A Spartanite makes a vow and a pledge to the Truth, and she does not stand up on something on the virtue of bias.


As a Spartanite, I decided to stand up for the Truth, and only that. It is my genuine endeavour that in this year and all of the years beyond, I am able to find CAPACITY to expand my own worldview, my consciousness, and show women at a certain caliber what it is to be a WHOLE woman, filled with agency, command, esteem, value, merit, boldness, fearlessness, grace, elegance, charm, sophistication by the means of their own Femininity.


Many women who are mentally immature and emotional trainwrecks who love whining about their life, will NOT like this post, because it forces them to look at themselves, and the Truth is never polite,nor is it convenient.  


But for those women, who are willing to accept to do the work — may you be RICHLY blessed and be the BEST and most MAGNIFICENT version of yourself, so splendid and filled with beauty, that you are remembered through all the ages of humanity. 


You are CAPABLE AS A WOMAN, despite all the nonsense of this world. But your capability comes from INSIDE and it comes from the assurance that you, now and forever, will ALWAYS BE ENOUGH. ALWAYS.


The Feminine is the LIFE-GIVER. 


Revere yourself as Divine.


In a world where the Feminine has been shut down, know that no matter where you put your mind to, IT IS DO-ABLE. Even if and when you start from nothing, YOU’RE CAPABLE. YOU WILL FIND THE CONFIDENCE TO STAND UP AND WORK AND TAKE A LIFE FOR YOURSELF THAT YOU CAN BE PROUD OF.