About Nadia


I haven’t lived a perfect life. Far from it. I’ve experienced the loss of a parent, neglect and emotional abuse, losing businesses, being fired from multiple jobs, being thousands of pounds in debt, damaged credit, PTSD, fibromyalgia (Chronic Fatigue – now healed), trauma, anxiety, clinical depression, shame, hopelessness, and sexual assault. I experienced most of these situations before the age of 25, stemming from Sludge Demonic Possession, known to many as Djinn — the fire spirits, as well as layers of deadly witchcraft and nefarious black magick placed on me by estranged relatives.

Relationship with my Body

I was an international fashion model between the ages of 17-21, traveling around Europe whilst attending university in North London. Modeling taught me the value of being a genuine person in an industry built on superficiality and dishonesty. Being possessed by the sludge djinn, I was at my skinniest. I could wear the tiniest of clothes, but I was miserable and broken. I could have become addicted to illegal substances or drank the pain away, but my strength and courage held me together.

My supernatural strength

Overcoming being possessed by Djinn gives me the supernatural strength I have today as I became exceptionally self-sufficient, capable, and confident. I’ve had many roles throughout my life: psychic, beautician, business owner, mentor, student, writer. I had to start my whole life again with no money and no prospects — working stressful minimum wage jobs and I wanted to eat, cry and sleep all the time. My psychic gifts were no longer suppressed. I was finally no longer living on autopilot! I saw a life – damaged, but filled with hope again. I checked myself into spiritual counseling and started to build a strong structure of courage and empowerment that I now teach other people.

The mental States of Consciousness

I studied my BSc in Psychology, learning about the human mind as well as inter-galactic portals in my private studies. Today, I use the power of my crown chakra through my psychic gifts to channel various Goetic beings, my ancestors, and my trusted sidekick, Belvia, who is my official spirit guide. I’ve experienced elevated states of consciousness, making me a simple observer of life detached from scandal, drama, and confusion.
My third eye was fully open when I was 6 years old. I could see, hear and speak with spirits, and had clairvoyant visions. In my teenage years, after extreme trauma and the presence of sludge demons, my third eye shut off, causing severe havoc with men, relationships and life direction. Sitting at home one day, at age 22, I saw a missing person’s case on the news. The little girl’s name was Tia and I knew instantly that she was dead. I said, “Oh, she is in a black bag” and left the room. Later, stopping at a small newsagent’s up the road, I saw the headline of the newspaper that read, “ Tia found in a black bag”. That was the day I could no longer run away from my gift. My psychic gifts saved me from the sludge demons and a life designed to kill me through black magick. My spiritual practices are a combination of both the LHP and the RHP. I follow what feels right in my heart.

My Spiritual Practices

Today, my practices include Spiritual Islam, Sufism, LHP Goetic Beings, and the natural elements of Paganism. I am well versed on the Craft, through Mesoamerican traditions, as well as Javanese Shamanism and Arabian/Persian Spirituality. I am a void walker and possess knowledge of many global practices. I use the teachings of the Ancient Goddesses, including Lilith, Hecate, and Kali Ma, and draw inspiration from Eastern Philosophy and Alchemy in practices such as Confucianism, Shintoism, not to mention, the way, of the Bushido. I practice the Occult from an Arabian stand point and use Ilm Al Ghaib (Forbidden Knowledge) to assist in solving some of the most challenging issues people approach me with.

My Relationship with Money

Building my financial life from scratch to where it is today may be the most painful and courageous thing I have ever done. This is why I can teach it so BOLDLY and confidently. I could have stayed at minimum wage jobs, or played the victim after my first business was smashed to the ground by the sludge demons, leaving me in thousands of pounds in debt.
Working through the neural, emotional, and financial damage the Djinn left with me meant I needed to face the challenge of regaining a prosperity aura. With intense spiritual workings and the power of my Spirit Guide Belvia, I discovered a solid footing of financial stability, and give that very gift to other people who know their financial destiny. THIS is my calling.
You can discover some of my financial insights, right HERE

Growing into my Feminine Power

My father had a stroke (through black magick and djinn, equally) when I was 10 and passed away days after I turned 18, so I came of age terrified, fatherless, and completely alone. When women feel unsafe, we turn to masculine energy. I became headstrong, aggressive and argumentative because I thought I had to be. No one had ever modeled to me that a woman was strong. Most women struggle with this. I finally found peace working with Goddess Lilith and Lady Rashoon, a wife of one of the Goetic Beings of Wealth and Abundance. At one point, I thought I had lost the Spartanite edge as I transitioned into Feminine energy. Fortunately, this wasn’t the case. Instead, I became loving, peaceful, forgiving and calming to others, whilst still maintaining strong boundaries and being a firm and compassionate feminine woman. It was a journey – one I now teach to other women. I aim to be a portal for the Dark Divine Feminine and an inspiration for many, with my story.

Personal Life

I am an Aquarian with a Capricorn Stellium, born in February. I speak multiple languages and enjoy culture, art, design, and history. I am an award-winning Spartanite and won the Lioness Awards Foundation Best Mentor and Best Self-Publisher in 2017.
My favorite foods are from Turkey, Greece, and Italy. I take my health and wellbeing very seriously. I enjoy belly dance and the odd silly comedy. I have volunteered for local organizations, and dedicate what free time I have assisting people to live better. I enjoy cooking and writing immensely. Life taught me to appreciate the richness and beauty of nature by traveling solo, or with friends.

How Was Spartanite Born?

I created Spartanite, through a mix of 3 Planetary Energies. It is similar to a mixology class you take at a bar to create your favorite drink, except the Cosmic version. I am an Aquarian Sun mixed with a predominant Capricorn Stellium and in relations with others — a Scorpio Stellium.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranian energy — wild, unpredictable, unique and crazy. It is also co-ruled by Saturn. Capricorn is ruled by Saturnian energy — linear, restrictive, cautious, serious and disciplined. Scorpio is ruled by Plutonian energy — dynamic, sexy, mysterious, seductive, explosive, raw and intense.

As I combined these 3 ideas together, Spartanite is an Aquarian idea, executed in a Capricornius style and powered by Scorpius. It is the culmination of wild, yet disciplined, powerful yet restrained energy. It is all and nothing in one. It is ageless, timeless and formless. It is omnipresent through Universal energies and is everywhere, at any time. It creates true structure and freedom by providing the necessary self-empowerment required to take back control of yourself and your life.

My Spartanite Mission

I take great pride and passion in assisting people to have multiple, rapid breakthroughs through Occult Education & Empowerment. My personal mission is to encourage and embolden entrepreneurs into their Bold Confidence that is their birthright. Far too many entrepreneurs feel they possess no choice but to play at sub-par levels and hide their magnificence to appease others. The Spartanite knows you are not an average man or woman, and will not settle for a life of mediocrity. Spartanite is a portal and a home for those of us entrepreneurs who combine genuine power with the skill of a warrior. We are one for all, and all for one. Come join me. Elevate your consciousness to gain rewards of financial prosperity, divine masculine and feminine empowerment and spiritual awakening.

See you on the other side!