Ambition Meets Compassion : The Strive To Succeed

Disclaimer : This blog is a cross between my personal thoughts as a Sorceress meets Entrepreneur, Writer meets Beautician, Psychic former model, meets Wealth Consciousness. It is informative, arresting, and, provocative; I have designed it to be Dish De Jour — as of such. I am a Spartanite who lives in multiple worlds at one present time, time is not linear – it is merely planar. 




The fall of the USSR was interesting. A whole nation that overtook and ruled many Eastern Bloc countries, leaving it’s influence there, till today — today still holds it’s mystique in many letters and ways. Ambition is a gamble, after all they attempted to annex Mongolia, and it failed.


Let us deeply explore the diamond facets of Ambition that Empires have destined to imbue, meets — what is left of humanity.


It comes with little surprise that we are living in a world on fire. 


There was a reason I sat for many hours and designed the Sparty PDF that you see at the front of the site as a complimentary download. It is not because I wanted some cool looking free report on something, it is because it is the truth of high stakes that no one ever really writes/speaks on — unless you are behind closed doors. People have to get to a certain financial level to understand gnostic truths, that do not come easily or commonly — even when they have good hefty chunk of cash. Money does not mean common sense. I have witnessed many arrogant and downright ego drunk stupid men who have an abundance of money, big resources, and, connections; and yet at the core is that scared little boy who never wants to be poor or laughed at, again. I utterly feel sorry for that little boy, and despise these type of individuals.


Anyways, we progress.


Truly, there are so many people who are so rich financially, and so poor everywhere as a person. No manners, no humility, and, worst of all no common sense.


It is simply bad manners, low class, and, desperate to show off your money, wealth, connections, and, what one can achieve in access with it. I speak this from a Plutonian (Scorpio) perspective; “What people do not know of you, they cannot attack.”  In many of my videos including the Self Esteem Series, I have stated that to have compassion with ambition is quite the feat to achieve. Ambition is striving in nature. It has a goal to reach and will eliminate anything on the way to that goal. Many people have the habit of desiring attention from the entire village, town, city, country, 3 neighbouring countries — not to mention the solar system. Their goals are not personal, they are to spite people.


The safest ambition is attached to a person who does not have attachment to materialism and flat out greed.


I will be the first to say, I love expensive things (if people hesitate, they are lying…) expensive living, and, the finer things of life.  I have always enjoyed them since I was a little girl and my desire to financially succeed, kept me alive during the worst days of my life. I always saw light at the end of the tunnel with money — for money opened a world up for me that I would have never experienced minus it. The type of life I desired to give myself, required bank and lots of it. I refused to settle for scraps and only my ambition is why you see Spartanite today.


So what IS ambition?


Many people think ambition is greed. You always see miserable people, struggling — commenting on greed. Greed, indeed is sinful in many ways because it robs a person of feeling happy, content, and, at one with God and the Divine Spirit that is of abundance and provides for us. Abundance does not mean money, although money in today’s world, would be required for it. If I have more food than I can eat, I am abundant (and so very grateful). If I have clean running water, hot food, a warm bed, clean fluffy clothes — I am an incredibly rich woman. Why? So many people would do anything for all of that. So the understanding of abundance is simply being PLENTIFUL. There is no amount of money in this world that can satisfy the feeling of LACK and “inner hunger”. That is where greed, originates from.


Ambition is striving to become better, to live better, to better, be better, and, experience fullness and richness of what life has to offer. It is the desire to keep moving upwards, to expand, be vast, and, quantify your life quality. You either have it, or don’t. Ambition and complacency, do not go together. I’d have written, comfort — however I am a fan of comfort and it is a necessity to keep a person on a solid and stable foundation of life. 


There is a dark side of ambition, that can easily cross into Machiavellian traits – and we see often does, because it is an instant hit of Dopamine. Do this, and get THIS. WOAH. This feels good! MORE!


In the climb of Success, it is imperative to always listen to your body and it’s limits. Because your body ALWAYS knows it’s limit, people rely on energy drinks, class A drugs, and all types of “uppers” (including magickal fixes), to keep going. I am no stranger to it myself. I have used the sleep shots I sell in Store as well as aura cleanses and cord cuttings in rapid frame turnarounds, getting me from dead burnout to up and moving about within a day when my personal and professional life has looked like an Everest climb. I learned very quickly, I didn’t have time to languish in burnout when I can easily use magickal/energetic fixes to get me ahead, seeing how much I am required to take care, of.


This reminds me of a time when a successful investment banker in the City, reached out to me saying he had tried everything to break his expensive drug habit and nothing was working. He didn’t want to do it anymore but he would never be able to cope without it. His body was slowly dying.  At first, he thought — “nothing can help me, I am fully controlled by this”. However, willing to try something new, he found me through a friend of his who recommended him at a time he was frankly beyond desperate and had to put his pride aside to ask for help.


I did very hard magickal work to break his addiction, and it snapped the habit — by giving him the willpower to resist. As soon as I put him behind a frame of discipline and willpower, I ran energetic fields on his aura to give him intense masculine drive and focus without the withdrawals and jitters he was soon going to get from his initial addiction. I kept his aura intact and clean, any time his desire would show up — I’d bust it through and kept a watchful eye that he didn’t cross over from one addiction to the next. I am pleased to say that after a while of working with him, he finally found the courage one day to just STOP and he is clean and living well. No more crash and burn, no more money being wasted, no more life out of control 🙂 He was finally in control of himself and his life!


My ambition has led me to the biggest compassion I have when I read people’s testimonies. I have cried reading the things people have written to me and how I have been able to pull them out of some of the darkest and hopeless places of their life. It was my goal to do that for people. Each person’s story is different and without compassion, the ambition I created Spartanite with — would be useless. It is truly a service to humanity, and not just some “business to make money from”, to have a destiny, to be blessed so richly to transform someone’s entire LIFE through what the public sees as a “business”.


So what is COMPASSION?


Compassion is part empathy, part kindness — to put yourself in the shoes of the individual.


Compassion comes from adversity, for adversity teaches us what it is like for another to struggle with a situation/challenge — instead of just dismissing it. I am very aware that most people see being caring as a weakness. Many people have openly with disgust in their tone said to me “oh you’re so genuine and caring”. They see it as a weakness to use and abuse, and have often looked down on me, until their access is denied. Permanently. Compassion does not require you to put up with someone’s bad behaviour or abuse. Compassion, is for your own self, first.


Strive higher and bigger everyday. Strive to live well, be well, and set an example of responsibility of MONEY and how it magnifies character. People don’t suddenly “change” with money or not money. Money allows you to do things differently, reflect on your life choices, and, life how you truly desire to live and show up!


You CAN have the life you have always dreamed of. 


With persistence, determination, hard work, and of course — Spartanite, to guide you.


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