An Open Letter Of Self Worth To Spartanites

Spartanite, you are not a Court Jester.


Stop behaving like one. 


Wouldest thou wish to be a Queen? Wouldest thou wish to heal and rise into her power?


Then assume it is done, and people shall treat you as such.


Court Jesters arrive in the Court, ready to entertain. All aristocratic members are entertained. He is nothing but a spectacle. Spartanite, your life, your vision, your voice, and your passions, are not spectacles.


Stop giving your time to those who are accustomed to Court Jesters, and think of you as such. Stop begging, pleading, and nagging people for treat you, treat you well, treat you right. Do not give people repeated multiple chances to show you their maggot infested selves. Stop allowing the steel in your kitchen cutlery to be stronger than the steel in your nerves. You are majestic, you are regal, and you will treat yourself as such. You will learn self-care and others can wait until you are done. You will learn to love, honour, and value yourself. You will rise magnificently into your power and stop ascribing power to others, because you were told others hold the power as a little girl.


You will learn to walk fearlessly and boldly. You will learn to be coy, shy, and graceful as and when it suits you and only you. You will learn to build the Steel Slat of Confidence, Empowerment, and Freedom.


You will honour Gentlemen and bring cheer and wisdom to their lives. You shall revoke access to lesser predatory men from your life. They will meet the electric fence barbed wire that stands guard of your Fortress and thou shalt enjoy this view and increase the voltage for them to relish in, should they be stupid or brave enough to try you. You shall dine with the jewels of Happiness, Peace, and Gratitude. You will learn you were always beautiful, always special, always worthy. God does not make junk, he makes jewels. Far shinier than what man has conceived from the belly of the Earth. You will not wear Diamonds. Diamonds shall wear you. Rubies will twinkle and sparkle upon your gait. Sapphires and Emeralds sending you kisses as you go past.



You shall cultivate your loving boundaries, your humility, your femininity, dignity, and grace. You will create a LIFE WORTH BEING PROUD OF. A life no one can steal or take away from you. 



You will finally find yourself. You will find the power for the first time in your life, to deem yourself as most important without a shard of arrogance. You are the Queen of your own life. You will shine in the knowing that Goddess provides us with Strength, beyond human comprehension.



You will become Sovereign.



You will become SPARTANITE.