An Open Love Letter : Embrace Your Uniqueness In Business & Thrive

Being an alien in a world filled with robotoid clones who just about pass for “human”, is a blessing. Not a curse. Consider yourself fortunate.


The Complete Fall of Humanity and DESTRUCTION, is here and in full glory. You are witnessing it. 


When we were evolved as HUMAN BEINGS, as an interdimensional species, eons ago, others feared us and our POWER.


The power of the ORIGINAL human, is UNSTOPPABLE AND WOULD BE CONSIDERED TERRIFYING TO THE DEAD ROBOT HUMAN OF TODAY. Those who practice the Occult, still know of this power. We were poisoned as a collective race, for this very reason, deep into our RNA through DNA rewiring. When you can change the GENETIC STRUCTURE of an entire race, here being the human race — yep, you got ’em by the balls. Few original humans walk this planet anymore. What you are now seeing, is merely a dry husk, cut from their original source of power. Sick, depressed, anxious, ill, retarded, dumb, crazy, insane, and most importantly?






Your initial “knowledge” as a being, was wiped out for the most part, and now you live in a fake holograph where real is fake and fake is real.




Business is a place that is fast losing it’s glamour, to those who possess a thinking mind. 


I personally have come to realise how many people I just put a mute symbol upon because it’s the same tired marketing speak of doing this or that meaning that for me personally, as an Aquarius woman –it’s “sheep speak”. It’s BORING.




I don’t have anything against sheep, I am grateful to them for providing me fluffy sweaters made of their wool. Plus they are cute 🙂


You go to someone’s site, it’s the same platforms they use, same boring marketing copy, same Instagram posts with 3-4 hashtags, same “I went to a Robbins guru seminar and it changed my life”. Same funnels, same ads, and these days all the young women just look like the clones out of the Kardashian factory with surgery, cosmetic enhancements, and vapidness. Lord. This is the result of the HIVE MIND through nanotechnology that has most “human beings” as simply remote controlled bots, since the late 90’s — the operation began 2 decades before that.


I write this post in hopes to offer that if you regularly read my scriptions that I feel inspired to share on my portal, dealing with REAL LIFE issues, has become a nuisance.


Due to neurogenerative disorders and (plain lunacy?) where people now think that having anxiety, depression, and other assorted mental challenges on the rainbow spectrum of Life, is somehow appealing — we are living in a world where the juxtaposition of critical thinking is, and has, become; an endangered specie. Anxiety and Depression are SIDE EFFECTS of the cage we are all trapped in, a cage that if I began explaining, most people would simply have sleepless nights over.


But, you’re here because you want to know MORE and most importantly, how to ESCAPE. 


For an individual, who still (somehow) possesses the ability to QUESTION, this is your advantage in Business. You are going to be tempted and swamped with MANY people who are making a living and a killing at a financial level, because they are following a PROVEN SYSTEM. And to a large degree, that is truly amazing. There ARE smart ways to follow what is being taught and implement them. And leave it AT THAT. But you’re here and reading, because you hunger for something MORE.


Any book, course, seminar, event, roundtable, mastermind, is teaching you things. That is a good thing. I encourage that. And yet, few can ever teach you to think for YOURSELF. Because they, too, do not think for themselves. They lack what makes a person truly unique.




I will never forget attending an event last summer. It was in a spacious coffee shop and one of the men asked me a LONG winded question on Whatsapp about “Nadia, if you had a spare £100, what would you invest it in?”. I presumed he was referring to a business investment or something. My simply reply was “Knowledge of the Self”. Safe to say the answer was totally lost on him, because he was expecting a response that CORRESPONDED WITH THE LINEAR GRAPH OF THE MATRIX.


Allow me to explain.


People, humans, to a degree, ethnicities, genders, etc — have a WAY of dealing with something. The norm, as one puts it, as. The LINEAR GRAPH. THE ALGORITHM, for all the savvy marketers. When your answers are OUTSIDE this super-computer MAINFRAME, it comes back with only one command. ERROR, ERROR. And what does that really tell you?


Well, we go back to the hive mind robotics, don’t we?


In Business, they say innovation is key. But is it really? You get into a gathering and everyone has the EXACT SAME WORDS, paralingustics, and mannerisms. Truly, when investors ask “what is different about you?”, most people have LITTLE to display, as there is NOTHING different. When someone is UNIQUE, they do not have to announce it. They are off-beat, kooky, strange, and bizarre because the lens through which they view this world, is special to THEM only.


Which is why when you are UNIQUE in BUSINESS, you will have a harder time initially claiming your stake in the MARKETPLACE, until you find your people and speak in a manner that is A FIT FOR YOU AND THOSE IDENTICAL TO YOU.


Most people are sheep, and feel comfort in sheep mentalities. Furthermore, they thrive in the sheep mentality of talking about the same things because it is predictable. And what is predictable, is boring.


I always look at myself in the mirror and feel thankful that I don’t look like a clone Instagram influencer and a woman desperate to be noticed for her body, or her inflated lips. I feel grateful that I still possess the capacity to question, reason, and think outside the frequencies of the collective nanotech mind, that remote controls and siphons energies from the walking dead of today.


So this letter is for you.


You are not alone in your thoughts.


In a world where it is painful to be a thinking person, continue thinking. It is your only shot at survival. I cannot comment further on Humanity, as we are under threat but Occult Entrepreneurship, is a healthy way to combat further destruction by repairing your DNA and your CELLULAR SYSTEM.


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