Are You Angry At The Wealthy?

I sat having my pedicure done today, and I overheard a customer saying to the woman doing her brows —-

“I don’t understand. Why do they want more money? Why do they want to rob poor people and give it to the rich? Don’t they already have enough?” –and of course, the rest I tuned out to, because the woman was so deep in a poverty mindset, that my own mind cannot even comprehend such hatred for the wealthy. I find it fascinating how any single person who has a poverty based mentality, detests the wealthy. Now, I understand that there are 2 types of wealthy people in the world, those who were born into wealth and those who have improved their situation to get to where they are today.

I wanted to address this in an article, as as I worked through my own money blocks. I found my own block was being pissed off with people who used money irresponsibly, but I was never angry at them if they were born into a wealthy family. I was born into a place of abundance and it soon changed into lack. It took all my own effort and capacity to attain abundance again in my life, and because I did it for myself, I can now teach the values and principles of it. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a block of mine per se, more a hang up.

However, I have spoken to people who are ANGRY with the situation in the world. We live in a Capitalist society, and really, if you are unable to create money with heart, I can see why you are mad and you have every right to be.

Here are 5 hidden ways people who are angry at the wealthy, have a hidden poverty mindset

1) People who live from a poverty based mindset, help with expectation, condition and resentment. They help others through charity and not generosity. They give whatever they have begrudingly (if that) because they want to FEEL GOOD that they did something great, instead of being generous, naturally. People with a poverty mindset do not really come from a place of abundant generosity. They come from a self-centred mindset, that stamps on people, relationships and situations, to “get what they want” because there is NEVER ENOUGH IN THEIR WORLD

2) People with a poverty mindset, live in a victim mindset. I used to have a friend like this years ago, day after day, his life was nothing but full of drama. I used to wonder how he had so much time for drama, and then I realised because he wasn’t busy creating an abundant life for himself, his soul was irritated and went on long bitching and gossipy rants. He always blamed someone else and wasted whatever money he did have, on eating out, spending it on useless novelty items and didn’t take care of BEING responsible for the debt he owed, the dysfunctional relationship he was in, and the shitty poverty mentality he kept fostering. He was simply a cesspit of negativity. Any wonder why even when I hear about him through the grapevine today, he is still STUCK in the place I last spoke to him, in?

3) People with a poverty mindset, are ANGRY. Wow. I remember myself being broke, and trust me, it is easy to rage at every tiny thing. Money protects you a lot more than you care to understand. They are seemingly angry at the world, angry at rich people, angry at the government —angry at EVERYONE but themselves. One of the biggest lessons I personally learned, was to keep a straight mind when my bank balance used to look empty and that is one of the defining factors that I used to break out of a life where everything had fallen apart for me, and I needed to start with nothing again. I never reacted emotionally and gave myself time to think.

4) People who have a poverty mindset, are the FIRST to defend welfare programmes. I often see a MASSIVE correlation with people who are entitled who claim unecessary government assistance, because they self-aggrandize and think they have some sort of magickal rite (magical right) to be able to gain whatever they want, whenever they want. This is a child like mentality, and one of the MASSIVE blocks with a poverty mindset person. I support welfare, personally. I think it assists many, many people in need, but it MOST CERTAINLY will attract an energy vibration of desperation, lack, neediness and victimhood.

5) People who have a poverty mindset, can often have very unhealthy and dysfunctional financial habits and traditions. UNTIL, you switch your whole mindset to wealth programming, you are going to find it increasingly challenging to attract and hold onto money. It is really amazing what we can do, once our mental state starts to shift and press forward. They eliminate debt, only to fall into it again, because they have zero control over themselves. And when you have zero control over yourself—guess what you do?

You blame everyone else.

Especially the wealthy.

My mother used to say “why are the wealthy so greedy? Why can’t they help the poor” — and I used to reply “Why can’t the poor help THEMSELVES? Why do they need a rich person to SAVE them?”.

Food for thought.

This is typical victim mentality programming that can completely wash people out. I am fortunate I completely reprogrammed myself and I am always excited through my Spartanite journey, to show YOU how to as well ­čÖé

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