I teach about winning, because I KNOW HOW TO WIN.


There is nothing in my life, I have not won at, and I am simply disinterested to lose.


I learned from a young age, to keep myself alive and till today, I gift that gift to others. One night not too long ago, I entered a small competition by writing a few lines of my real life story (that sounds like more like a horror movie, as it has been…) and I was selected to share my full story on HOW TO LIVE BOLDLY BY QUITTING WITH INTENTION


It gives me great pleasure to share this story with all the readers of Sparty Blog as a TESTAMENT TO SURVIVE. 


You can find the whole story by clicking here, however I took the liberty to share it directly on this blog. 


Two weeks ago we asked our community to share their stories about quitting with intention

We were instantly moved and inspired by your personal stories of quitting the very thing that is preventing you from creating a space for more positive ways to contribute to the world. 

Here is one of your stories… 

By: Nadia Arain 


“Quitting Intentionally and BOLDLY, is one of the most powerful things a person can do for themselves.” – Nadia Arain


I was 23, and driving to my first business one morning, when the realization hit me. “Nadia, you’re going to die if you carry on this way..”. I made a decision and let the tears flow as the lights turned green to keep driving, that I had to close this place, or risk death. Today, I am an award winning author & mentor, clairsentient psychic, and Founder at Spartanite, a brand that provides Divine Self Empowerment For Bold Entrepreneurs. None of this would have been possible had I not made that impossible decision to quit and let go that one sunny morning.


Losing my father, 3 days after I turned 18, on Valentines Day, was one of the toughest losses of my life. I had to overcome negative entity possession through a full exorcism, binding layers of black magic, a failed business, thousands of pounds of debt, Complex PTSD, depression, anxiety, damaged credit, shame, sexual assault, narcissistic abuse, hopelessness, huge knocks to my mental sanity, and healing myself from Fibromyalgia, an “impossible to cure” autoimmune condition that creates crippling pain, to rise into the power I possess today. I was so terrified to let go of this business. I had poured my everything into it, and when it was taken away from me, I felt a loss that I had never experienced before.


I sat and sobbed in variant jobs that I took up, to make ends meet. I used to sit and cry in the toilets, I was in so much pain and shame, there were no words for it. I was fired from all the jobs I worked at after the business collapsed, until I was spiritually cleared, and I am relieved to be so.


I knew if I didn’t let go of the business, I would have collapsed under the pressure of it, and died. The evil spirits that possessed me at the time, did everything in their power to make me end my life through extreme emotional and financial torture, as I openly discuss on my blog. They came from an evil psychopathic aunt who destroyed my Father’s life through dark black magic due to jealousy, and equally did everything in her power to destroy and kill me as well.


She failed, and I am here as a survivor to tell my story to embolden as many, to live BOLDLY.


I want to share with every single person who reads my story, that no matter how badly you take a hit, you CAN survive, begin again and begin boldly, with candor and strength. You CAN stand up and RISE, you CAN overcome, and this world has not ended for you. No matter what business, what job, what relationship, what health condition – you have the power inside you to stand up and fight and to QUIT with INTENTION because strength comes from letting GO of what isn’t working for you. Too many times, society tells us to be ashamed to quit; however quitting saved my life and allowed The Divine to work miracles through me, to help people globally today. 


You are not weak to quit. You’re strong. Put yourself first and know when too much is enough. It is time you valued and respected yourself, the way you desire others to do so for you. The floorboards of your life, will be completely smashed, you will cry, kick, and scream.


You will begin new again.


PS : Just remember


LIFE – 0


YOU – 1




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