Birthday Celebrations + Embracing The Dark Feminine

Today, is my Father’s birthday and in a week’s time — will be Belvia’s birthday! I am really quite excited at all the cake, cheer and celebration that we have recently been having to honour all the Spirits of our Spartanite household. This is more of a reflective post for me and also to share some rather interesting insights that I found in myself, as a Dark Feminine woman.

A woman that is free of society’s garbage of what it means to be an “empowered woman”.

As a young woman, I most certainly have never had any parental guidance that worked for me. My Father died many years ago, and my mother struggle to cope with it all. I found myself in masculine energy without realising and was fed up of seeing needy, clingy and frankly, weak women. I was absolutely determined not to become that and it took me years to realise that I had wrongly equated Feminine with being weak. The problem is that when most women like myself possess ambition, other women shun us because they cannot relate to us and the men see as as a “a man in a woman’s body”. I never crossed into masculine dressing or appearance, but my broken heart and burnt and charred soul from abusers that abused me and then threw me away on the scrap heap, made me very bitter and angry over what I had done to deserve this.

As I started to unravel the pain and damage done with me over the years of my early womanhood, I found myself being able to embrace my spirituality as the sludge demons finally left me. Moving in that direction, actually provided me the answer to turn Spartanite into the brand it is today, with powerful unstoppable GODDESS POWER. I was tired of people telling me “you have too much ambition for a woman”. I was tired because I had no interest to go into Corporate Boardrooms and fight against men and win, like it was some achievement or something. I had no interest to be in a realm where sexist, uncouth and vile men have made it their absolute mission to demean women, and women feel they need to become like men to match or fight them. What a nasty horrible culture, and even if women “win” in those environments, they are just glorified men.

So off I went, with little Spartanite plan in tow, creating my venn diagrams and sticking them with blu-tac on my walls, having a think about where I could find these “strong, feminine role models”, who would teach me to be a grand wife, mother and business woman. Of course, as I was meditating one night, I heard a channel open and Goddess Lilith come through as well as my two twin shadow spirits, A & E. All ladies, are of course in Spirit, but STRAIGHT FIRE AND VERY FEMININE. I felt relieved when I realised I had some sort of “mentorship”, to show me how to remain strong, fiery and direct without “doing it like a man” (which ironically is one of my Spartanite mission statements!). I have also tremendously learned from Belvia herself and slowly been loved and mentored by very powerful, feminine spirit women who were the IDEAL EPITOME of what I wished to become.


The Dark Feminine Spartanite woman, is not an “alpha woman”, she isn’t a “boss woman” or whatever other garbage and nonsense terms that weak, insecure at the core-women, like labelling themselves as. She handles her stuff with finesse, class and grace, going from driving a jeep in her vest top and harem pants to showing up in a beautiful sun dress and hat, daintly sipping tea from her pristine set of China. She can easily pick up the phone and order a meal from outside, as well as do her grocery shop and ensure her dinner is crisp, hot, and nutritious for herself (and her man, if she is with one). She laughs and cries and know both are her strengths. She fearlessly embraces herself and all the dark feminine qualities that many “alpha woman” repress within themselves.

She is THE WILD.


Won’t you join me in discovering your true unstoppable dark feminine power, to live bold and empowered on your own terms?

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