Breaking Out Of Living In Denial + Embrace Your Madness

You, if we look carefully, have the tendency of saying…


“Well, if it wasn’t for this person, I’d be different. I’d live this way, be this way”.


The reality and truth is, no one held you back, as much as you held yourself back.


Yes, people can (and often will) inflict damage. Most people aren’t willing to tell you the Truth, because they do not LIVE the truth and furthermore, as we are all aware of ; the Truth is not profitable by a large amount. Until and unless you are really firm in your line of work. Denial, as the old saying goes, is not just a river in Egypt. It is not just something we see people, far away have, from our life. The truth, is so bitter, harsh, and, ugly to face; living in cloud cuckoo land, is often easier. And so what do we do when the brain cannot handle harsh realities, most especially at a young age?


We as people, dissociate.


Well, that is what you’re seeing in the world as of present. Your governments, the abusers who torment, bully, humiliate, gas-light, shame, stonewall, and, rewrite your history. Offering you crumbs of your free liberty by sealing the river for themselves and then bottling it in tiny cans for a price. The age old “wound and soothe cycle” of narcissistic abuse. If you are well versed with real evil, this is nothing new for you. They are only going to tighten the noose further and the prey will be herding themselves in the pens, awaiting their final fate. Living in denial, means you are prey. Living in the hope of someone is good and someone is kind without vetting, verification, and time playing it’s own minute hand, is foolishness and naivety. Do not project your kindness onto others.


We live in a world of vultures. If you’re not one, learn defense and attack. You will need it.


When you practice the path I took many years back, people’s reality is as clear as day to you. This very clarity, this very embracing of the Divine Madness, that you keep running from, is what is hurting you at this present time.


You, as well as I, or anyone who reads this blog out of keeping tabs, keeping interest, educating one’s own self, or simply curiosity, knows, there are many platforms that will simply teach you “how to keep sane in a crazy world”. Sanity is tested at every part of life, not more so when prey finally realises that it is prey and you’re being hunted. Many people have woken up to a terrible red alarm, an alarm that has shocked and horrified them. When you’re not prey, predators find you disinteresting and leave you alone. Life was going so swimmingly and now, to even go and have a sit-down coffee in a local cafe with a friend, is unthinkable. Depriving you of your basic, unquestionable unalienable rights, is something predators are known for. At a lesser level, those we deal with on a day to day basis. Then the stakes are higher, and you’re dealing with imagine, if you will, a world run by psychopaths. Professional, ruthlessly financed, and, suited in the finest threads.


Because that is what it is.


Every single one of them. 


In the years coming ahead, free speech will be completely banned, currency will be deregulated, social media will become paid to interact paid platforms and most people will have been mutated, severely damaged in all areas and wiped out due to the vaccine they are fast-tracking to kill you with. Among other things. They have kept busy during the first shut down period, by installing the 5G, the remote controlled human (more robot, but you know…). The towers are everywhere.


Always know, the first and last thing they are after, is your mind. Your mind is the computer that can be moulded and bent to ANYTHING. A human is THAT powerful. Sad most of the power has been stolen from us, and furthermore will be completely grabbed as and by what you see. (and yes you heard it here first, anyone else coping and pasting this, I am the source, thank you).


The ads mean YOU are currently the product, the same way your birth certificate has rendered you as debt collateral on the market. They are preparing the military, the police, the mafioso to come for those who dare question their penultimate “we want to play God” choices they will force upon you, their sadistic mind games — to accept living in the world you so freely and yet so imprisoned, came into.


For instance, right at this moment, riots and live rounds are being fired in Uganda in East Africa, as the president since ’86, has been there and is refusing to go. It is my Father’s country and I lived and studied there as a tot for a period of time. There is a new presidential candidate who is a musician, a young man, a man of the people — and the current president is ex-military — sending his men to arrest and detain him. People are desperately filming on social media, showing people how they are being brutally killed and murdered in cross-fires. Because I understand basic Luganda and can do the same with Kiswahili, in one video, a military guy is loudly shouting in Luganda, “(translated to English) go, go before we are forced to kill you”. People may think it is a joke but I have seen these type of men first hand as a little girl, and they will literally shoot, no questions asked. They DO NOT care who you are.


Don’t think that cannot come to a town near you. It can and it will. 


You will not be allowed to think, so think whilst it’s still legal. Legal is not Lawful, and few people understand that terminology. To live in a world that is going to some of the most unthinkable to the sleeping masses, it is time you awakened to your Divine Madness. One only ignores the truth, when they are foolish or naïve.


Most people may unfortunately find themselves, in both camps, unwittingly.


Divine Madness, is the truth, the only Truth, so help me God.


Above, is the declaration and the Oath one takes in the court of man-made Maritime Law (NOT Common Law), and the Oath WE, as those who are Occultists, take is the Oath of Primal Law, Divine Justice, and, Independence Affidavit. VERITAS, if you may.


Many people can teach you the knowledge of this world. The world they pretend to have mastered at a surface level. The real world, they are clueless to. You tell them to work on their FOUNDATIONS of Esteem, they run from you. Not from you, from the pain of reality. When you build yourself, they cannot get in.


How many can teach you the knowledge of yourself and what lies behind closed doors?


When you know yourself, you know it all.


It is no secret they are unison with the forces of evil, to gain complete control over humanity.


Do you have a code of honour? How far are you willing to dodge the traps laid out for you?


An invisible trap is still a trap….