Change Your Words To Change Your Life

There is that saying — “thoughts become things”.


They certainly do, however there is a whole science behind this. A science that is relatively simple to understand when we begin to become conscious and hyper of HOW it works. One cannot ask for 4 as the answer to the equation, when we are unaware of what the equation actually, is.


Is it 2 + 2? Is it 1+ 3?


What IS it?


The simple understanding of it, is as such. Imagine the physical air around you as the ETHER. An Ether, is basically like silly putty or play doh for kids. You can mould and bend it into ANYTHING you want. Due to that understanding, you come to realise that your words are simply acting as an anchor for what you’re feeling inside. I remember crossing the road once and there were 2 women at the stop lights and one said “I don’t know why I said that, I just did”.


It has to be terrible to be so unconscious, invisible, and, blind to oneself, that you have no clue about what you’re doing or saying. You’re merely a morpine drugged passenger in the car we address as LIFE. When we speak of lack, we affirm lack and we are ONLY provided lack. Personally, I transformed many areas of my life by stating what I DESIRED, not what I was seeing in the real world. Many would have called me delusional. I knew the type of life I wanted to live and by changing my vocabulary around it, I was able to keep re-writing the story I had, to strengthen the neural pathways inside the brain.


Your brain is neuroplastic, meaning it is intelligent and can be moulded to your own will. A prime example I state of this, is music.


Music and Sex, are the TWO BIGGEST components the elite perverted, to destroy people.


Music and sex are LIFE CHANGING when they are absorbed and enjoyed in their pure raw state. Ask anyone of today who is unconscious what music and sex are, and you will receive an answer along the lines of “rap and porn”. Both are form of cancer, as they take root in the unconscious mind and make people aggressive, violent, and, a nuisance to be around. Music is exceptionally INFLUENTIAL AND INSTRUMENTAL in programming the subconscious and unconscious mind — so much so, I call it “psychic driving” (also known as brainwashing). When one is exposed to a repeated influence on a consistent basis, the mind begins veering on a natural slant, towards it.


The reason your words are exceptionally powerful is because your thoughts, are. And you will never state anything MINUS having thought of it first. Even if it is apparently “mindless”, there will be a root of it somewhere. Creating a deep level of assurity and ELIMINATING DOUBT, is the key factor of Success that even the MOST successful of people, MISS.


Doubt and Self-Doubt is natural. We have been wrongly programmed into a world of lack, misery, and, scarcity. ALL scarcity is a lie and manufactured by your ruling masters to have control over you. They have done this very well with the assistance of off-world races, very strong magick, and, reinforcement of it through mainstream media that grabs your mind all the time. So you must stand up and reclaim your sovereignity, before it is washed away forever.




Yes, there is a current reality that you may be in. A reality of not having something in your life and you’re aware. Acknowledge the dearth of it, and then begin speaking the new reality into your life. Also ensure that you are consistently moving (action wise) towards your desired reality by doing the inner emotional work to release the BLOCKS that hold you back.


For instance, if you wish to bring in more sales into your business, stop lamenting about the LACK of them. Speak of what you wish to see, and speak it consistently no matter how contrasting your “reality” looks like. Time and reality is an illusion 🙂 When you keep speaking and energizing something into existence, it’s a bit weird at first lol.


Your logical mind will KEEP short circuiting you. Thank it, and go back to the reinforcement. 


When you keep speaking your desired reality and use energy work, including powerful magick with it — you can have ANYTHING you desire. There is only so far subliminals and mental work will help you. A lot of your being is stored in your DNA and RNA strands that require activation and reprogramming into the amazing, capable person that you are 🙂


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