Channeling Bune — Quarantine, The “Network”, &, Being a Serious Practitioner

Disclaimer : (Lady) Duchess Bune — is the 26th Spirit, of the Goetia and known to be exceptionally savvy with the acquisition of money, eloquence, the knowledge of high society, feminine charisma & charm, not to mention Necromancy — DB (as I address her, as), is one of the wisest Spirits I have worked with, due to her bone chilling ACCURACY of world events and the revelation of people’s innermost private thoughts, intentions, and, desires. There are things I have gone back and listened to (of what she has said), and it’s haunted me personally for days at her revelations. 

This post I make, is around 6 months late. I am making it due to what you are seeing in a resurgence of media. 

Many people who do THIS type of work, (I do, but don’t often make a show of it — as my main focus is the empowerment of SELF) have blogs and channels dedicated to it. Peppered with my normal Spartanite work, posts like this drop in from time to time. This is one of those occurrences.

On 17th of March, 2020, I was cleaning my place in the late evening, and sat down and recited a tasbeeh of Sura El Falaq (a form of Islamic rosary that I would address as Dhikr — Dhikr means remembrance) over a 1000 times. I tend to intuitively recite it when I feel the presence of something untoward or something very “off”, that I cannot explain. I sort of knew WHY I was reciting it, but I wanted increased clarity. It is an exceptionally powerful shielding and protection against anything sinister. I prayed for the safety of this world and it’s people, because something was making me churn and nervous that this world of us, is suddenly wasn’t going to be OURS, exclusively — any longer.

Of course, is there any a time when your intuition is wrong?….


17TH MARCH 2020 : 12:52 AM (phone timestamp of this for proof of evidence & accuracy if anyone wants to “dismiss” what Bune wants to say — channel with Bune for 31 minutes, 32 seconds.)

After reciting it, I decided to summon Duchess Bune to figure out what was “upcoming”. News channels were blaring about “some deadly virus” and businesses being shut down to “prevent the spread”. I don’t have the habit of asking misinformed people about anything and I am ALWAYS after the truth. Burning a mix of a certain incenses to relax my mind, I chanted Bune’s Enn as many times as it took me (Wel Melan Avage Bune Tasa), and I felt the sweet presence of Bune. I greeted Duchess Bune politely and had a small mug of tasty cardamom tea with me, which is popular for people in my culture(s), to consume.

Whilst I will not write the channel word for word, Duchess Bune said many things to me that 2 people whom I know personally (are also Occultists like myself), said at the exact same time. At first, I wondered “why bother writing about it?”. After listening to both of them as well, and them releasing the knowledge at the very same time DB and I, conversed, I figured it was time.

There was absolutely NO WAY they were going to install the 5G grid, minus locking everyone up. No chance.

Duchess Bune : “Do you think they can do this work in broad daylight? They are paid very well, and large amounts to move rapidly at night — installing it. From street to town, town to country, country to continent — their end goal is complete enslavement and control of your race. Everyone would be out shouting what is happening and you know, people ask far too many intrusive questions. They have also paid actors, and hmm — sweetie, yes, political figures and “celebrities” to speak about it. You will see this in the months coming ahead to the summer. They have to make some sort of “plausible” excuse even to the most intelligent, and really, let’s face it — most “humans” are practically brain dead, what’s to be said of them? It is shameful as it is disgusting, as an ORIGINAL human being is powerful beyond comprehensible measure. Look at what they have turned most of them into. People are babbling nervous wrecks these days. I feel angry because I know the power of what a person is TRULY capable, of.

One sheep jumps, mehhhh — (Bune’s sound effects are funny when she speaks), 10 sheep jump. 10 sheep jump — mehhhhh, 100 sheep jump. Unbelievable. Yes, they will be inching towards the chip you have often been told about — one that most idiots will line up for themselves because when you’re too retarded to think for yourself, there is no resistance. Humans often worry “what will he/she think of me?”. Spartanite, most humans don’t even THINK any longer, just bleating out thoughts that the smart dust they inhale, programmed them to blab, I wonder why they seem so concerned about everyone else’s opinion. 

Too many people would roam around asking what these “poles” you see are. By the time they let people out, the radioactive frequency will be scrambling with their minds. You will see depression, numbers of suicide tick upwards, cancer rates increase, mass unemployment, businesses closing down, problems in air travel, economic destruction, satellite programming, and many other things. As you know, they are unison with the forces of evil to destroy your planet and claim it for themselves, Earth is quite pretty and shines and the original good humans were given the best planet to reside on. They are immeasurably jealous of your world. One can only imagine how FAR FROM GRACE a human has fallen, as in the age before this one, we would approach humans for help — sad isn’t it?

When those poles are up, the portals have opened. You, and the people you love and help — will need more protection than ever. More freedoms and liberties will be stolen from you *laughter* — nay, not stolen, the fools willingly give it up in the name of “safety”. The common person, it is beggar’s belief, even a metallic robot has more sense than them.”

Myself : “Pretty much what I thought, but I am glad your insight confirms it. Bune, why do people claim to have the gift and not speak about this? Is there something I am missing?”

DB : “Those with the real gift, are serious practitioners. Few of them exist. 

As Clauneck, mentioned (and aptly….) *pause for a short while*, the problem with your world is not a lack of intelligence, although there is a heavy dosage of that. It is a lack of maturity. Immaturity is as evident in a person, the way a shark smells blood. (I see Bune’s eyes glint with fire for a split second and then go back to normal — it refers to the seriousness of the point she decides to make)….

I suppose if you’re too busy doing “pull a card” and you want your world to be all filled with “positivism” and whatever other nonsense one can conjure in the brain dead minds of today, it works. When you choose to work with us, our currents will make a person MENTAL, before they become stable, because we finally rip all the blindfolds off your eyes, and make you see this planet for the hellhole they have made it. They are very few who really know what you’re up against — the frequencies of these towers, let’s just say, in 3-5 years of them being placed up, it will be hard to tell the difference between a human and a clone. The Network, yes, you will hear about that as well.”

Me : “The ones they place above the towers for “connectivity” or erm — you know, you mean an Exposé — of…?”

DB : “Both. You will see both — more to orbit this Earth and they will market it to the masses as “technological advancement”. More like enslavement *sigh*. And also yes, the exposé — to a degree. You will see them slip by the late summer. It will begin creeping into public consciousness — the sheep still will not believe what has broken through in broad daylight, when you’re living in a trance of immaturity and stupidity, all things are possible. 

*drinks some tea*….

Sweetie, make sure you have an eye on the children you know as well, even when you go out. Your quick thinking and even faster action, can save a child’s life. “

Me : “I will. We are all exhausted and fed up and just have to keep planning ahead. Can you talk to me about Spirituality being a trend? I would like to know more on this…”

DB : “Yes. (I see Bune drinking some red wine) — Spirituality has become a stupid nonsensical trend or fad. Everyone these days claims to be an “empath” or “sensitive” or playing in the sandbox of the magick that would shoot them between the eyes if they had the chops to actually pull the trigger. When you are tested, and a practitioner always is, it separates the talkers from the do-ers. If you really can SEE at a global level, you will require a tremendous amount of protection — you will know and have seen what it does to people who do not protect themselves. If people’s “so called spirits” they work with are NOT TELLING THEM this type of information, exactly what are they telling them?”

Me : “Duchess, why are people easily frightened?”

DB  : *laughs* It is uncharacteristic of me, Duchess Bune, to begin an answer in a formal summoning with laughter, but pathetic laughter is befitting in this instance, the easily frightened are ideal dinner for those on the hunt, wouldn’t you agree…

(I chuckled as Bune said this)

“What else can one expect of those who think like children? Only a child should think like one. When you are immature, everything is scary because you are naive. When you have seen REAL EVIL FOR WHAT IT IS, YOU STOP GIGGLING LIKE A FOOL. One can be mature and playful, as you are. It is the same reason the immature, the naive, the prey — as I would address them as, tell people like yourself to “lighten up and stop being so serious”. You are serious where it suits you. You laugh where appropriate and do not, where it is not. I see you laugh a lot when you need to, it doesn’t detract from your ability to understand the world. You’re not laughing at childish things. People do not come to you for parlour games, they are coming for something serious about their life.

Let’s place them into what you or people like you, experience — I wonder how much nonsensical laughter we would elicit out of them. Perhaps we should force them to laugh, place a gun to their head, hang them upside down naked in a freezer, and then get them to giggle like fools. (I see Bune’s face harden up in incensed anger, from her charming relaxed features..)

*After a few seconds, Bune’s face relaxes back into her normal pleasing aesthetics.*

As a more compassionate answer, Nadia, — it is because they have not been TESTED and have not done the TRAUMA HEALING WORK TO RISE INTO TRUE ADULTHOOD WHICH IS FORESIGHT, DECISION MAKING, DUTY, RESPONSIBILITY, AND TEMPERANCE OF ONE’S EMOTION. When the steel is placed in the furnace, fire hardens it. Their emotions control them, they do not control their own emotions. It is literally like dealing with a child. If one does not wish to be treated like a child, perhaps the first step would not to behave like one — wouldn’t you agree?”

Me : “Certainly can. So a lack of real world experience?

DB : “Consider it the reason why people are so easily controlled. They are childish and naive and are frightened of anything adult, serious, real, and responsible. When one lives juvenile, their lives reflect as such. You will see all you need to see by October 2020 of your time. I must take my leave and bid you and Queen Belvia (my infamous spirit guide), farewell.”

Me : “Bye Duchess Bune, *waves* it was great to speak with you!!”

Duchess Bune, in conclusion — never misses a beat. She is sweet and helpful — and always retains charm and elegance, however she is fierce and uncompromising in her stance. She does not suffer fools gladly and makes it every point of that to be known.

I have spoken with other people, other spirits — and they confirm what she said that evening to me. I have spoken with her directly a few times since, however whatever she says and what is happening in THE NETWORK as the super “connected” grid means, now everyone — has to wake up from whatever stoneage they were once living in, and work out how to remain human before — one day, you’re simply infront of the mirror, and, can’t recognise what you used to be anymore.