Channeling Clauneck : Do they deceive you, or do you deceive yourself?

Some of the toughest questions, are the ones we have to phrase to ourselves. 


Everything is a reflection of yourself, no matter what you do. And wherever you go, there you are.


Ask yourself, has someone deceived you, or did you deceive yourself? Did you see something that was there, or not there? Did you hope for something to be there, and it wasn’t? Did you hope for something NOT to be there, and it was?


The past will only repeat if you do not learn the lessons. But the past leaves wounds, and scars — and wounds of the heart and soul are not easy to fill. Trust, like the broken shattered mirror, is seldom ever repaired.


So we ask ourselves. What do we see in people that is fake, shallow, and a mask? What is someone pretending to show us that doesn’t really exist? What is real? What is an illusion? Which parts of this entire world are an illusion aside what we cannot see?


Entrepreneurship is a funny place of life. There is incredible amounts of bullshit, lies, politics, snake oil salesman, and sometimes — just as in regular life, you can find something out too late. When it stings. When it hurts. When what you thought was real, crumbles to the ground, right before your eyes.


People lie. People come. People go. People leave. People die. 


Chaos and madness, comes from deceit. It comes from the pain of the half-truth. It comes from extending your hand too far out, to people who don’t even know you’re alive.


There is a difference between innocence and naivety.


Innocence is pure. Naivety, is choosing NOT to look when it is shoved in your face. Tempering your spirit inside, makes sure you never deceive yourself even when this world will use every charm, to deceive you.


The truth hurts.


But never as much as lying to yourself.


As for deceit, well did they deceive you, or did you deceive yourself?


Or, was it the clever use of the TRUTH?


Only you know the answer. 


The key, can help you unlock the gate to find it.


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