Channeling Clauneck : The Power Of Focused Wealth

As a woman who possesses a very strong, and robust relationship with one of the chief Spirits of the Grimorium Verum, Clauneck, has come to serve me well over the years. Clauneck has assisted me in many of my wealth workings, my wealth mindsets and keeping me strong and positive to navigate life. As I took some time today to myself and lay in my bed watching comedy, I heard Clauneck Interrupt. I stopped the video playing, asked him to hold on, as I got up and lit some special incenses I use to work with him.

I sat on the floor next to the heater — and this is what he had to say.

I took the liberty to transcribe out Clauneck’s Channel on THE POWER OF FOCUSED WEALTH and how we can use his wisdom, to increase our personal and professional prosperity

Below is the transcribed channel :


Me : “CLAUNECK! How are you :)”

CK : “Enjoying the comedy with you! I have a piece I would like you to share please.”

Me : “Certainly, what is this about?”

CK : The Power Of Focused Wealth, I have a lot to share on it. I have seen you lately been swamped with your work and The Council and myself, are pleased with you plodding along. I have heard you ask Belvia this question, and God bless her little spirit human heart — I think she is fed up of answering you and will soon get Cousin Carmen to start replying instead, as she eating herself…And you know Carmen never stops talking”

Me : “LMAO”

Cousin Carmen : *grumbles in Spanish to Belvia about her chatterbox ways being unfairly remarked on negatively, by CK*

CK : “I apologise Carmen! I was only joking :)”

CK : Okay not fed up, but even Belvia laughed so HA HA. Focused Wealth, is actually not Much of an oxymoron because, with FOCUS comes WEALTH. When you see people struggling with money, I want you to remember they are in a consumer mindset, and are easily influenced. Do you remember how many times Belvia has lectured you about staying on track–and granted you’re not one who needs much help in that area. When people do not solve a problem, it means they want the problem.”

Me : I get that. Does this mean they want the problem if they are actively working to remove it as well, CK?

CK : No, for their ACTIONS are showing progress. Remember even the tiny courses you used to buy for Spartanite, now you may have thought it was a timewaste, but we didn’t make you buy them for content. You, as well as Belvia and myself know exactly WHY we instructed you to invest into those items. I am confident you remember that?”

Me : I do. Some of them, were just a pain. I remember the faces I used to make at Belvia.

CK : “Oh, she took pictures of your scrunched up faces and stuck them in Cousin Carmen’s famous scrapbook!”

Me : *cringe*

CK : *laughter*

Me : “So, what you’re saying is, that people cannot build Wealth because what? : their minds aren’t focused, they don’t have the money, they make excuses..I am a bit lost what you wish me to share?”

CK : “They don’t have the money because money isn’t urgent nor important to them. Their minds aren’t focused, hence it results in procrastination and excuse making. You will remember when you were building Spartanite, how very hard you worked day and night, to achieve even a fraction of what you possess today. Belvia still has pictures of you wanting to throw your laptop out of your window. We still look at those pictures and laugh, not at you, but rather— in knowing, that it is the PROCESS that made you what you are today. With that very PROCESS, you will build other Spartanites. Only those who are ready. A Spartanite isn’t a light endeavour to undertake, you know this well yourself.”

Me : “Ah. Okay, yup — I got it. So you’re saying the money showed up for me, because I made it a PRIORITY?”

CK : “Yes, only because you chose to make it a priority. Believe us, you could have easily wasted your life after your depossession. We have watched you fight for every last dime you have today, fight not for the money–but for the mental place to put it with Power, Strength and Determination. Belvia and I, are so proud.”

Me : “So what you’re saying is that people are easily frightened because money energy is dominant and needs a lot of time to manage? Oh and thank you 🙂 ”

CK : “That and what the losers around them will say, when they have made it. Poverty is a trap. It keeps people comfortable. Wealth requires isolation TO BUILD and to get stupidly comfortable about not caring about those who despise money, which is near enough every broke person.”

Me : “Is there any way I can help people more with building wealth?”

CK : “You already are. Every single person who is READY to transform themselves, will come to you. They will see what you provide and will choose to value it. Focus on providing value and keep your nose out of EVERYONE’S BUSINESS. We are reminding you of this. We would rather you sit and watch comedy, than expose yourself to nonsense on social media networks and low vibrational places. Focus on your money, focus on providing those who trust Spartanite work, with the best of your work — and keep moving forward”

Me : “So Wealth is simple really? FOCUS?”

CK : “On the right things. Most people see the wrong things as right. Ah the Cabal. Ruining people’s lives till the end of time. Anyways, you are out of that current, and so will every person who choose Spartanite, as their path of happiness and Success. I must depart.”

Me : As always Clauneck, thank you so much for your channel in my book WINNING and for dispensing guidance. If someone wants to hear what you say directly, what would their next step be?”

CK : “They can book my KING CLAUNECK BUSINESS & MONEY CHANNEL and I will answer their Commercial questions. More than happy to be of assistance to Spartanites and Spartanite Men. I bid you and the other humans farewell, as for now. We will speak soon again”

Me : “Thank you! Goodbye and Godspeed!”


After Clauneck departed, I sat and had a think about how the lack of focus ruins people’s lives and how if you are truly not persistent after something, it will not develop for you. Be strong, stay focus and keep WINNING at life!