Channeling Clauneck : Wealth Consciousness & Paying On Time

This is a multiple part series of working with Clauneck –you can find the rest of his articles on my blog, under Clauneck or CK —with his Sigil (the picture at the top of this post)

As a woman who possesses a very strong, and robust relationship with one of the chief Spirits of the Grimorium Verum, Clauneck, has come to serve me well over the years. Clauneck has assisted me in many of my wealth workings, my wealth mindsets and keeping me strong and positive to navigate life. Just this morning, he spoke to me about paying people properly, in full and on time — something I wanted to speak about openly.

I took the liberty to transcribe out Clauneck’s Channel on PAYING ON TIME and how we can use his wisdom, to increase our personal and professional prosperity

Below is the transcribed channel :


Me : Greetings King Clauneck! We meet again!”

CK : “We do indeed Ms Nadia. What do you feel I can be of assistance today with, my dear?”

Me : “Well, I see so many people with issues on payment, receiving, paying—what’s the deal?”

CK : “Oh that. Ah yes, well your Elite have managed to convince people (and successfully at that), that money is in “short” supply and they are out of it, all the time. This causes people to hold onto the little money they have, because once money is “spent”–-your wealth audios cover this scarcity mindset. Money, unlike time, is a regenerable source. Time on the other hand..well you know the deal with that. Most humans do not feel worthy and deserving of money, especially Spiritually based people whom I see you do your best to assist. People resent paying others because they feel like paying someone rightfully and on time, is a LOSS”

Me : “So what you are saying is that if people do not pay others on time, they will by nature possess financial issues themselves?”

CK ” Affirmative. Most certainly. And Nadia, you yourself can testify, that when a man is out of alignment financially–his whole life becomes useless. A rich man’s life is a business, a poor man’s — a mere burden. I have said this to you often, haven’t I?”

Me : “You have. Thank you for reminding me. Clauneck, when you pay people on time, where does that mindset come from, and talk to me about it?”

*Sees him rewind my life so quickly, I am feeling dizzy here*

CK : “There we are. Thought I’d never quite get there! Remember yourself, here? No money, no hope, no prospects, in debt etc etc? WELL, you aren’t there any more, are you? What changed, I believe–is what you are asking me to elaborate on. In a nutshell, YOU DID.”

Me : “Okay, do expand more..”

CK : “When a person’s wealth paradigms change, so does their income. All the changes and transformation that you wish to see on the outside, MUST be dealt with first on the inside. Working with myself and Belvia PROPERLY changed you, because you did the emotional and spiritual work we asked of you, to shift your mind state into a place of abundance where you could be stable enough firstly and then secondly to receive. The stuff and people you have to leave behind who REFUSE to change, we know–is hard. But that is the natural order of life, no need to feel sad.”

Me : “How can people shift into prosperity consciousness, CK ?”

CK ” IT is always tricky for humans with all the spiritual and psychological warfare your kind is up against. I would advise them to first become cognizant of their homogenized beliefs that are not theirs and work with you, to reprogramme and remodel their mind. Some will find this more challenging than others. Those who see the wisdom, will do so. Learning about money isn’t FREE HA HA.”

Me *Laughs*

CK “It doesn’t have to be expensive either. I do not like the word expensive, for it programmes the human mind to view something as inaccessible. Nothing is so, should you decide to conquer the issue. I have watched you work diligently on yourself financially, many of your teachings you used to repair your past financial damage, you teach others today. That is commendable and we are proud.”

Me : “Thank you so very much. It’s been a long journey. In closing, do you have anything else to speak on when it comes to wealth consciousness?”

CK “It is a process. Seek me and my consorts on wealth, and you shall dine at the finest tables. I bid you farewell, my dear. We shall speak again”

Me : “Thank you Clauneck. Goodbye and Godspeed”

*channel closes*

After speaking with Clauneck, it reminded me of the audio of WEALTH SPELLING —I created and how understanding the energy of currensea and money as two separate entities, does so well for someone who is looking for deep prosperity conscious programming.

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