Chessboard Global Events : What Can Be Expected Next

I, typically do not have the habit on writing these types of posts, I let others do it for the most part.

There are things we often see coming long ahead before it hits landfall, when there is a quiet in the storm, a lull in the current of the Ocean. That is the time you prepare to paddle out to shore as fast as possible before the waves become monsters and drown you alive…

The world is an engineered shit show mess at the moment. It is predictable because it is EXACTLY how they want people to behave in these current times. The scamdemic didn’t seem to scare people ENOUGH as they were installing Fifth Generation (I have already written on this — you can find it in the blog), so of course… Soros decides to pull out the most predictable card upon which, wars begin and end.


The whole notion of racism is not just the prejudice of anything or anyone that doesn’t look like you, it goes FAR deeper than that. Anyone who wraps their entire identity up in their race, is by defacto “racist” because you’re choosing to look at it from that lens.  The senseless and depraved murder of a man because of his ethnicity, is a special type of sick and it is openly condemned as disgusting and vile. This is a message that will go over many people’s heads because they are TRAINED and BIO ENGINEERED to look at things in terms of skin tones and ethnicity. Many of the Cabal are dangerously close to being exposed for their sick crimes against humanity and most especially, kids. So they pick the GUARANTEED quickie card to incite pain and hatred. There is much I desire to write, however I must always hold myself accountable that whatever I DO SAY , can and will be held against me, as both a police officer once reminded me of in no uncertain terms trying to scan for inconsistencies in my speech through my eyes, in person and so did a master narcissist.

On that note…

When you are responsible for crimes against humanity, ones that you’re hiding in broad daylight through distraction of the sleeping sheep, and you are evil, anything is to be expected. The common person has zero idea of what evil actually is, and their mind cannot stretch into a reality that exists beyond time and space. Most people live a ENTIRE lie, we have to leave them there in the puppy box of life that they live and die in. Absolute Evil, exists. It has existed from time immemorial and is ruthlessly well organised, interconnected, and, financed. It is very hard, almost borderline impossible to stop an individual who buys and sells armies for mercenary profits in deep rainforest jungles and is involved in all types of nefarious dealings be it financially and with people. (I don’t want my blog to rank for those words so I write the word nefarious — you guys know what I am referring to, a bit too well).

What you are now witnessing, is some of the most predictable and largest distraction that has been deployed to create increased levels of anarchy and chaos. You will see more unrest and chaos because people are easy to ignite. The Nephandi are past the sickened, blackened time void of evil. Which is why it is important to choose the complete opposite. Try your absolute best to be kind, loving, compassionate, and, sensible. In order to understand evil and it’s ruse, one must dedicate a portion of their life to study their void and the complete anarchy that resides in it. In simple terms, in order to defeat the enemy, you have to study it’s chessboard move to defeat it hard at it’s own game. This is a responsibility every single human being who wants to stand for Love, Truth, Goodness, and, Justice — will be required to do.

Only the called, answer…

More unemployment, job losses, business shut downs, economy crashes, big bank bailouts, theft, embezzlement, suicide, anxiety, depression, chaos, family breakdowns and non-repairable collateral damage of wiping out any shard of morality and decency, poverty, looting, murder, psychosis, and deep fear and mistrust will come. There are so many things I want to write here, so many — sometimes when I look at this world, I often think it is an alien place, a non-human place. Which it is, obviously…

A place where humans are held hostage inside their own body without ANY knowledge they are hostages. Humans have been fed a steady diet of complete brainwashing, fear, and, DNA destruction to become the lifeless wrecked dead shells they are today. As one Spirit aptly said to me “Nadia, the average person is a dead husk waiting for the life to leave their body”. It made me sad but it also verified how I also felt, right from when I was little. Part of Spartanite work, is creating a platform of a plethora and smorgasbord of products, services, and, experiences to help the people who are WILLING to seek help to reclaim the power that has been STOLEN FROM US as human beings. It is a tough ask and a very, very hard job.

But it can be done 🙂 And I am happy to be doing it!

So what are the positives that are upcoming and what can we expect for us as a whole? What can we as people, the inhabitants of OUR OWN RIGHTFUL PLANET — EARTH, do to claim our own power and sovereignty?

Firstly, do WHATEVER you can do get closer and intertwined with the frequency of LOVE. Love is the best healer, just like the sun, heals and provides for us. When you operate from a place of Love, there is a sense of POWER you move in. Be as NEUTRAL as possible to all forms of hatred as each division of hating someone for what they look like, behave like, act like, sound like, and carry themselves like, makes things worse.

3 MAJOR areas have been corrupted upon which evil has spread quite fast. 

  1. Love
  2. Sex
  3. Music

ALL 3 avenues carry Love, including Love (lol). LOVE IS THE DIVINE DESIRE AND RESPECT FOR ANOTHER. Music and Sex, have been perverted and corrupted as we know, hence losing their beauty, purity, innocence, and, glory. When you walk with the power of LOVE, and by Love, I don’t mean romantic love only (although that is very much a part of it!), it opens you up into a forcefield. Use your intuition MORE and figure ways out to TRUST YOURSELF COMPLETELY. When you have unbreakable trust in YOURSELF, NOTHING external can come in. Evil is clever. It sows the seeds of whispering doubt, it’s brilliant change agents (the waswas jinn) operate in manners a normal person cannot imagine.

Learn to grab the wheel of your mind FULLY and create a spiritual mainframe inside yourself through PRAYER, REGULAR MEDITATION, MIRROR AND FIRE MEDITATION, TANTRA (THE WORSHIP OF ONE’S OWN BODY AND SEXUAL APPRECIATION FOR YOURSELF) and staying close to GOD (religion doesn’t matter, your FAITH in the Divine, is what does! 🙂

Remember, with your own power, with the Love of God, Good Spirits, and walking your path of TRUTH AND LOVE, there is nothing you cannot overcome and nothing that will stop you. Be good to other people so you can be the BEST for yourself <3

Because, you are powerful.

Don’t settle for anything less.