Clauneck & Navigating The Post Apocalyptic World With Viper Speed

As a woman who possesses a very strong, and robust relationship with one of the chief Spirits of the Grimorium Verum, Clauneck, has come to serve me well over the years. Clauneck has assisted me in many of my wealth workings, my wealth mindsets and keeping me strong and positive to navigate life, (gone absolutely mad over the last 90 days…). 


We are in a funny, yet predictable place of the world. Part of it, a lot of us saw coming, part of it, we didn’t. However, as people are re-emerging, broken, confused, shocked, dazed, and frankly looking like the next 1980’s version of the latest Scooby-Doo episode, this is an important post for me to make at this current time.


What people are currently going through, reminds me of Nassim Nicolas Taleb’s book — ANTIFRAGILE. I remember baking in my kitchen once and I put it on Audible and I was listening whilst making a a strawberry custard tart as I had the afternoon to myself for selfish and mouthwatering indulgence. Living deliciously, one of the art forms of life. (Making custard by yourself and not from a tin, AND making sure it doesn’t burn half way, is a hard job — chefs, I admire you, seriously…). Taleb states those who are antifragile, survive best in this world.


Indeed, fragility only looks cute for glasses in boxes and even then, they are a nuisance when they arrive, half shelved and ready to inflict the worst glass cuts upon the receiver. 


Clauneck has often stated to me, and anyone who is of rank who enlists to work with him, that this world runs at the speed of a Viper. Both the car, and the snake. Viper cars are one of my favourites 🙂


I have often thought 2 ways of this world. The real survival based world that anyone can see. And the world that you can create for yourself, a protection bubble if one may— so you can drive the Viper with precision and laser focused accuracy. Navigating this situation, requires a person’s mind to be incredibly clear, non-distracted and driven to ensure that any bump, bang, and, shootout; is already well-prepared for, and timed.


Increasingly in the near future, people will hanker for a time where things were “normal” but can a woman hanker to be without children when she herself brought them into the world?


She cannot.


And although, what you are witnessing has not been brought in by you, as the old adage I have often said so often in my waking :


Part of being an adult, is facing and accepting things — you wish, weren’t true. 


Read the above statement as MANY times as possible and relate it to your own life.


And that facing, is what Clauneck often repeats to me, people do not wish to face. In order to GROW and not only survive however thrive, you have to keep the image of the Viper in your mind. A Viper lashes out at frightening speed when you piss it off, and the car named after it, runs faster than a person’s heart can beat and their lashes can blink down. So the question is, how do we use this — to navigate this world when your life hangs in the nanosecond threads?


Well, the world is only going to become the complex spider web trap, increasingly as time goes on — intermittently, there has to be a survival guide, right? Because almost everyone I have spoken with in this past month, has said the same line to me.  “Nadia, it’s just so much to cope with — I am giving up hope…” What I am willing to say on a public platform, is that this world ENERGETICALLY, is not where it was, even 90 days ago. The operation was well underway, hence they boxed and shut people in — because you cannot have the masses asking questions about it, right?




Their work is complete, so now, things will begin re-opening.


On that note, what is the best way to navigate the planet in a place where most people will simply become the fly in the venus fly trap? The Venus flytrap, is SEDUCTIVE. And she knows it. She smiles when she sees the unsuspecting fly, her next meal — fall into the trap. What is the best way you don’t become the meal for anyone? After all, it is going to be hard to keep a high frequency when so much self-destructiveness abounds on us. I took the liberty to ask Clauneck a couple of things, and these are his statements.


Disclaimer : Clauneck isn’t polite, sweet, soft, or whatever, although he can be, if needs be. He isn’t gentle, soothing, soft, and, doesn’t coddle you. He tells you the candid SEARING BLAZING HOT truth, and demands unflinching honesty from those whom he partners with. He knows this world is a fierce, violent, and, hungry place. He advises as such for your own protection. He speaks as a MAN of experience, a MAN who boldly faces ANY situation in his life with daring and fearlessness.


He knows you’re adult enough to handle the truth, and treats you with respect and responsibility. Lies don’t appear on the plate he eats from. He doesn’t care to disrespect you. Man or Woman, he will help you navigate the traps of quiet and seductive, insanity.


CK  : “Most people roam around this world, lost trash of the Earth as we see them, and see they are — and those unwilling to be nothing more than a piecemeal, a leg of lamb, for those who will capitalise on their weaknesses. The best guidance you have asked me to provide, is the type of guidance that one can only learn on the street, with a knife pressed to your throat, a gun to your temple or kneecap. You learn it under CRISIS and most people have never faced something that has threatened their life to be taken from them. So their are still naive to what this world, IS.


See obstacles and their cousins will approach you. See no obstacle and blowing up the bank vault is easy. Walls are meant to be smashed, glass panes to be broken, levels to be blown up to move forward. You want a better life, kid? CREATE ONE. Many people are going to be caught off guard both mentally and financially because they have never been thrown into a blazing furnace to reassemble their life again. Most people are soft, comfortable, placid, easy, and henceforth — their boring registers so far into a person’s memory — they cannot even be accessed.  Meaning they do NOT EXIST. How many places have you visited? Out of which, HOW MANY DO YOU REMEMBER? Answer me?”


Me : “I remember those who require what is to be seen of my memory at the time that is seen befitting for me. Clauneck, many people in this world are struggling — why are they struggling? What is happening?”


CK : “Struggle comes naturally when a person has not endured situations where they have been forced to grapple to keep themselves alive. In the very first round of Crisis, a person’s reactions are normal. Panic, terror, fear, the fear of the unknown, the fear of death. Run the gauntlet a million times, no one cares. You stand blank even when the world is crashing down on you. You have the calm and peace inside. You can control yourself. The more the body acclimates to CRISIS, the more you become fearless and move towards your goal with LITTLE THOUGHT of IF it will go your way. If it is not this, it will be 10 more. Your mind becomes focused when you’re hearing nothing but screams all around you…”


Me : “So what is it people are lacking?”


CK : “ Just about everything.


Dexterity, Speed, Agility, Playing Mental Chess, Predicting a situation by creating it all by yourself, Velocity, Fluidity, Giving their power away like a whining pathetic “woe is me” victim and expecting someone else to come and pick up you and your bullshit mess. Let me begin with that.


Most people come into this world just fine. Children are a blessing! They grow up to be failures however because their parents are failures at life and followed a little sheep system and furthermore, your disgusting human society encourages complicit behaviour. The apple never falls too far from the tree. Yes, a human can chart the course of their life, however they cannot change their genetic sequence and bloodline. What runs through you, runs through you and from you. If both parents are weak, boring, and, easily led to lies as the majority of your populace is, did you expect their kids to be Hercules and Hera? Do you expect a snake to have a baby that is a goat or a rat? Really? It will be a little snake, why of course.


Most people who possess power, have atleast one parent, if not both — who are very strong. The weak eat the weaker, for a modicum of power over breakfast. You, yourself believe in the saying that only Spartan mothers raise real men and real men come from their womb — because it takes a woman with a backbone, to make a man out of her son. A boy grows up to see his mother not take any shit, it inspires him. He comes to have respect for a woman, and what a woman endures in your world. It takes a man with internal fortitude, courage, and the WILL, to marry a woman who has her own opinions and she is independent of him and yet loves him as her KING. The Spartans weren’t per se clever or agile as much has been ascribed to them in history, dear. They were a people who FACED LIFE. They were not cowards and forever shall be remembered as such. Brave. Daring. Bold. Courageous –and having the gall to show up come rain, sleet, or if the gods opened the arrows of Hellfire, itself. Tell me Nadia, how many modern people have the courage to even face a phone conversation let alone life that can be taken from you in the blink of an eye?”


Me : “So keep calm during a crisis?”


CK : “That’s one part of the equation. The other, is not taking it super serious. By this, I obviously don’t mean if someone has come to kill you, that you need to laugh. But mental dexterity to disarm your opponent in a twist and fuck grab of his gun, is imperative, yes? What I am saying here is that you need to find ways to THRIVE under pressure, because that is what trains the mind to run at Viper speed minus the panic. It is the panic of “living comfortable” that messes a person up. Because when the rug of comfort is taken away, what is left? When you build wealth with your own two hands, YOU are responsible for it. Being born into a wealthy family, has a restrictive set of rules. Money that you did not create, comes with it’s LIMITS. Whilst rich kids have good wealth consciousness, they are often FRAGILE. I would have to beat the comfort out of them as opposed to someone who slept rough, homeless, didn’t eat in 3 days, was broke, and who ran purely on adrenaline. Making sense?”


Me : “Yes. Essentially, being an expert when shit hits the fan on what to do next?”


CK : “Correct. You will have more freedoms threatened to be taken from you, and to see how agreeable and complicit you are as a person. If A doesn’t work, reverse the car round the back end into B. If I remember correctly, you were in a car park last year coming out onto the main street — and drove down from the ramp that you’re meant to drive up from, and you drove with such precision — like you were a cat with ALL of it’s 9 lives left to use up. How did you feel when you were pacing the car knowing at any SECOND a car coming UP could meet YOU and you’d be stuck there like an idiot?”


Me : “It was crazy, dangerous, fun, and something everyone should try at least once in their life! But I did it because I actually didn’t realise until half way when it hit me how I had to hurry up in nanoseconds if I didn’t want to meet a very angry driver faster than I could breathe. How does that fit into what you’re saying for the blog?”


CK : “You address the situation as it comes. Could you have reversed BACK when you figured out you had taken the ramp going up, down for your car? No. You were too far gone and needed to just get out.  You didn’t yell or scream. You locked your eyes onto the ramp and kept braking every second or so until you got down quickly. The same is for life. When situations CHANGE, you move WITH them. Complain, and that oncoming black car at the foot of the ramp, you narrowly escaped — would have smashed into you. Even though you were firmly in the wrong, you drove boldly. Part of life, is facing it. The world has changed, your people who read this blog, will keep having to drive that car boldly down the ramp, even when it clearly says THIS WAY UP”.


Me : “This helps! Thank you so much.”


CK : “You’re welcome. We will talk later.”


When I thought of what Clauneck said — I thought about how people who encounter Success in life, irrespective of material possessions, are always FAST mentally at processing a situation, possess situational awareness, and don’t gorp on what to do next. Life isn’t about to give you THAT much time, it hits you the way it hit me that I was in the wrong and driving the wrong way, but you just have to keep going no matter what.


This is just the beginning, you will just about start the ignition and hear the engine power up…


…more is on it’s way.


Napoleon Hill spoke about Outwitting The Devil.


What if the Devil, is something you’re already complying with?


Decisions, decisions…


The speed-o-meter will tell us more, so let’s ask it.