Clauneck + Raising Your Self Worth By Rewriting Your Story

I am a huge believer that a large part of our life, is simply a reflection of what is going on, deeply on the inside. 


If you want a new reality for yourself, you’re going to have to vibrate higher and into a new one. This comes in it’s own time. The signs are feeling stuck and uncomfortable where you are and you feel you need to outgrow it.


I walked back to my car last night (more running than walking)…


The cold was biting and I was so glad I had driven to Mayfair. I attended a dinner that I was invited to for a group of women who wanted to discuss business related things by a lady who had flown for her smogsabord of International dinners. The women were really lovely and each of us had to share a challenge, a win (typical businessy stuff) and on the way back in the car driving home, I decided to speak with Clauneck in my head (spirit convos are fun when you’re on the move and the answers are INSTANTANEOUS CLARITY!) and explore a concept many people struggle with.


Including those with an abundance of money. 




I know this topic as I have struggled with it myself, and know and can see others struggle with it. Worth goes deeper into Value and Clauneck, being THE spirit of Value, always has many things to say about Value. One of the ladies at the table mentioned about being invited to huge events, to speak for the UN, other governmental places etc but they just wanted to “pay her in influence”. No one reading this should get me wrong, INFLUENCE is what Leadership is really all about. But feeling undervalued, comes from a worth issue. I will never forget attending an event where a woman asked me to write “for free and exposure” on her blog and I turned her down flat. If someone wants to read my work “for free”, that is what Sparty blog is here for. Mass education to thousands and millions of people but you have to PAY TO PLAY.


People will NEVER see your worth, until YOU show them what it is. 


(and he often says add shipping, taxes, and express delivery to it LOL)


Clauneck often mentions how we give away our power by just accepting something because it seems like a “good idea”. I have lost count on the AMOUNT of times people have said to me “Nadia, I KNEW. I just knew but I ignored my intuition”. As a woman who makes no bones about her special intuition that has saved her life MULTIPLE TIMES, I will tell you –IF IT FEELS OFF, THAT IS BECAUSE IT IS OFF. 


Value doesn’t magickally appear. It doesn’t just show up one day. You have to dig into your psyche and your heart deep and keep asking yourself the stories of why you don’t feel DESERVING OF IT.


The core answer, is usually and ALWAYS — shame. 


Shame is an emotion, that literally cannot correspond with VALUE. When you value yourself, you eliminate the shame around that area. A big part of this comes from neglect and abuse. For where one person feels shame in one area, another may be totally confident. I invite you reading this to think of a place where you OVERCOMPENSATE due to shame. My overcompensation personally used to be thinking I just needed to work harder at something (can be anything). The day I had the conversation with myself and I realised SHAME was what was driving me, I found energetic ways I offer (check out the store) and healed that shame to the core. I made a list of what I desired and found everything I felt that didn’t make me feel “I belong here” and began to heal it.


I encourage the same for you 🙂


Many of my clients in passing seem to have one line they say to me..


“Thank you for your patience with me”


And I came to realise that I am patient with people because I really had to become patient with myself to rebuild myself after all I went through and hence forth have COMPASSION for others. I wasn’t patient AT ALL. But in healing and recovery, I looked at my body like a little plant. When you treat yourself with gentle care and kindness, it naturally extends to others as well.


And with compassion, you have value for another human life and see what things that people who do not get thrown into the deep end, see.


Clauneck has always emphasized someone feeling empowered through seeing their own value, good house, good clothes, good car, good accessories. This does not mean liberal and wasteful spending. It means the investment of one’s self, to reflect the value and the level we see ourselves at. Value comes in funny places, and one of the biggest places it comes in, is in food. When you eat food that is disrespectful to your body, you signal YOURSELF at low worth. This isn’t including the cream cake on cheat day lol. I am talking consistent binge dieting and junk eating minus the nourishment your vessel requires.


Rewriting your story reminds me of driving a car you don’t like. You KNOW you don’t like it and it feels uncomfortable but it’s all you have, right? Your next goal is to start shopping around and looking at the car(s), you DO want. And then finding a way to rewrite the story so much that test driving the new range of cars, feels so NORMAL — you naturally let go of the old one. When you work this in every area of your life at the deepest level, magick begins happening and it happens quickly. I will never forget a client who said that she wanted a better sex life but her body weight kept getting in the way and she hated the gym. She said she felt shy and a bit embarrassed in front of a man in the buff to which I laughed and said “please don’t think it’s any easier for a man LOL — he’s equally trying to impress you too!”. However, Upon deeper exploration, we came to find that she had been holding onto the weight as a buffer to stop men approaching her because of past painful experiences.


The weight was an energetic shield. 


We consulted and I saw her in a yoga studio, having fun during the call in my head. I encouraged her strongly to take it up and not to do it for her intimate life, but for the TANTRA — THE LOVE OF YOUR OWN SELF, BEING A LOVER TO THE SELF. I worked on her energetically to RE-OPEN her SEXUAL CIRCUITS that had been blocked and 4 months later, I remember seeing her for dinner much slimmer and she had a new man she had met. She said that by rewriting that story, no matter how challenging, she was patient with herself and was going to commit to renewing her body so she wouldn’t feel shame in bed with a man. Valuing yourself, is imperative.


Worth, is always a piece in progress. As long as you continue to elevate yourself, you will absolutely be on the right track.


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