Clauneck & Using The Chessboard Strategy To Win In All Arenas Of Life

“A winner carefully plans his move. Not once, in the history of man and womankind, have we ever witnessed someone who achieved grand heights of Success, through being reckless, careless, and, foolish. If you are to bring me a person of this said characteristic, I would easily state to you, that this is a careful ruse and facade of his. Concealed, verily underneath, one finds a master planner. Winners do not allow dogmas to create mental cages for them. This whole world is a psychological war. BEHAVE ACCORDINGLY” — Channeled by Clauneck — Spirit of Wealth, Value, & Merchant Finance : Page 17, Chapter 2 : Blood, Sulphur, & Iron — WINNING : Create The Life You Deserve Through Charm, Magnetism, & Strategy.





At first, when I channeled this book directly from Clauneck, I desired to name it WEALTH FORTUNAS or OPPORTUNITY. Neither would have best suited what I was trying to portray.


Many people go out seeking a better life for themselves, and understandably end up at the door of bestselling Amazon books, multi-millionaire success coaches, and a dream (read : lie) that has been sold to them, that should they take out more credit cards, more loans, more this, more that, that they TOO will become successful just like their idols who they salivate and hope to become. I have never understood the desire of someone wanting to become “just like someone else”, then again I have never been a lost sheep, so I suppose that answers a lot of it. I have never had standing orgasms looking at someone’s million dollar business and wanting to copy and emulate what they do, so people finally find me “relevant and worthy” in life. Spartanite is an ORIGINAL occult endeavour, and the brand shall always remain so. I have seen many people with large amounts of money, I have seen people with little amounts of money. I have seen all types of individuals in the middle. The one thing I rarely see, is the CHESSBOARD.


All Goetic Beings (including Clauneck mentioned so lovingly in the Verum), see this world as a giant chessboard where if one is not careful, you’re simply used as a pawn. Joy, Love, Freedom, Abundance, Prosperity, Peace, Positivism — all those are very enlightening terms for high vibrational living, a life and a living one can ONLY embrace when you’re done understanding the chaotic, fucked up, fundamentalism of Positivism vs Reality. I have always asked Clauneck about the term “positive vibes” as it makes me cringe to the high heavens, however the words sound.. — shall we say–, nice. Clauneck responds “Of what use is it to be “positive” as new age foolishness teaches people, when positivism is not a measure or modicum in this reality humans live in?”.


I asked Clauneck if humans should be negative if that’s how he felt — and his answer was canny.


“One should use Pessimism from time to time. It does the soul good and puts many things into perspective. Positive vibes only, or whatever modern humans care to address it is, is the blockage of EMOTION in it’s purest form.


“Do you not feel sadness, depression, guilt, envy, rage, wrath, unbridled forbidden lust, grief, jadedness, sorrow, confusion, angst, anger? Should we just now pretend these emotions do not exist? Should we pretend that only the sun shines in a monsoon, rain drenched & ravaged land? Why are humans of today such cowards that they are unable to face REAL EMOTIONS? Real emotions are not pretty, pleasant, and one is allowed to feel utter despair to rise from the ashes. One is allowed to feel mind numbing grief, and sorrow. One is allowed to feel the searing, blazing heat of rage and you’re certainly encouraged to feel the lava that runs through your blood when you passionately embrace your lover.


People of today do not lie to others. They are LYING TO THEMSELVES. Lying that they are okay when they are nothing but a bloodied mess on the inside. Lying does not solve problems. It merely creates them. When One does NOT embrace true honesty and humility, you will be dragged across that chequered board faster that a little girl carelessly drags her dolly by the hair while she is in a rush. 


Blood and POWER should DRIP from your writing otherwise, Nadia, who the fuck cares to read the nonsense you will write? Anyone can write. Make your words COUNT. You won an award for your books for a reason. Do not let yourself or the people that enjoy your works or art, down.”


Side note : (Talk about just asking him about positivism and getting a whole lecture –It’s like asking for someone to lightly touch your face and you received a full slap…)


Winners do not care about other people’s opinions and nor do they operate on a tangent of REGRET. The chessboard teaches us this, well.


There are many cute threads people have shown me where others cowardly (as most people of today are such and like to convince themselves otherwise — not just Clauneck’s thoughts but my OWN equally), and on their tip-toes come and read my channels with Clauneck (because they enjoy them like a good fuck) and end up horrified to write on messageboards — “my goodness, there is a woman, she is of this faith, and belongs to this ethnicity and she talks to a Spirit called Clauneck. Is this allowed? Is she going to Hell? (Author’s note : I might just be, for all those who keep asking. And also mind your business because you may end up meeting me there for coffee…) Is she this? Is she that? Instead of just taking what Clauneck says and applying it to their life for Success, fools usually have a million questions to ask about complimentary guidance that the CHESSBOARD GIVES US.


The chessboard gives us the first ingredient to burn on the stove. Sulphur. Or if you’re American, Sulfur 🙂


It has a burning smell unto itself, and as one watches it’s form change over the stove, it is certain that there is a certain sense of Alchemical nature that an individual, can harness for Self. When an individual hungrily licks the blade of a knife, they are easily reminded it can be used as an instrument to create dinner.


Or take a life.


The choice is yours.


You decide your place on the CHESSBOARD.