Clauneck & Working With The Concept of Wealth Antifragility

As a woman who possesses a very strong, and robust relationship with one of the chief Spirits of the Grimorium Verum,— Clauneck, has come to serve me well over the years. Clauneck has assisted me in many of my wealth workings, my wealth mindsets and keeping me strong and positive to navigate life. Being an old god and ruling over the domains of Merchant Finance, Commerce, Wealth, and most especially, VALUE.


He is an ancient Left Hand spirit who’s renowned to be the Accountant, Bank Manager, and Keeper of the Spirit Treasury. King Clauneck is a loving yet firm father figure to many, and assists people in embodying a powerful wealth mindset and stepping into abundance and prosperity, should you make a serious commitment to heed his guidance.


As of recent, I have spoken to Clauneck a lot lately.


I have also prayed a LOT to The Almighty, God, The Most Highest — as well on a side note, and asked for increased amounts of Courage, Fortitude, and, Inner Strength and CLARITY, to keep balanced and strong in a time where people are literally drowning. Drowning emotionally, financially, mentally, physically — all types of submerge.


Using his enn, Ahlaven Esen Clauneck Kiar OR his lessen known one, Tasa On Ca Clauneck Renich — I stilled my mind and kept chanting the enn, over and over to connect the line. I usually know when the line has “connected” as I feel myself speak in a different voice and the information coming in are things I could NEVER ever make up and their accuracy when I go back, startles and borderline frightens me at HOW on the money it is. I either record or make notes, but recording is better as the channel does not drop and my logical mind doesn’t try and make “sense” of it. There is nothing the Goetic Spirits cannot tell you about an individual, a situation, a circumstance, query that needs to be solved etc etc. Being able to channel is life changing, and it will save you from so many things because you have the truth about a situation as and when you need it.


Back in May 2017, Clauneck began mentioning a crash of world economies (not like it’s anything new for us) but he started mentioning it, with urgency and velocity. I had finished consulting for someone and sat at my altar and after a summoning — he explicitly said the following (I wrote it down and I am re-typing it out for this Blog). “and, ….many will come to find; that in their need of hour, there is simply no where to turn to anymore. Whatever they relied on with pride, simply doesn’t exist. You will see the landscape change overnight. The air will be filled with fear, sudden poverty, destitution, and destruction. You will see people yelling and screaming, panicked and frustrated. And this is your time to keep as calm as possible and see that every cloud has a silver lining. Don’t let what I say to you today, despite how calm it all looks now, be ignored. This is not just a financial problem, the problem is one of your human world. People simply won’t know what hit them. Don’t be caught off-guard.”


I acquiesced his guidance and drank 2 sips of my Rose tea, and asked what he wanted to say about the coming “landscape” he mentioned. Although, I sort of (ish) understood it, I wanted images to understand what was being shared with me. I was shown people in sweatpants at home, panicked, dazed, confused, with young children who needed food, warm clothes, diapers (nappies), parents struggling to understand how their jobs, their businesses had literally vanished overnight. Stocks had plunged, entire chains of stores and shops had closed, I saw entire high streets closed (this bit left me feeling irritated and very discombobulated), queues for food at supermarkets, police checkpoints, and fear swarming people like a flight of bees heading towards them.


The images left me overwhelmed, and not a lot overwhelms me. I am already under no illusions of this world and what goes on behind closed doors. I, then proceeded to ask about a term that Clauneck has discussed me over the years and I have shared with some clients and really gone into depth with.




This is a concept of safeguarding the money you bring in, and how to survive ANY hard knocks, no matter what comes your way financially — simply because you possess anti-fragility of life. Being fragile means that it doesn’t take a lot to put you “out of business”, so to speak. Now, this, he says “can be taken literally or metaphorically” meaning that the real basis behind this not just financial, but how you HANDLE money. I want to make it EXCEPTIONALLY CLEAR to anyone reading this, just because someone LOOKS successful on the outside and per se, their job or business brings in “a lot”, doesn’t mean they don’t mishandle or worse, abuse; that very money. I’ve known very many people who blow their money because well, it’s there, right? There is a certain shard of arrogance that roots itself within a person who is egotistical and can have access to big resources, on the par, that it can never be taken away from them. This comes down to emotional and mental immaturity.


Part of anti-fragility, is pouring the concrete on your maturity. Maturity saves a person from stupidity, because maturity possesses CLARITY, and clarity is required to make correct decisions. Money is not as simple as just a modicum of exchange moving from one hand or account to another. It possesses rules and laws upon which it will either flow towards, or flow away from you — as seen in it’s nature of CURRENSEA. Currency is feminine, it is liquid, fluid, and has it is own mind. It simply does it’s own thing and swims from one place to another. Money is the masculine structure that provides form and a semblance of purpose to currensea, hence people always speak about “making money” because this entire world has shunned the wild feminine — and the feminine (the energy, not women, I mean), is about RECEIVING IN FLOW.


I have been watching some super interesting threads on Social lately, I follow some interesting people and sometimes the Spirits pop some curious hashtags into my line of sight, for me to further explore. Without little surprise, Clauneck, has often mentioned that “Well Nadia, it is not like you get a gold medal for being a good person in this world.”. He simply laughed. He is not advocating you need to suddenly take up to becoming a narcissistic crook to which I asked him “what’s wrong with genuinely good people in today’s age? Why are they so weak?” and his response was along the lines of “they mistakenly think everyone is good like them as well and furthermore, they think Love will solve everything. Love is the last thing a predator should be offered. And this world, is run and assembled by predators. Their open volunteering makes them PRIME PREY for a predator. When you cease to be prey, they find you dis-interesting. You have the will and means to fight back. You’re under no illusions. Make sense? A genuinely good person should be very stringent and vet ruthlessly on people’s intentions because a big heart is often broken due to the very lack of this.”. 


Where I am from the Galaxy, Clauneck’s latter response, is called being naive. Naivety is often written all over someone’s face, no matter how “accomplished” they may be.


Normal people who often end up prey are SHOCKED that predators aren’t sweet, loving, kind, etc. It’s comical when you would think a predator would be kind. Even worse, when you think you should give them a CHANCE to mimic your behaviour to pass unsuspected for it.


When you walk a path of the VOID and WEALTH ANTI-FRAGILITY, you have to understand that whilst there is a consciousness you can be part of and I encourage this heavily (can be wealth, prosperity etc), this SHOULD NEVER EVER deter you from knowing that ENMASSE this world is twisted at a way that the normal person would simply drop dead after learning about. And by drop dead, I don’t mean there is a whole preamble to it like as though it comes in stages and people have to recover. I mean DROP, end of. The shock would be too much for the normal person to bear.


Right now, wealth anti-fragility is learning how to outrun the predators, learning to break ALL forms of stockholm trauma bonded syndrome for your oppressors who place you in the mess, to come and save you. There is a lot going on at present financially. Be ensured to stay safe, vet, trust your intuition, and, know that we have the biggest money based transfer happening at present.


It all depends which side of the transfer, you find yourself on.


Don’t be caught off-guard.