Why Some People Make Money & Others Don’t…

I had one of the most interesting conversations with CK, my Spirit Wealth Mentor, last night. As I was eating some honey and cinnamon glazed doughnuts I had made earlier, I started thinking about WHY I see some people make money with relative ease and others struggle. This is a topic I have touched on MANY times over, from numerous angles, but CK stepped in and told me I had forgotten one angle.

(time to break out the notepad whilst cooking..)

CK often makes me THINK on the deeper levels of the ENERGY and SPIRIT of money. Most people think money is this arbitary “thing” to be spent, used and abused however the next bit, I just sat on one of the kitchen stools and thought deeply on this. He pointed out that money flows to people who “tap into a collective”. He kept repeating that sentence and asked me to “figure it out”. Anyways, I got a little bit of it and then he said “People try and make money where there is NONE”. He gave me the example of setting up a sweatshop in the middle of the desert and then it clicked for me instantly as I thought..

When people do their best to “make money”, it is from a place of neediness, that the marketplace should fill up THEIR DESIRES. 

Thinking about this answered many questions in my head. I often see people fighting for an employment position because “well, I am the most qualified”. When he reminded me that money detests entitlement, I soon understood what he meant by “tapping into the collective”. Money hangs out in POOLS. Given that Currency is CURRENSEA (something I talk about, that can be found here…), there was little wonder why people were coming up dry. It’s like collecting pots and pans and going to a dry well and complaining there is no water left.

CK said people barely plan for anything, hence they don’t investigate and research BEFORE they set out to make anything of a financial success. The people that make money are those who do it from a place of HIGHER understanding (on a Spirit based realm) of service, FIRST. They find the pools of money, where it congregates and go present their offerings there. If someone wants something badly enough, they will come up with the money, he insisted as I turned off the hob and began to munch on the glazed, scrumptious doughnuts.  I go into this in depth, in my upcoming programme DIVINE FEMININE ABUNDANCE, launching very soon.

“Your offerings need to be sweet too 😉 “. He said, as he winked at me and asked me to share this pearl of Financial Wisdom with you.

I would love to hear your thoughts and comments below! 🙂