Clauneck’s Guidance & Confessions Of A Clairsentient Psychic

King Clauneck, Spirit of Wealth, Value, and Merchant Finance — has been the MOST LOVING and supportive Spirit Father Figure I could have ever asked for. I met him at a place where I had BIG dreams for Spartanite however I was at a place where I was completely broken, crushed, and not a single person on the planet would have ever understood me and the pain I endured. Clauneck and my Spirit guide Belvia, held it together for me and pushed me on days I couldn’t even leave my bed to shower, to become the SPARTANITE I am today and to help me RUN Spartanite, globally. 


I am FOREVER grateful and thankful to all the BEINGS I work with. My Love is endless and boundless for you all.




We go back to 2015.


I was driving along a country lane. Pristine, beautiful. And I felt the rage well up inside me again. I didn’t know what I was, who I was, where I was (briefly did, but still checked out) and with surges of rage, changed the gear from 4th to 5th on a car that was pretty much battered and beat up. I knew I needed a new car, but I didn’t care on getting a decent one until I had made SENSE of my life. I parked my car, rang the doorbell, and a familiar face greeted me and hugged me.


An hour later, I walked back to my car with the key positioned between my middle and index finger. I was practically shaking with more fury and rage. If someone was close enough, I fully believe I would have killed them. For the first time in goodness knows what (probably my whole life), I could finally FEEL my emotions. I was FREE. And the level of anger, sadness, sickness, confusion, and pure red blooded rage poured through my veins. Looking at the small playground next to my car, I opened the door, climbed in, sat down, held the wheel. And SCREAMED.


Murderous, thunderous, terrifying rage. I sat and growled with the horror of finally SEEING what had been done with me.


A type of rage most people would be absolutely shaken in a woman, to see.


I screamed and raged for what was 10 minutes, until I saw a passerby quickly hurry past the car. It was my cue to shut up and drive home. Starting the car, I reversed it, and began driving. I felt tears well up in my eyes, tears that wouldn’t stop at any red light. Tears that flowed from me like buckets of the Pacific. All the tears trapped inside me for all that was horrifically stolen, abused, and taken away from me my whole entire life. I felt a mix of extreme hatred, vengeance, grief, sadness, loneliness, and psychosis when I heard King Clauneck talk. Clauneck’s conversation to me that day, I FULLY believe changed my whole life and my entire perspective on things. I took the liberty to transcribe it after so many years today, because I felt someone needs to read this in my heart.




Clauneck : “Nadia. Keep driving. You’re not going home right away. You’re driving to the south coast of England. Take the sign for the motorway from this road, you’re not going home.”


Me : “WHAT? WHY? Where in the hell am I going? Clauneck! I need to refuel my car, it’s pretty low. WHY in the hell am I driving there? For fucking what? CLAUNECK?!”


(The south coast, is a good 250 mile drive from London, as London is the South East)


Clauneck : “We need to talk. I fear you’re going to hurt yourself if you get home unattended, so we need to have a talk as you drive. Nadia, you need to go through what you’re going through right now, because MILLIONS of lives are connected to that Spartanite thing-a-majig you want to build. If you do not pass this test, that mission is lost forever. You have your book Spartanite, but what you’re going through is a hundred million times worse than what you have been put through, to activate your power. Do you think this little dream of Spartanite you have is a joke? Do you know what type of people are going to be sent your way to solve their problems? Are you stupidly thinking Spartanite is JUST a Business that will make you money? NADIA. ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME? You will have people who have practically a few weeks to live come to you, and you will have to save their life. Are you ready for all that? Do you know WHAT you’re asking for when you’re asking for SPARTANITE, your brand?”


My head began spinning. I was nauseous and stopped at the petrol station. I pumped petrol into my car, feeling woozy, grabbed a chocolate or 3, 2 bottles of water. I came back to my car, adjusted my GPS, and put in a postcode I had never heard of. Clauneck decided to take me to a place where I would see the sea. I was scared. I felt afraid driving all that way in a state where I should have been lying in my bed. I asked God for strength, and began driving.


Me : “Fine. I am willing to listen to you Clauneck. Can I please pull up at the roadside services if I am afraid or become faint or light headed. I am really scared.”


Clauneck : “Certainly! You can. Nadia, do you know that you have willingly activated your own healing? Do you know how HARD healing is? Someone who has endured what you have does NOT survive. Your life alone, is a miracle and you will create Spartanite as PROOF one can come back from the living dead. Your life will change because you are willing to change. Nadia, people are not willing to change, hence they stay stuck in the same situations in their life. They love complaining, it is chemically addictive. It is an endless loop of stuck consciousness, a consciousness most of this world is trapped in. Keep focused when you drive, as you will need to as your life changes. Whatever you do, don’t back down no matter how hard the fight gets. And, you’re not aware of what more hells await you as you do your best to build Spartanite. Your psychic ability will shoot through the roof as you keep doing your inner work and you will have your answers in seconds. People give up half way, kid, you are NOT giving up. You’re gonna come to days where you cannot push anymore — you will HAVE to push. Your destiny is not tied to failure. Listen to me carefully, you’re not allowed to give up on your DREAM.”


Me : “Fucks sake. I am fed up of being strong. Why do people insist on robbing me of my humanity? Can I not just feel like shit and cry and be miserable? Why the hell I gotta hold it together all the time? Don’t I have a right to cry? Don’t I have a right to feel pain after what I have been dragged through? I am only a woman and a human being not some fancy god or something? Just stop. Why can’t I be weak for once?”


I felt burning tears well up in my eyes again. The car was running like thunder, and so were the uncontrollable tears. I had to control my foot not to hit the gas and rev it up to 100mph.


Clauneck : “You have every single right to feel your pain. Kid, the losses have got you to where you are today. Spartanite is impossible without the sheer LOSS you have endured. Loss of everything you truly loved, and more so, a dream nightmare you have awoken from. You’re doing all this for three reasons. 1)Yourself. 2) The people you serve. 3) And your future husband. You will be like no woman he has ever met in his entire life and your mentality will inspire and fuel him further. You will be his QUEEN, and he will KNOW YOU when he has met you. Your healing and assembling yourself into Spartanite, is what will lead you to him. You will STAND OUT to him in a sea of foolish, idle, and golddigger women he has seen all his life. You will be able to restore lives and hence, you need to feel your pain. Most people refuse to feel their pain and they stay stuck. They try to make something out of nothing. Nadia, you are cognizant of how fucked up you were left, and the people who come to you — the ones who TRULY want their change, will take your guidance and run. Don’t be selfish and rob people of a chance to start a new life. I will not let you quit. You’re not going to have access to me any longer, if I hear one more damn thing about quitting. You do not have weak DNA. A Spartanite is not weak. You cannot be weak because you were not born weak. I will not let you rob people of a fresh start because you cannot get through this pain “


Me : “I need this man now. How the hell am I going to have all this in my life? I feel so weak and I cannot do this without this man you speak of. Please, bring him to me, wherever the hell he is. Why do you insist I suffer more? I cannot stand up this thing alone. I just don’t have it inside me.”


Clauneck : “My child, there are lessons you MUST LEARN without this incredible man to hold your hand and walk down the street with you, for love and protection. There are battles you have to learn to fight alone at your LOWEST so you can show others, especially your kind, womankind, that it is POSSIBLE to stand up and rise from the lowest point of this planet into what you’re set to become. And that too, ALONE. Of what use are his strong shoulders and loving heart & embrace today — when he will shield you from the STRENGTH you have to build inside you to fight for Humanity, and for the cause of JUSTICE? Answer me. He will IMPEDE your growth today, because you need to be SPARTANITE for when you meet him! Plus, you are no where near yoked enough to meet this individual. You have to inspire him with YOUR strength. You will inspire MANY women to want to stand up and be a SPARTANITE the way you are becoming — so when you do hold his hand, he feels proud of you. You have to feel proud and empowered that you did this without his help, although he will be upset and horrified to learn you endured so much without him there to protect and take care of you.”


Me : “I don’t even know where in the hell to begin. My life looks as empty as this motorway I am driving on. I am only here because of you. How the fuck do people make it out from their circumstances?”


Clauneck : “THEY DON’T FUCKING GIVE UP, NADIA. If you give up today, you’re going to be the SAME PEOPLE you talk about in 5 years to come. 5 years isn’t a long time. The choice is yours. Your psychic gift kept you alive. Whatever you choose to do with it, is upto YOU. You have GRIT, and people who have GRIT will approach you. You will not give them a new life per se. Life is not to be assembled for someone else. You will open the door for them. THEY have to do the work. A person has to MOVE with their circumstances. People do not move with their circumstances, and have the gall to complain about wanting more for themselves. Humans of today, are utterly insane. There will be parts of your newly broken life, I am going to rip apart and tear into pieces. The pain you feel now, is nothing for what is coming ahead. You will scream and rage as we lay the new floorboards for Spartanite. Don’t quit. Don’t panic. Don’t give up. A lot rests on your own growth. Persistence, grit, hustle, and determination is NECESSARY for Success. We will burn everything that stops you getting to the Spartanite goal.”


Me : “What do you mean MOVE with their circumstances?”


Clauneck : “They need to want the change. They need to want to change the way you do. Do you think I would waste my time helping you, if you were another lazy human who wasn’t willing to put in the EFFORT to change? Change is near enough impossible because of the traps of this chemical, material world. People in the future, will not BELIEVE who you used to be when they see the finished version of you as Spartanite. They will not believe when they read your story on your website through your open blog, that you were so damaged, and broken — and with labour, and hard work, you changed your whole life from sawdust and ashes into one of glory and POWER. ONLY those who want change truly, will SURVIVE. We do not work with the weak. This world does not reward victim hood, stupidity, and weakness.”


There are so many more things Clauneck said to me during this drive but I was probably at my lowest point when I drove and I held onto Clauneck’s words as I watched my life fall apart and fall together. I cannot believe what I have in my life today. It is simply a dream. But Clauneck often reminds me, it is a dream I only achieved after I put my ALL into it. Confessions of a clairsentient psychic, is less about me, as Nadia. It is more about all the emotions, pain, and glory that I have seen, witnessed, endured, and empower others to rise into their TRUE SOVEREIGNTY today. I tell you bits of my story to tell you, WHAT YOU DESIRE, IS POSSIBLE.


It doesn’t matter who you are reading this. Hope is available. There is hope to change. Nadia means Hope. When I had nothing, I held onto my own name to save me on some days. Your life ISN’T gone past the point of return. I cannot give you the key to a new life, but I can help you unlock the right door with the key you already hold.


The key is YOU.


It’s time to start the car.


Your REAL LIFE awaits you.