Creating A Solid Stable Foundation For Magickal Money Through “The Work” Feat. Asmodeus

This is a topic that I covered through the summoning of Lord/King Asmodeus — Spirit of Earthly Pleasures, Passion, Lust, Spice, &, The Regal Sexual Divine.


Interestingly enough, Asmodeus is a FANTASTIC source of guidance to those who work in Real Estate/Property/Sales.  It so happens, he is tough to summon because he knows the value of his time. You have to be experienced to work with him and heed his counsel, which in itself — is, transformational.


Many a time, when I have done a rite for Asmodeus for an individual, their command over realty/property shoots up and they can source the best houses, best investments, best whatever because Asmodeus has a charm that is very tough to resist. Best rents, best mortgages, best bridge loans, realty in the best area, with great people — Asmodeus is YOUR man. He is also very well employed by Entrepreneurs, Stockbrokers, as well as those who wish to understand Sexuality at it’s CORE, to unleash that creative power in all their projects. He is respectful and friendly, but please remember you speak with a KING and lowly behaviour, will not pass with him.


He is also a fantastic mentor when it comes to carrying one’s own self as royalty and making the necessary separations between those who honour the Inner Regal, to those who do not. I have worked with him for a while in a friendship, and he has taught me many things about money that I am grateful for, and he LOVES pizza, dark chocolate, and he has his own brand of whisky in his realm (so he states…).


In this encounter, I asked Asmodeus about money, and he gave me so many gems, I was a bit overwhelmed and stunned to see how they keep the masses trapped into lack consciousness by the virtue of eliminating real Spiritual knowledge, so people are always dead, and, submissive to evil. Asmodeus talks about people avoiding THE WORK, hence they stay stuck where they are. I will never forget a book I bought at a “pay what you fancy for it” (which is always hard). I paid £10 for the book, and when I read it, the things Asmodeus mentioned, is sort of what the guy who wrote it, had covered.


Asmodeus is hot on the EROTIC TRUTH. Meaning that, there is value in the truth, so deep and rich — it should liberate you to the point of arousal.


It might be a bit of a weird statement for me to write, but the truth is so freeing, it’s like eating healthy food. You never return to trash. In this instance, he spoke with me about creating a solid stable foundation for money through doing the work. The work, means that you have to DIG INSIDE to your own bullshit and what holds you back. It means getting in your face with yourself about all the ways you LOVE dysfunction, sickness, abuse, unhealthy behaviour, drama, gossip, slander, and insanity. Don’t worry — lol, that’s ALL of us. That is part of the human experience. Many people cannot possess healthy, clean, lives — simply because the very nature of the system that the cabal have trapped many of us in, is LOW VIBRATIONAL. Which means that people become trapped with a “problem” they have had, for YEARS. For me personally, when I know someone is trapped with a specific problem, it is two fold.


  1. It is karmic and your previous life karma needs to be healed and wiped clean
  2. They want the problem because there is a benefit for it. 


This post is for those people who want to make money with ethics, and integrity — being of SERVICE to others.


I have full understanding that many people simply do not care, and do not treat money as special or respected. It is a tool of abuse for many — in other words, they want to amass a tonne of it to buy themselves the expensive things they envy others have, and to show their cars, and, clothes off — because they think by doing that, it brings them inner peace. There is NO amount of taping sandwiches to the body that will solve your hunger. It is eating the damn thing, that does. It goes the same for magickal money. By magickal, I don’t mean we are speaking about magical thinking (the type of thinking that is wishful). I am referring to the HONOUR of MAGICK (with the K), the real deal — that allows you to bring in HEALTHY money without the taint and sickness of the antimatter (black goo). In essence, if you do not understand money at a core level, you — be it a person who struggles or is sufficient with money, will ALWAYS be controlled by it.


I have seen very rich and very poor men, be controlled by money, EQUALLY. Money, as Asmodeus says, is all they can EVER think about. One things about it in one manner, one thinks about it, in the other. But the control, is there, right? Creating a solid, stable foundation for money, means creating it inside yourself. It means healing ALL the lower chakras (root, solar, sacral) — these chakras reside in your navel to your groin and ALL the emotions that are held there, that drive you. The first place Asmodeus always recommends is detoxing the root chakra (your private area). As it holds the blood memories of sex, money, food, and survival – it is sad that many never ever break free from this. It holds them hostage, so to speak. Creating this stable foundation, means that you have a steady stream of PREDICTABLE MONEY that comes in, whilst you do the work to heal yourself to RISE INTO YOUR POWER.


The QUANTUM existence, doesn’t yield to those who avoid their reality. For instance, the crash and burn cycle Asmodeus often says, is the biggest tell on this. If you have the propensity for success, and are reaching beyond your station WITHOUT the solid ground underneath, it simply won’t stay. You will NOT HAVE what you desire, because you’re NOT DOING THE WORK.


One of the best examples I give, is about a woman who wants a loyal, determined, faithful, financially stable, emotionally mature, and loving man to be her partner. You cannot manifest this into your existence, unless you’re willing to DIG DIG DIG into all the ways that your heart, womb, and body, RESIST A MAN and resist the masculine giving to you, because low life men have hurt you.  Otherwise, you will simply MISS the Emperor/King like man because he will want to GIVE to you, and you will not trust him because you mistake him for low vibrational guys. The Emperor & his Kingly brothers, are such a relief and joy to be around! They are happy, strong, masculine men who have respect for women and keep us safe 🙂


I will say the same for men, reading this. If you want to manifest QUEEN WOMEN, women of the Priestess Path, to be your friends, lover, business associates, women who walk WITH YOU and not behind you, as an equal — you will have to do THE WORK inside. The work, meaning DIGGING all the pain that women have caused you, how your own mother wasn’t there and would have failed you, the work of hating the feminine, mistrusting the feminine, thinking we are all out to get you, your money, and hurt you. Otherwise women who bring drama and neediness, will be your ONLY OPTION due to what you’re resonating, at. And then you will keep saying “good women don’t exist” (sure on the frequency you’re on, of course they don’t LOL)


And let me tell you how much PAIN digging causes. 


Asmodeus is all too aware how we just brush over what happens to us, but we begin accumulating the pain, sickness, and sadness inside. This merely extends to money. When you keep healing on the inside, keep creating that solid, slow foundation — you’re going to see miracles in your life because you’re not trying to RUSH things. Money is the same thing, and when I talk about money, I really enjoy and luxuriating talking about PEOPLE because as you keep healing the wounding inside (we all have it, none of us is above this), you see things begin to come your way.


So, myself and Asmodeus ask you to ask yourself today.


Instead of just dreaming, what small steps can you take, to move towards your dreams? Things that saturate you inside, fulfill you, and leave you in a place of ecstasy — that isn’t tied to money? For instance, one of my favourite things to do, is bellydance. I have danced since I was 14, till today — I don’t care if I look graceful doing it, or a frog in a blender on drugs lmao — I dance. And I feel so happy in that moment, because I am replenishing my feminine spirit and feeling all starry eyed and excited to worship my body and the Goddess (yay).


Creating stability with money, involves a TONNE of fun. When you infuse playfulness and fun, you create foundations upon which you build in a sense that doesn’t drain you or drive you crazy.


The real question here is :


Will you ALLOW yourself to just look at what holds you back and have the courage to work through the layers of it?


If you are, click here to begin.