Creating Compassion & Kindness Through Pain and Adversity

People lack compassion when adversity has not taught them the perils of this world. 


There are some things a person can ONLY understand, through and with experience. I sometimes see some Twitter accounts dispensing some incredibly sound guidance but it’s the type of guidance I’d never bother applying to my life because it is often written without compassion. A lot of them are men that sound so fed up of their own lives, that they have to go and shit on everyone else, to make themselves feel better. There is a level of directness that is required in Stoicism and being practical in the synergies of life. And then there is just openly ridiculing other people. When an individual is not patient with themselves, don’t expect ANY type of compassion or empathy from them. When people try to hurry YOU up, it’s because they hurry THEMSELVES UP, and hurrying is NOT a recipe of the mentally sane.


When someone is rude to me and it comes out of practically nowhere, I know it’s exactly how they treat themselves.


We live in a psychopathic world, where in a few years, you will not be able to tell the difference between a human and a synthetic one that merely looks like one. That’s news for another private round. There is a Jehovah’s Witness lady that comes to my door sometimes. If I am home, I open the door, chat with her, she shares what she wants and goes. Sometimes, I ask her questions. I have never felt her preach anything to me, in fact — I asked her things and she was surprised I asked. She has her brand of Christianity that she follows and I am always open to understanding people’s paradigms and perspectives that helps me relate to the global tribe.


People lack kindness and compassion because most people are simply not human any longer and should not be considered as such.


All your stuff in the air, food, water etc etc — has turned the average human into a sick, selfish, disgusting piece of garbage that has no COMPREHENSION of helping another human anymore. I remember sitting near a bridge with lots of water with my friend, and we were feeding ducks and chatting — and she said something I never forget :


“Nadia, people of today have just become money making machines. They have no soul left, and all they think of is how to humiliate each other and knock each other down. They have forgotten the simple pleasures of life. All of them wear masks and if you see behind their mask, they run so far from you, you’re left wondering what you did wrong? And these phones? They have become an organ of the body. How you have the spleen, liver, heart, now you have this phone as well. “


I just laughed and said “the phone is part of the brain”. It IS, but I won’t go into a public platform on how they have engineered these glass phones into the brain.


Increasingly, (and although I am certainly not into scaremongering — we have enough going round with the virus situation which is also a distraction), it will be harder to find a real proper human being any longer. Most humans of today are already cyborgs and have entities, viruses, matrixes, parasites, and, attachments on them – so their humanity is long gone. We cannot help them any longer. They are past the point of redemption and shall perish in that inferno. But for the few humans who are left and we can somehow hold onto our compassion and kindness in the LAST decade where humanity is allowed to be HUMAN any more, it will be the hardest fight to remain what was originally OURS.


The human being has been destroyed. They hated our race so much due to our LIMITLESS POWER, and are jealous of our pretty planet, that they did everything to poison us. The result is what you see today.


They have turned men into women, women into men. They have turned good into bad, bad into evil, and evil into glittering stardom. The truth will get you flogged, cursed, jailed, and tortured — lies will magnetize a dream life to you. Right is left, left is centre, and South is East. And in a world filled with fake masks, psychopaths, people arranging their books and drinks for an IG picture to look important, and otherwise other assorted sheep like behaviours that originate from the herd mind, narcissists in top positions, one has to not only understand the handbook, but re-write your own reality and use the OPT OUT STRATEGY to remain sane.


And finding sane, independently mentally functioning humans in today’s world, is past the point of a needle in a haystack.