What Exactly Is The Dark Feminine?

Well, so many people have written so many interesting things about what the dark Feminine actually is, there is no real understanding of what this woman is supposed to be or what she has become. A DF woman can have a wonderfully wicked (pun intended) sense of humour which balances her Light Feminine side out, but DF women are the women men are often most attracted to, and often most afraid of.

Which brings us to the understanding of the Spirit of LILITH. For this article, I channeled Goddess Lilith, Goddess Innana of Sumeria and Goddess Kali and Goddess Lakshmi. Lakshmi said she wanted to speak on more of the wealth situation, so I was pleased to do so. Since legend has it that Lilith is the original woman, the original demon-ness, I can’t believe so. Whilst Lilith is VERY POWERFUL, when you are kind to her, she is kind back. Admittedly, the first time I channeled her, it was a lot to take in, as I have got to speak with her multiple times, it is like speaking to Goddess Innana (who is often incredibly serious but royally kind). Lilith was very pleased that my placement is in Scorpio, in her house — meaning it is Exalted, and she was happy to speak about the Dark Feminine.

The Dark Feminine is rage, lustful wantonness, passion, murder, revenge, seduction,The Occult, anger, strength, courage, rising from the dead and being comfortable with the true alchemical nature of turning a base metal into gold (she meant turning an average person into a superstar).

Now, given we live in a society where women are told to be ANYTHING but the above, is it any wonder that the Dark Feminine has been banished as the Devil’s work. Most religions have told us women that we are unclean, dirty, shameful and women need to be hidden well out of men’s sight, because we are nothing but nasty creatures that evoke lust. Well, no shit. State it like that, and this is why you end up having a myriad of people with sexually repressed problems. You want sex but you’re told is nasty, dirty and something is wrong with you. This is why wild women cannot be tamed and they cannot be shamed. People who make too many apologies for their sexual desire, turn into sexual deviants. Lilith was very clear in stating this in my channel.

So firstly, in order to get connected to the Dark Feminine, you must choose to look at parts of yourself that you have been told to repress in order to fit in. Remember the wilderness within yourself, and then tell anyone to go to hell if they don’t like what they see. Chances are, they don’t, because you are the repressed reflection. Lilith spoke about a woman who doesn’t dim her light to please others and doesn’t dim herself down to make others feel better. This is when Kali spoke about women who turn the other cheek on abusers, rapists etc.

Man Made Roman Civil Law will not deliver you Justice, true bone splitting, mind numbing, jaw ripping justice. At best, they will find someone “guilty”, and sentence them to live behind bars when they have DESTROYED someone’s life totally. This is where Kali (and if you know how to work with her) will seek ABSOLUTE karmic retribution and that person will feel the pain they put a WOMAN through. A woman’s pain is very different to a man’s. Yes, men feel a different type of pain but this is a post about the Dark Feminine, I will be covering one on the Dark Masculine as well.

A Dark Feminine woman will not hesitate to use her means to deliver justice to herself and nor to those she loves. This is when Goddess Lakshmi spoke about wealth. Women who are in challenging Financial Circumstances have no where to run to. So they endure more abuse. Lakshmi asked me to tell all women who read this to work on their wealth to be safe and independent, because it is sad we live in a world where so many women are suffering so badly and cannot do anything about it. The Dark Feminine woman is a woman NOT for the masses. She isn’t for the timid, quiet, shy women. She respects these women but she inside her hails the starseed of all future generations and behaves like it.

Don’t worry about people liking you, start asking IF YOU LIKE THEM.