Liberating Your Dark Feminine For Money Magnetism

Liberating your dark feminine for Money Magnetism, is an age old practice that Spiritual women have been doing for centuries. Unfortunately, we live in the “modern” world with screens, monitors and everything that hurts our eyes, our self esteem and of course our sacred yoni. The Holy Vagina 🙂

So, what mixed messages do women receive about money, you may ask?

Women receive the same ones about men.

“Don’t be too wanton, don’t have too many orgasms, don’t show your pleasure”.

It’s time to toss it out with the trash and send off a sign saying a BIG fuck you, to anyone who thinks otherwise.

In most of my Spartanite teachings, I have often made the money and orgasm connection. The faster and easier you can climax, the more money you can bring towards you. During orgasm, your mind is in an altered state of trance and you can use sigils or affirmations to manifest EXACTLY the life/outcome you want. Don’t worry if you get too caught up in the moment with your partner, I am sure he will love you just that way 😉 — and yet my point is, women I see struggle with money, are always, ALWAYS struggling with being a feminine, radiant, lusty and passionate woman.

Liberating your dark feminine, is loving being delicious in being an seductress and a woman who revels in her femininity. I see too many women of today who are totally lost, confused and awkward as hell in their own feminine energy. Basically, what I am saying here is, they do not “flow”. You ever seen awkwardness in a woman? She has no clear direction of life. Now, you may challenge me and say that direction is masculine energy and with that, I will agree and explain this is what I mean. When a woman is clear in her inner masculine, she is not afraid of showing people she is sexual. Sit down the messages of repression and self hate you receive about how much pleasure you can receive.

Your feminine vessel is meant to receive. You do not impregnate, you are impregnated.

Money needs to be received by you, as he is masculine and he is looking to provide for you. Doing your money work, actually inspires money to sit up and take notice of those pretty sandals and pink dress that you have. It excites him. Be mindful that the more balanced in your sexual energy you are, the easier time you are going to have with money. As money and sex comes from the same chakra (the root), balancing and grounding this out, is going to help your creative juices flow (pun intended!).

When your root chakra is balanced, you will find that any issues with your 2nd Chakra (Sacral) will show up, for you to work on. The more balanced your energy is, the more your feminine and masculine energies work in tandem, to generate (masculine) money and retain (feminine) the earnings you pull towards you. Money energy is amazing to the feminine once she learns of it, because few women get to experience this Goddess level of truly shining in their power.

Choose studies on the Dark Feminine Goddesses such as Lilith, Hecate, Kali and Sekhmet—women who are comfortable with depths of sex, power, obsession, lust, war and death. Most of these subjects scare women as living in the Light Feminine is what they think they need to be doing.

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