Discovering How To Be “Still” In The Dark Feminine Paradigm

This flash of inspiration came to me, suddenly, immediately and instantaneously. I was told to share this with my fellow Spartanites and women who walk the Dark Feminine Path, right away.

I was finishing up a piece of work and Belvia (my spirit guide) was making notes from Lady Rashoon, the Chief Spirit of Femininity. I knew something important was being said when Belvia breaks out a notepad and gets writing. I let her finish and then she briefed me, as I was eating.

She took me back to a time in my mind, where I was rushing to get down an escalator at the busy Bond Street Station (in Central London, if you are out of the UK). I was wearing a pink coat, a short sweater dress, hair tied up and cup of coffee in my hand, to get on a train to get to a client meeting. She smiled at me and said “tell me what you think of that girl?”

I replied : “Why did you call her a girl? I was 22 there. Not exactly a little girl…?“.

Belvia : “You behaved like one. So I call you just that. It is okay, you didn’t know any better for the time—and I am remarkably proud of you.

Talk about a slap.

For 22, I had, had a LOT worked out in life. I was a publisher author, beautician, day spa owner and on the surface very successful. I was generating a great income and looked fantastic. How I felt on the INSIDE, was a different story — a shitstorm. I had exceptionally good ways of hiding my pain, so much so, I would leave men figuring out their own thoughts when they interacted with me. Part of this is due to the sludge demons making me behave this way. You can read about that in a former post of mine.

Anyway — Belvia then fast forwarded me interacting with a prospect who solicited my services to channel psychically for her. I am wearing harem pants, a black tshirt and my hair is in a braid. I have no makeup on. We are sitting over Skype and I am drinking hot chocolate. I give you these details to evoke a certain response out of you, dear reader. I remember being STILL as this lady talked to me, a trait I could have only dreamed of, as a 22 year old. I didn’t know what STILL, MEANT. Everything was a frantic, manic rush. And of course, a blur. I didn’t really care if she became a client or not, I simply enjoyed the moment. I didn’t feel rushed for anything. Time isn’t linear.

So — WHY am I telling you this?

As you go deeper within yourself, you become more STILL as a Dark Feminine woman. You allow your client to speak, you allow the man you’re on a date with, to express his masculine heart and you switch your business, to a Feminine (receiving mode). I really want to get CLEAR here. As a Spiritual woman, being pushy for business, is going to feel WEIRD because you’re in masculine mode. This is why creating containers and marketing funnels, works ideally because people approach YOU (the man approaches YOU to pursue you). Women who pursue men, have one thing in common.

Men are instantaneously repelled.

Part of being empowered in Goddess energy, is allowing this psychotic world to go mad whilst you stay still inside. As I embraced being still, and remaining calm, even during heightened emotions, both savoury and not—I found myself attracting business, and happiness, naturally. I encourage and invite you to really sit wth the idea of being STILL. In order to be YIN (feminine), we must learn the YANG (masculine), first. This world is a MASCULINE world—and we must as a woman, have a strategy to function within it’s realms. Lots of women frantically and manically are consuming drugs during their menstrual cycle instead of just sitting still for even 30 mins, and allowing wisdom to flow in.

Sacred blood carries ancient Feminine wisdom, that is important and imperative, even for the men in your life.

Cultivate the STILLNESS of the night, as Feminine energy is YIN and YIN is BLACK, not white like YANG. Yin, is moon energy. It is serene, peaceful, quiet and knows what comes ahead. Welcome true EMPOWERMENT as a woman, not a woman trying to be a man. This a blessing to you, Spartanite and for your wonderful special man (if you have one!)

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section, below <3