What Is Your Divine Dollar Vision?

People always ask about about a MILLION DOLLAR VISION, but you know what’s MORE important?


You’re here because you want to learn more about abundant energy and how to have that money bank burst straight into your front room. But see thing is, you’ve always had the typical Finance version of things, and you don’t “get” it. This is why the DIVINE DOLLAR FINANCIAL FREEDOM METHOD, gets you to where you are going to go. It takes your heart and SOUL into account, something we as Spiritual women, often feel is left out of things. We have people make us set goals and plans, but we don’t know what MOVES us deeply. We need to know what moves us, what doesn’t and where we want to be. When you are in congruence with your goals in life, you will find that manifesting healthy and abundant money becomes easy because you have done the hard work on yourself as best as possible.

I don’t know you individually (or maybe I do), who is reading this, but one thing is for sure. IF you approach life with knowing your SUN sign + Your Mars and Ascendant (Rising), your job in generating money is going to be SIMPLE.

Why is this? Let’s take a look at why.

The SUN represents your individuality. This is how you approach life and what makes you unique and different. This is what you will be known for.

The MARS represents your vitality, your sex drive, your anger, your work ethic and your passion. This is how you will generate money and your “approach to all things work”

The RISING/ASCENDANT is how people SEE you. This is your first mask to the world.

For instance, I am an Aquarian Sun, Mars Capricorn and Aries Rising. Basically, my approach to life is kooky, out of the box, and frankly a bit weird. My Cap mars makes me a very hard worker, persistent and very driven and my rising Aries makes me come across very energetic and full of life.

When you have you combination of all 3—I want you to make a list of what YOU feel would fit you BASED on these 3 things. Let me tell you, that ALL DIVINE DOLLAR VISIONS can be created from this, because once you work with your natal chart, (if you don’t have one, you can order one right here), you are MILES ahead of someone who doesn’t know what makes them tick.

I am SUPER excited to hear your combinations in the comment box below and what YOUR Divine Dollar Vision, IS! ­čÖé