Do Good Men Exist + How Can I Attract Them?

Many women, on their journey to possess balance and equality with themselves, come from unconscious parenting, whereby the negative masculine traits that have been amplified and hijacked by the reptilian cabal—have destroyed women, heart and soul. We are currently under spiritual war, and men and women, have simply been turned against each other.

Many men, have become lazy, irresponsible, cowardly and exhibit a whole sleuth of traits, that were once reserved only for women. Shyness, lack of direction–they used to look cute in a damsel, a while back. With the advent of negative entities, and women coming from backgrounds where they only seem attracted to liars, cheaters, users, abusers, and otherwise con artists —I see many women ask me if good men even exist, or they have just become a mirage.

Disclaimer : Men ask me if good women exist, all the time, too.

Good men exist in numbers, yes. Men who have not done their emotional work (the vast majority of the population), are by nature mean and selfish. They aren’t BAD men, their intention is not to hurt you but they have LOW relationship capacity, which means their actions will always tell you that THEY come before YOU. No one has time for that type of drama in life. As a relationship adviser who has dispensed countless of thousands of readings, there are simply patterns that someone conscious can identify in a man, that will show you what type of man he is. A man who lacks vision and purpose, will never make for a good boyfriend or husband. He is too busy using women, to get his own needs met.

Lots of Spiritual women attract broken, damaged men who truly need love, compassion and healing. This is just the natural order of things, but you’re not a fixer-upper and you’re not there to “mend him back to health”. You can help, yes —but you’re not his mother. Many women are in toxic, dysfunctional relationships and are unable to leave the man for 4 reasons that I have distilled down over the years.

1. Spiritual entities that bind you to horrible, nasty men. I personally fell in this category once. As the entities were removed, the awful men disappeared.

2. Unprotected sex with a man. When a man comes inside you, his dna goes straight into your brain, making you feel “he is a part of you”

3. Low consciousness vibration. You’re desperate for someone to love your emptiness, and unsurprisingly—all you do is attract an empty man.

4. Karmic soul bonds from previous lives. These entanglements are hardest to break but can be lessened and you can deal with the connection in a peaceful manner.

When women ask if “good men exist” — I full well know their relationship to the masculine is broken. I know this pain well, I have come from it myself and healed it as best as I could. When we are used to the thrill and drama of trying to reform a bastard, we will ALWAYS ask if good men exist because (get this), GOOD MEN DO NOT INTEREST YOU.


Especially, if you’re a woman with a high sex drive. High sex drives in a woman, demand INTENSITY, which easily makes a woman fall for an asshole who may not treat her very well, but has blown her back out several times. Those sexual bonds, are very challenging to break. As we begin to heal our trauma deep within as a woman, the unavailability of a man that hurts you, looks increasingly repulsive. I cover these topics in SPARTANITE LOVE GODDESS, which launches very soon <3

No longer do you have to keep attracting the same bullshit drama cycle to you. You now have the POWER AND THE CHOICE to own up to your own victim behaviours, so you are happily able to shift those patterns to attract a loving new man towards you. This programme assists you in shifting the dial on your frequency, allowing you to bathe in deep self love and simply radiating that in alignment, on the outside.

Excited to share this with you!

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