Do You Affirm or Declare Your Success?

Bonne année !!! 🙂


We begin the first day of the year, with each person possessing a mixed understanding of what 2021 holds, and what it brings at an individual, national, global, and, interplanetary galactic level. It is obvious to those who are able to see and plan ahead. So with the landscape of the world having been so different of where I may have penned this last year, we come to ask ourselves — “how do I forge ahead with greater resolve and strength?”


Do you annex what has been working for you, as a normal part of life?


Do you choose a variant path that is unchartered territory?


The reality is, that most people sell themselves short with ideas that get in the way of their success. They expect that it is all simple and exceptionally straightforward. When it is NOT as of such, when it involves results that are tricky or feel like you have come to a fullstop in life, they give up. And they do so, quickly. That is exactly the pointer when the common person thinks “this is no good, I am worse off, I am feeling sick, I am feeling unwell”…


They do not realise that those results are due to the fact that your paradigm is being transformed. Your higher self is being ripped apart to make room for the new. When people understand the very fundamental basics of healing something that has been toxic in the first place and do not take results for granted, things move fast. Changes happen in a matter of days, weeks, and, months.


Many people are trained with lackadaisical affirmations, the very affirmations that affirm their LACK.


You cannot trick the mind to a certain degree. When you affirm from a weak place, a place that the common person by default, resides in — you merely manifest at your vibration. Declaring something, requires stamina, determination, and, force. It requires the one thing that people woefully miss within themselves, and that is DETERMINED CONCRETE BELIEF IN THEIR OWN SELF. It is the belief that things WILL work out for your good. I understand as a woman who fulled healed cPTSD herself, how hard it can be to hold onto hope when trauma shatters the CNS (Central Nervous System). Even then, I speak from experience — you can and you will make it. You want to be WILLING to desire MORE.


Success is the original path you choose for yourself.


For some, it is living up to an image. For individuals such as myself, it is celebrating our alien nature and enjoying being strange. From birth, if you are not determined and willing to both heal and overcome your circumstances (we all have them), you will enjoy the enslavement the world shoves down your throat. Emancipation is comfortable to large degrees and there are massive payoffs and rewards to be in a place where you possess company. Growth is painful, it is scary. It causes you to shed multiple skins, people, places, things, situations, and, circumstances. It creates happiness, and doubt — wins and confusion. It is truly the quintessential double-edged sword.


Due to a sheer lack of dexterity and flexibility, the average person finds themselves out in the cold. They are unwilling to use the mental fortitude to apply themselves, forcing a necessary amount of pressure, in order for them to grow. In 2021, you will be called to place pressure on your own self. You will be called to re-evaluate whom you thought you were, and what you will become. You will be asked to upgrade your levels, providing you have 360 degree support and you’re READY to go.


Life without support, is very hard — no matter how strong you are. And especially, if you are strong.


The weak eat the weaker, for a modicum of power. 


Strength requires you to source your inspiration and validation from people and places, not commonly and easily found. It is not the mainstream book that a gazillion people have read badly. It is finding the key lines in that book that people have missed the Occult meaning of, hidden in plain sight, as it is noted as. It is the ideal you create for yourself, the persistence you find within Self, when you want whatever it is, badly enough. In order to want something badly enough, you will have to be comfortable in pissing MANY PEOPLE OFF.


Common people abhor success and avoid it intentionally for the most part. They hate success in general, they hate successful people and jump in glee and joy on a bad day of a successful person.


I will never forget the sheer triumph in someone’s eyes when she saw me at the supermarket once, and I visibly looked exhausted trying to buy a little packet of Spinach. I had, had a rough week, so much was going on and it excited and aroused her to see me not on top form because it meant SHE felt she was on “playing field” with me somehow. I wasn’t a Goddess that day, I was very much mortal — as my natural form dictates me to be. Her envy, malice, and, contempt shined through her eyes thinking “A-HA! Finally! GOT’EM. A day where I get to see YOU tired. Bitch. You always look brilliant. Good. Now you know what it’s like for all of the rest of us…” . Eyes are a terrible thing. They really do reveal it all.


I have had many people comment on days where I may not feel and look 100%. It behooves people to see you not at your best, it makes them feel good about their pathetic, empty, miserable lives. I have nothing but pity and utterly feel sorry for such individuals who hate themselves so much, it bleeds through to the rest of us.


People ache to see you miserable, for the most part. It angers and enrages them when you’re not.


As a Successful person, through a common person’s eyes, you’re not ALLOWED to be tired. Or hurting. Or sad. Or in pain. You’re not allowed to not have your life together, you’re not allowed to be confused, and, asking for help is out of question. Throw in a dash of BOLD SEXY CONFIDENCE, and you may even ask someone for the time or car directions; and you will get sneered at. People have openly looked confused and are astounded that I can have bad days. That I can have days where nothing looks happy or right for me. I forewent that luxury many years back — of having the average person provide any form of reassuring sympathy.


Sympathy is a reservation of those who have not cultivated themselves. A form of maladaptive pity party.


Success has many asking prices that common people will not pay and do not have any business in doing so. 


Leadership is hard won at best. You learn to keep your problems to yourself and only seek wise counsel with those who possess strength. Never tell the weak your problems and NEVER ask them for advice. They will rejoice and celebrate your struggles and wonder “well, he/she isn’t so great AFTER ALL?”. 


And so when you take the first step of your journey this year — choose to stay away from people who have nothing loving or kind to say to you. Who are miserable, frustrated, depressed, and, angry at themselves. Those who constantly have something to moan and whine about as a form of attention and sympathy seeking instead of putting an end to the problem. Those who have no sense of decorum or manners, those who use YOU as emotional dumping grounds.


Stay away from those who affirm of what they do not have, and embrace a life where you respect yourself enough to be at peace to receive what you’re truly deserving of.


Remember, most people enjoy their problems and will ruthlessly defend to keep them. Problems provide a sense of life purpose for them.


When you DECLARE YOUR SUCCESS, you declare victory and bounty upon yourself.


No matter what comes in this year and those ahead, may you find yourself ever winning at whatever you touch. You come to read this blog, no matter whom you are and what you look and dress like; because there is a grain of TRUTH that stokes your fire each time you double up on it.


And the truth is neither polite, and nor is it convenient.


Blessed 2021 — YOU DESERVE IT ALL.