Do You Have Blocks In Love & Money (& How To Fix Them?)

So there comes a point in a person’s life, where if you have simply tried “everything”, and everything is subjective depending on whom you are, reading this. 


We each come into this world with a karmic bloodline of things WE OURSELVES have done in other lives that were good, or not. PLUS who we are and what we have inherited from our parents, and ancestral blood lineage. For instance, I will provide an example. On my mother’s side, my great-grandfather was a Djinn Conjurer, and an Occultist. It hopped 2 generations, and let’s just say I decided to retake up his work and put my own spin on it, which is why I can do it so well. It’s like someone having green eyes, and 6 generations later after everyone had dark brown eyes, a beautiful baby tumbles into the world, with eyes as deep as the Emerald sea 🙂


Having blocks in Money and Love, are COMMON. In fact, I think I am yet to meet someone who doesn’t have these blocks.


Now, some of these blocks are magickal (djinn, dark nefarious magick, etc etc). Some come from childhood trauma. Some come from really difficult times in our lives when we put these shields to protect us. Somatically, the BODY, only allows in, what we feel is SAFE. And safety is a HUGE HUGE HUGE block for the Love and Money situation in our lives. Now, we live in a society that prides itself on the doing. I will never forget a guy asking me “soooo — what are you working on now?” and I said “nothing. I am going to eat popcorn and watch cartoons for the rest of the afternoon and hang out with a friend with the ducks in the park”. He was taken aback by my answer. He knows of Spartanite very well, and didn’t understand WHY I was doing that. Surely, I should be at some event, or meeting, or with a client, or something. I should be DOING something, right?


Not quite.


All blocks to receiving what you want in life, are energetic. In fact, I can ABSOLUTELY guarantee if you at a mind level, desire something, and you don’t see it in your life — you’re energetically blocked and it needs to be fixed. Some blocks are harder than others, nonetheless, all of them can be dealt with.


At first, I knew through my own intuition that this is correct. The MORE I practiced my psychic muscle, the more I realised it’s truth. All the work I perform for myself and people, yields these evident real world results — and everything that needs to be changed in the Chemical world (real life) needs to be first shifted in the Alchemical world (spiritually).


Want more sales? You may have a money wall stopping money from finding you? Clients don’t stay or give you drama? You may have a heart wall (or several of them lol) pushing the right people away. Can’t find the right woman or man? You may have disintegration in your nervous system that doesn’t make you feel safe and loved by another person…and the list goes ON AND ON lol 🙂


The very simple rule of thumb is this. If something isn’t naturally flowing to you, there are blocks in the river that need to be moved. Both Love, Money, and LUST, have the same energies. They are bold and they are all your birthright to enjoy, have, and feel. You should not be in lack anywhere and if you are — you have blocks that have to be cleared up. I remember sitting in meditation one day and saw my heart pound at a door, it was desperately trying to get out to reach other people but this door was so sealed up shut, I knew I had MASSIVE heart walls to clear out. My heart used to ache and I felt lonely and sad. The heavy emotions were blocking my heart area. As SOON as I did it for myself, the door flung open — and I began feeling the most amazing and wondrous energy and it radiated on my face! I did the same for my own money walls. As soon as they healed up — the flow was thicker, harder, faster, and stronger.


You do not have to go on a million more courses, read 20 books in a week (although being an author, I am a HUGE fan of reading and recommend it to anyone!), or incessantly do silly things to impress others. Find your own truth, your own happiness –and you do this, by removing these BLOCKS that are in your life, that are keeping you trapped and stuck where you are, and without movement for YEARS. If time is going by, and you are frustrated by this lack of progress or movement, I guarantee removing these blocks will change your entire life.


If you’re looking to figure out these blocks and shift them up fast, I can help you do that.




It’s time to begin POWERFULLY as the VALUE of YOURSELF, INCREASES 🙂


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